22 Jun 2010

I never thought...:)

Hello there!!!
Oh! how I miss here:I

I thought that when everything is calm and when I'm free from school, I will have more time blogging! As I said, first and foremost why I blog, because in this way I can get my stress out thats why even I was packed up with so many things before, I still have found my way blogging and became addicted into it!

I never thought I could be out from here in already more than a month!
Hmm..maybe because its summer here, and I already can do many things outside:) and pressure and stress already out in the picture:)heheh.

But to all my friends, I still owe you an apology;) I know atleast to some are following my updates here specially on my condition (I mean on my pregnancy:), on how is it going now:) Well, by God's grace me and my little one are fine, happy and healthy:)

I promise to give you updates every now and then:)