26 Jul 2021

Summer Vacation with pay!

 I am so amazed with how Swedish government provide a 25-30 working days vacation with pay to all employers/workers in Sweden! For me, a couple of weeks rest is healthy and is needed to be more efficient and more effective to our respective works. A time for self relaxing - its like recharging for another year round responsibilities and concerns at work!

As a Filipino who have worked in Philippines for how many years and did not have this kind of benefits, I appreciated this act so much! After have been blessed for a stable job here in Sweden and enjoying this benefits, I always praise God for this blessing called summer vacation! 

June- August is our Summer vacation here in Sweden and I am always looking forward to it! Its the time wherein we can have the time to visit my homeland Philippines or travel around the world! I love travelling, my husband loves to travel too, together we have formed a family that travels.

 As a preschool teacher, our summer vacation usually falls on the whole month of July. Therefore, yes! I am on vacation now. My 3 weeks have just finished and one more week and I'm back to work! So far, I am satisfied with everything! I had time road tripping with my girl friends and we had so much fun visiting beautiful places across Sweden. And then as a family, we visited Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, a family getaway! And just last week, together with our dearest and closest family friends, we have done camping or glamping! I cannot ask for more! I and my little family are beyond blessed! 

So guys, I hope and pray that you are enjoying your summer vacation as well and praying for everyone for a bright and wonderful time everyday! Be kind always. God bless us all!

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