15 Sep 2015

Family bond!

I was very emotional these past days. I can't trace what causes it and when it started. One possibility is the aftermath after our vacation to Philippines. It was a great time, precious and quality time with them have been the center of that vacation. And so, out of these unexplainable feelings, I come up of visiting my blog. I wanted to write everything I am feeling and what are in my minds and to easily do this, I have to sit here and keep writing.

Well, it's been a year now from my last post. I am focusing on my studies and taking care of my family so I had no time writing! This is not yet my come back though, I just drop here to pour out some things in my mind.

Our 6 weeks vacation in my hometown was different from other trip we had. This time, it was more deep than just vacationing. My family had experienced trials and difficulties but instead of crying over it, we faced them together with might, a strong family might. There, I realised how important and how strong the family can be when fighting together as one! Knowing the great father in heaven is always with us. It was shaking but it feels wonderful after all.

I am so thankful for that opportunity and for every timing God has for us. Though, when the time we came back home here in Sweden, I felt different and thought, I just missed my family. Maybe it is and maybe more . But then again, as the old saying says; "This too shall pass". Well, hoping for the good of everyone! My prayers that the Lord will continue to keep us all and gives us wisdom to know His will and will help us do the purpose he has for us.


10 Oct 2014

Our New Home, Sweet Home

Hello everyone! I just get quick glance here after a few months of being inactive in blogging. I had been in so many things going on in my life and it was like a whirlwind change. First, I get in into a new path which is being a student (again) in the university here in Sweden. I tell you, its big, really a big thing studying in a university using not young mother tongue. Well, so far I survived and surviving.

And just few months ago, the Lord has blessed us with a new house. A small house that we have dreamed of. From the city to the country side, I simply love it. It's not easy to start with but I know as my great God have promised, He's already ahead of us. I was being busy adjusting and trying to put everything into places and there were many times I became weak but the Lord's guidance and care is always present and strong! I praise Him.

Now, it's been 3 months since we live here and so far so good. The children get new friends easily and have been enjoying our new environment. Yet, I will not deny the fact that until now I am adjusting and trying to find a rest, a feeling wherein I can have the complete inner peace. These things I know can only be found in God's hands. His words of promises keeps me going everyday, gives me hope and determination. He is my strong tower, my mighty fortress, in Him I put my trust.

I hope I can always visit here to write. And share to you my daily experience in this new place we are in! God Bless Us all.

3 Sep 2013

Love is NEVER Blind!

It has been said that Love is Blind. But actually its the opposite! Love was, is and will never be blind. Instead Love gives us NEW SET OF EYES to see... You see more amidst the less, And because YOU SEE MORE, you are WILLING to see less.., love sees differently . That is why we wonder sometimes how can someone love the worst person and a beautiful one to the beast. We call them LOVE, because they don't mind the less on that person and we call it blind since it can't see. But the truth is, Love sees everything but it sees differently. Love has a different set of eyes and thats from within.

This is why I now understand God's love to me. He is so gracious to me and His promises never failed in spite of my stubbornness and unfaithfulness to Him many times. But He loves me and cares for me. He made me the most deserving person around!

God, the perfect example of love. And He uses people to show and execute that love to me. The same with you guys. Once you will come near the Lord , He will surely show that kind of love the world can't give! God Bless!

21 Jul 2013

Coffee Cravings

Coffee lovers like coffee all sorts of ways, especially when something different is flavored or a new type of roast or coffee blend. It can get expensive to try out new coffee when you have to buy it by the pound; if you don’t care for it you are stuck with it and even if you love it the coffee can quickly get stale. With an on demand brewing system it’s easy to try out new K-Cup® coffee flavors along with things like tea and hot chocolate. On demand brewing systems are fast and easy to operate and the coffee ends up costing just pennies per cup.

On demand or single serve brewing systems look somewhat like a conventional electric drip coffee maker and take up about the same amount of counter space but they work in a very different way. There is no coffee pot or carafe – instead the coffee brews directly into your cup, mug or glass. This means there also is no warming plate so the coffee is never scorched, stale or bitter. There is no leftover coffee and waste is eliminated because you brew only what you need and not a drop more.

To make coffee, you use individual coffee pods which are pre-measured and sealed so the coffee is always fresh. The pods come in many different formats including T packs, discs, capsules, K-Cups® and so on, all of them are sold at major online stores like www.bedbathandbeyond.com , Walmart etc.; not all pod formats are compatible with all makes and models of on demand brewing systems.

It’s easy and fun to try out new coffee flavors when you buy a sampler or variety pack of regular or decaffeinated coffee pods along with sampler packs of hot chocolate, cider and even chai.

26 Dec 2012

Wishing you all a blissful Christmas!

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! May we have a wonderful time in celebrating this season!

From my family to Yours, wish you all the best and may the spirit of this season be Joy, peace and good will to men! Rejoice, God with Us ! May God Bless Us all!

19 Nov 2012

Apparel uniforms for nurses!

Nurses and medical doctors before only wears white as their uniforms. As far as I can remember, because it was my dream to be a nurse someday like my aunt, I was always dreaming of wearing white.  But not anymore nowadays. There are already many different styles with different colours for nurses. Dickies Scrubs are way pretty scrubs with many colors and styles. There are lots to choose from, that fits all taste.

I can't imagine how lively and comfortable they looks. Nurses must be very happy that there are already many alternatives in their kind of uniforms:)

17 Nov 2012

Shopping for designer's clothing!

Designer's clothing are known to be expensive and sounds like we are also paying the name. But why we still love to shop designer's clothes? Why many chose to buy this kind instead of those masses and cheaper and practical? Specially clothes for children. It sounds impractical buying expensive while they'll out grow with it anyway.

In my opinion why I still prefer to buy designer's clothes for my children if I have the chance? Its because they usually are unique and there's something on them magical which I think my children deserves. Fred clothing for example, they have simple but unique designs for children wears. What I bought for my children is what I see about them. So why go for less when in my life they are the reasons of everything I do. And I think thats also what other mothers think. As long as your budget is good with it, and you love it, go for it!