29 May 2021

Self Love vs. Denying Your Self

In Luke 9:23 said "Jesus said unto all, If any man would come after me, let Him deny himself and follow me!

While the world is striving, campaigning and pursuing, “self-love” Jesus encouraging us to “deny ourselves” It doesn't mean that because known women and men are encouraging those words, its already right! Many times if not all the time, we have to be very careful on what we hear and see from famous personality! It mostly near the truth but not the truth - or not really according to what Jesus said!

The Lord promised that if we take care of others and the ones He loves , HE (GOD) WILL TAKE CARE OF US!
God’s love and care is so much better and will never fail! You will never feel the need to “love yourself" - it’s usually the last act when you feel empty, when you are already self-pitying that no one loves you and nobody can love you but yourself! REMEMBER my brothers and sisters, God’s love is so enough and overflowing that you have enough to love and care for others!

Now, the only thing to really feel and understand that “God’s love” kind of love is to DENY YOURSELF , the opposite of what the world is telling you !

Start to take care of others and love others the way you think to love yourself! Then that’s it! Enjoy a life full of love! It’s the law of the universe - What you give , you get it more back to you♥️💕
Have a wonderful weekend! 💕

9 Nov 2020

Plants and Flowers

 I've been into plants and flowers ever since, but when I got married and had a full u-turn about life and lifestyles, my love of gardening was being neglected! My focus were directed to my other 'love' which is traveling! And since my present situation is giving me opportunities to travel, I and my family keeps on traveling every summer that I have no time for plants and flowers!

Plants and flowers are like human being. They have life too. and in my own experiences, they have feelings too! They needs time, care and attention. So it was impossible for me to grow them during summer since we usually not home.

But this year, since we couldn't travel, finally I got to put my full time to planting and gardening and created a whole new surrounding at home!

It was not that easy because I have to create a whole new garden for plants and flowers! And I am so satisfied for the results!

But then, it's winter time again and I have to hide my plants indoor! And it's so heartwarming every time I come home, and their beauty meet me :) Even though, they are every where in my house! 
In the corner are my succulents <3 and the orchids on the windows :)
 Here are some of my beautiful flowers inside! They are giving me good vibes! They are my stress reliever! And they makes me feel happy!

Flowers are like individuals! They have different beauty and you have to handle them differently! Some needs so much water but some needs so few! Some are tiny some are huge but they all have their kind of beauty! 

Feel good everyone! And be kind!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well!" PSALMS 139:14

25 Apr 2020

What I perceived on this CoViD19 pandemic

It's been 2 months now since the outbreak of COVID19 globally and there were already so much reactions - different reactions about this that has being spread out into the open! Well, what is my take? I'll tell you it's so much gratifying.
In this blog, I will be sequencing my thoughts and feelings in the situation that I am in or I have!

I've always heard and read about the captions "we will fight this together, we are in the same boat-we fight as one..." something like these comments. But then as the days and the situations of the people kept on rolling and worsen, I have realised that NO! We are not in the same situations as we all faced this global crises! As one have said; " we might be in the same STORM but absolute in different SHIP/boat".
You see, some are givers, some are receivers, some have gardens, front yards and backyards to chill, some have no windows. Some have different rooms to choose from, some have even only a corner! As you are trying to listen everyone's thoughts, rants and voice in social media, it's suggesting about how you see it, react and feel personally. Well, at least to me!

There are so many things that comes to my mind and many times, I just feel it and reasoning it out for myself, letting it sink in and assuring that I myself understood -I think its important to do it too for our own well being. And then in a while, after all sink in, you will have to choose whether you'll share your thoughts or keep it yourself!

When your thoughts and ideas might help, inspire and will give cautions and learnings to anyone, then it might be worth sharing! But if it'll only open a debate or a trigger for negativity and irritations then better to keep it to yourself!

In the coming blog, I will be sharing my thoughts and insights about this world wide crisis thats going on !

10 Nov 2019

"Crossing every BRIDGE"

“I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there” 

This has always been my “mantra” or slogan in my life’s journey! That whatever comes my way however hard it is, I’ll just have to cross over it! And even how scared, unsure and tired I might be, I’ll always tell myself; “okay heads up and just cross the bridge when you get there” Knowing that my God is always with me wherever I go and whatever I do☝️

But as I get older and had crossed many bridges in my life, I have new realisations

1.) You don’t need to cross every bridges life has thrown into you! You should have the wisdom to know if that certain bridge will get you into where you suppose to be.

2.) Sometimes, we can be in a certain bridge but it’s not for you to cross, instead, YOU are there to help others to cross over their bridge! 👌 Or even you can be the bridge so someone can cross over. 
This week, I am so happy or feel so great that I have helped a child crossed over her outraged emotion. 
And then so proud of my husband who as well became the bridge for my brother to cross over this phase in his life! 
These kind of experiences are the most fulfilling moment to end the week❤️ 
Thank you Lord for the opportunity to help🥰
Have a great week ahead everyone🎉

26 Oct 2019

So much to be THANKFUL for !

Everyday we meet a new different day than yesterday! And every time we woke up we will never know what that day brings. All we can hope and pray is a great and a wonderful day. But this is for a normal daily life situation. Know that there are many people who almost know what their days will be. They are those who are in a situation wherein everyday is fighting for survival, fighting for their life! They are those who are going through hard situation in life. What they know, their days will be as hard if not worst than the day before.

I was once in that kind of situation, I was suffering a hard day everyday right the time I must wake up! I had a heavy heart even just thinking of my day and my prayers were for the Lord to sustain me on the days ahead!

Then One day when I woke up and stretch out my arms then start praying as I do in my morning routine, I began to change my kind of prayers! I started thanking God for the things that I thought it was okay on that time, like, for my breath, for the rest and a few hours sleep I had in the night, for my husband, for my kids, for the roof in my head to keep us warm in the night and when I began to innumerate, I realised there were so much more to be grateful for, while I also felt there were also so much hardship in this world. And it only takes one part in your life in testing to forget these great major things we have, that worth of thanksgiving!

From that time on, I continued innumerating the things I have to thank for, then it became more and more that I couldn't count anymore until I realised that even those hardships and unwelcome happenings in my life I already learned to thank about it knowing it has a great part for my purpose!

If right now, you are in a situation that the world call it as 'bad' and 'sad', try to being thankful about it! Try to lift up the things -you might find it only few  that are okay in your life, start there! Then you will experience the magic of gratefulness!

22 Oct 2017

The special fruit in the forest

I had another dream the following night and it goes like this;

     We were camping in the middle of nowhere, a forest? a vacant place where no one resides? My aunt Alice and aunt Sarie were there in my dream. And three more 2 tall guys and another woman that I didn't recognise in my waking up but in my dreams, I knew them, they were close friends.
My two aunts and the other guy went away to look for something, will it be food, fruits vegetables, whatever they might find in that huge forest! While me and my other two company remains in our camping area fixing up the place.

      A couple of hour later, my aunts and the guy returned with so much goods with them. There were Santol fruits so big and still hanging the suppose branches but the branches looks like a flat thing leather. We know its nice and can be expensive. My aunt alice gave me one big branch with 5 pieces of huge santol fruit in it. I can say it was the best. But I certainly knew they have more in the sacks. They gave aways but there are others who paid with money in return to the goods given.

But before the day ended, a group of strong men (like Gladiators) with their horses came and look for them who went out and stole their fruit. My aunts in fear surrendered directly and showed so sorry for what they have done for they do not know it was forbidden. But the twist was, they pointed me as one of them as well and handed me the money they received from other people. They were so scared. I did not deny as well and explained well to the men our innocence and that we just saw it in the forest and thought know one owns it. I handed to them the money we received and returned the fruits that was left in our hands. And they spare our lives and left. Then I woke up!

I still did not understand what that dream tells me. I just want to write it here so I could not forget it!
Any one can share their wisdom about it <3 p="">

20 Oct 2017

The tongue is a FIRE

Strange as it is, I woke up this morning with my dream still in my mind. Bewildered, I open my digital bible for a verse for the day and it says; "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger"Prov. 15:1. Well, I still didn't understand, but the verse gave me a hint, that makes me more curious what was it all about.

My dream goes like this;  
     I was with my big filipino family.  My father was present, my mother, brothers, grandma, grandpa, aunts cousins and more. It looks like we had a gathering. My aunt Alice (who also lives here in Sweden) baked a sweet buns (bullar). It tasted so good but she just hid it in the kitchen under the table, So I took some and offer it others. Everyone asked where to get it, so I told them where, and almost everyone want it! My aunt looks so happy that we ate and liked what she baked. Then I left the place.
I found my self waiting for a bus but I noticed something I was holding that I need to burn. So I went to the fireplace near the bus stop. This place is meant to be there, for people to cook/grill something or burn something. I burned that thing in my hand and while it was still burning, I left and went to the bus thats coming and get in to continue my journey. While sitting in the bus travelling, I smelled a kind of smoke from a thing thats burning and the first thing that came to my mind was the one I was burning. So, I signalled the driver to stop. I need to get back to the fireplace. When I arrived there, I saw a MAN stopping the fire using his hands to get the thing that causes the fire, his feet stamping the burning grass, his mouth blowing off some tiny fires and even rolled his body on the fire in the plain ground. His face and clothes were became dirty and black but he's not burnt or hurt. Whats left to me were a tiny tongue-shaped fire along the sideways which I also stamped off by my feet. The man is one of the bystanders or a guard that usually sits on the built-in 'waiting shade' up in the tree. All who sits there can see whats going on there under. So, he saw the situation and came down to stop the fire.


As I've said, I was not satisfied the verse I read, I still didn't understand my dream that bugs me, though I have this knowledge about the relationship of fire and the words (harsh) that comes out from the tongue. But then again still didn't get it, so I read more. I read my Daily Reading Plans and yet its about being truly wise or HEAVENLY WISDOM. That, the outward sign of 'heavenly wisdom is a gentle and humble spirit and therefore, all who are truly wise will have the hallmark of genuine humility.

Still, didn't connect to my dream. I thought.

But to my surprise! As I continue reading; the verses and more explanations given leads to the book of James chapter 3. It's about taming the tongue and in verse  6 says, "The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire" 

From there, I stopped and pondered, Is it because of my being outspoken? I might have often slipped out words that are already harsh and could burn and do harm even not in my intentions. Tendencies are, carelessness and tactlessness, thinking that I really have to slip it out because I need to, no big deal, people do the same (the scene where I need to burn the thing I was holding in the place where all others burn things). 

From the first verse, the Lord already warned me about harsh words stirs up anger. It's like burning fire and harm people we love. And in my reading, it teaches about the characteristics of heavenly wisdom. It is gentle, courteous and respectful of the feelings of others. 

I might have the gift of tongue that lifts people up. To spread the good news that makes people happy and interested and encourages other people about what their talents are and what they can do. (the scene where I shared the sweet buns and spread the news about what my Aunt can do. It brings my family happy and encouraged and received/ate sweet foods, good to the mouth and it gives good feelings.)

But in the same tongue I can harm people if I'm not aware about it. In verse 9, "With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father and with it we curse human beings who have been made in God's likeness". 

My dear friends, I would like to share an excerpt from my reading plans that summed up the lesson for today;
"If your heart is right before God, He will use your words to produce the right kind of fruit in your life. Your outward behaviour will reflect if you are wise as you control your tongue" 

God bless everyone and thanks for reading! May you got something good in it that can help your journey in life.