30 Sep 2009

My boo, my boots!

Finally I've got the boots that I wanted:) And I'm lovin' it!
Since its autumn once again and soon winter comes, it means its gonna be time for boots again:) Even these days, it smells winter already and its so cold already outside.As I mentioned on my latest post that I found a boots on a certain store and when I was about to pay it, I found out my money or card was not there. But yesterday I finally bought it! And I wore it today for a try and wow! I really love it, It's so comfortable to walk and it feels good on the foot.
Well, It's a little bit expensive because of its name maybe but atleast I have one good shoes. Sometimes, we need to satisfy ourselves to have a good feeling on ourselves. Its important to live a good life while we still can:) Be practical and love yourself! Thats what I do:)

29 Sep 2009

Once every payday!

Me and my husband used to treat ourselves every Friday when its payday! From the time I came into his life that's our agreement:) Most of the time we ate at the Thai restaurant cause he knows I love Thai food because of the fact that they have almost like Filipino foods. But that was before when I don't have work yet. Most restaurant here will close 6pm and I finish and at least be home late at 7pm already.

As the years go by I thought it will be set aside. We already have so many things to take care of and changes took place. And when it comes to money matter, there are already more priorities than spending it to restaurants. I will be okay on that, no problem with me if that's gonna happen. I'm a practical person myself anyway.

But then last Friday I realized that we are still doing it just without my consciousness. I mean it seems its already our lifestyle. Its just its no longer in the restaurant, sometimes at fast foods like burger king or MC Donald's and sometimes he will buy something good foods, his favorite or my favorite and we ate at home. And most of those times we eat pizza! Last Friday, I forgot, I mean I knew it was his payday but I forgot that there's should be a special dinner so I went out with my aunt in the city and my husband called about the dinner but because I forgot it and I already ate with my two aunts we decided to do it suppose yesterday but he has visitor so finally we did it today!

Oh I'm so full! Soooo big pizza!!! yummy!

Long day it became!

I suppose to go to work early today so I will finish early too since I have so many backlog to do for my school requirements which to be pass on Wednesday:) Yap I am an 'eleventh hour' kind of person. It seems to me that my mind works good under pressure.

Well, anyway, this morning I hurried away going my way when suddenly I was stuck on looking for my scarf since its already so cold outside which I didn't found it after all. So, even if I ran still I could not catch the train so I dropped by on a certain store cause I'm looking for a boots and luckily I did found one. But then when I was about to pay and suppose get my wallet..my card was not there!!! Oh my goodness, then I remembered I took it out from that bag yesterday together with my train/bus card. Waaaa... luckily there was no bus inspector but I cannot go ahead with my travel without it! That boots can wait but the bus card cannot be! or else I can pay 1200 Swedish crowns as penalty.

Yes! I went back home to get it and the fact that it took me almost 2hours back and fort! Oh! what a long day it became!

27 Sep 2009

Doctor,doctor I am sick!

Huhuhu! here it goes again! Every time it change weather, I will have problem with sinusitis! Since the Summer is over and Autumn is taking place, my body regulation cannot handle it right! Originally, when I was young, I already have a problem with my sinusitis. My nose always bled before when its so hot way back in my homeland Philippines. So when I got here, I'm ready for it that I will surely will have a problem about it specially during change weather.

Now, here am I...and sick:( I have running nose followed by cough together with head ache and body pains! Oh..huhu!Not so funny! It's hard to sleep at night even if I already put nose spray and vaporub:( I can hardly breath and always disturbed by sneezing. It's hard for me when I get sick because surely it will contaminate to my daughter. It will be more harder in that case. I hope it will go away as soon as possible.

So, guys! sorry if I cannot visit as much as I want this days. Now I'll go and lie down again because my head and nose starts again! Good day!

25 Sep 2009

Finally bought our new printer!

Since, we already have so many paper works at school and I have no time going out or do it in our school computer room, I beg my husband to buy the printer that he wants. we had our printer before but cannot print for CD/DVD. It was good for me but he wants to buy a new one that has everything on it! So we sent our printer to Philippines for my brother:)

But then, it seemed we forgot it until this week when I want to work out on my school requirements and so we decided to scheduled it yesterday. After few hours of looking and bidding, finally we found the exact printer that we want. That is not only a printer but can print photos, for CD/DVD, have scanner and easy and simple to operate and a good price. Price is very important nowadays;)

Haay, thanks 'älskling', now I can do what I want to do and need to do! I also like the color;)

24 Sep 2009


I believe that everyone of us has addiction on something. Addiction according to Mr. Webster is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction (e.g. alcoholism), video game addiction, crime, money, work addiction, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, nicotine addiction, etc.

My husband, I can say is a computer game addict;) He was and is addicted to this EQ game online. He found friends from different countries through this game. I don't understand him before and get jealous as if its my rival in his heart:) Even when he bought me a laptop of my own, I thought it was so that I can have my own without bothering him playing.

But now that I am into in this blogging thing..hmmm, it seems I'm already addicted to it! Aside from the fact that I earn money from it, It fills and satisfy my passion on writing and telling stories also. And not only that, I also found new friends here where we can share ideas and lessons in life.Now, I understand my husband,hehe. I can say I'm might be an addict on this because I can't sleep without at least opening my site anymore. And sometimes, it appears even on my dreams:) waaaaaaaaah! Am I an addict? How about you? do you have any addiction? What are you into these days that seems you are obsess into it! Or maybe we are on the same ground! aheheh.
Good day!

21 Sep 2009

I'm so excited!

"Ask and you shall recieve!!!"

Last August 31, the night of my birthday my husband on his computer called me up and show me the car he wanted. After a few talks, we decided to order it for once and right there and then my husband did filled up the order form. I was the one who chose the color and the kind of seats cover inside then the wheels and other parts were his.

Two days after, we received the answer and the company told my husband to bring his salary statements and some other requirements, then the next day, my husband told me the good news that we pass and we can have the car we want. Yahooo!!! I'm so excited! It will be finish by the end of October and we can have it by first week of November.

Isn't it amazing??? As I posted 2 or 3 months ago about my wishes this year. One of it was that we can have our new car before the year ends. And see?? granted! therefore, I believe that those other wishes too will be fully granted!

Just ask and you will receive;) PG!

20 Sep 2009

Our new baby is home:)

I don't understand what I feel upon seeing my new little cutie niece's picture who was born just a week ago. As I posted lately that another girl in the family just born on 9/11..heheh prominent date. But then when I talked before with my mother, unfortunately she was not able to give any picture yet.

But today, baby Cara just came home at my parent's house. They will stay there for a while. I can feel how happy my parents are. They put the baby to the camera so we can see her also..oh so cute! The longing to have another one was ignited. Hehe. My husband wants to send a gifts for the baby so I ask my sister-in-law what she wants, either money or things for the baby and she chose things;) So I will start looking for baby's things, accessories and the like so we can send a package as soon as possible;)
Oh...so cute isn't it? Isn't she lovely??? Ahehhe.

Welcome to the family baby Cara Faith Mahusay.

I disclose:)

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19 Sep 2009

Count your Blessings!

I remember the song that goes like these; "Count your blessings name them one by one, Count your blessings see what God has done..." Then I can say, its hard to count already my blessings! Lots and beyond what I deserves. So the only thing I can say is to thank God for all He has done. If there's other word more than 'thanks' then it will be the word I would utter!
Family, goodhealth, friends, material things, knowledge and wisdom... what else could I ask for more???. I would like to thank everyone who gave thier time, presence, words of wisdom and material gifts during my birthday. The thoughts of the whole thing made me so happy and lucky.

And to all my friends here who gave thier wishes and greetings, I thank you all!
May the Lord will bless you back for your kindness and love you have given!
I love you all and Merry Christmas!!! ngeee! Smile God Loves You!

Meaningful rings!

Last birthday of mine I received quite a cash;) So, I was thinking to buy it something that can be treasured cause money as we know, just goes out fast!And because its a good amount together so I was planning to buy a big gold pendant as in BIG, I have something in my imagination what it should be look like, but today when I went out and visit the jewelry store, I didn't find (yet) the pendant that I wanted, instead I found this cute ring. I like the style, My childhood years flashes back... we were like this ring... the seven boys in my life who protected me like that pearl ( hehe, yah, I am the pearl- the only gurl)
It was my wish before to have all the rings that has meaning on it. Like a wedding ring, college ring and a ring with my birthstone on it. I got it all already, I received the last one from my husband cause I asked for it as a birthday present the first birthday I had here and with him. So,from then on, I had no interests on rings cause I thought I have enough, but today:) I bought it cause anyway, it has a special meaning in my life:) or shall I say I have my own interpretation on it.

18 Sep 2009

This girl is now a Mommy!

mommy moments
Todays MeMe is about Tresured Photos! Ahehe! This photos I have here are really treasured because these was suppose kept in my grandmother's 'kaban' hehe. I took it suppose just borrowed but I forgot to return, for my wedding video.

This was taken obviously during closing program. Before, we usually got pictures during School year closing . Not like nowadays, even matulog kodakan:)
See??? obviously graduation kay naay garland..toink!

This is my best treasured pics. This is my whole family posed at our farm where we lived before. In this place our dreams were born. (na oi makahilak man ko) heheh.. still school closing, look we have ribbons! hahaha

This is me and my husband... I was still single taken in rocky Philippines. My husband when he was still young and single taken in mountainous Norway;) But so funny that we have the same peace sign thing. ha!

The crying moment when atlast I arrived at the Landvetter (gothenburg, Sweden) airport.

How can I forget my husband's Tiger motorcycle that was almost as tall as me??? And my suit that my husband ordered it because we didn't find my size:)
:( We sold it when I got pregnant and bought a car instead!huhu.

I love this pix! Angelikka was 1day old and my husband cannot get away his eyes on her. And take note, with watery eyed!

Oh! his firstborn baby!

Well, I have so much but I think these are enough! Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

Check also an MM treasured pics of my daughter at Laikka's page!

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This feelings is not fun right??? it could ruin our days. And this is present anywhere,anytime! There are people that are so annoying, and there are things or happenings that annoys you in some way.

I don't easily gets annoyed but lately I am. There's this woman that talks so much and feeling 'all-knowing' always telling me what to do. I already told her that I don't need her unsolicited help, still she keeps on doing it. Sooo...annoying! like a bee:) buzz,buz,buzzzzzzzzz!

And lately, oh! almost feed up! Not so long ago we tranferred to this bigger apartment, and from the time we transferred, it was my first time borrowing books again from our local library. I reserved books which I badly needed for my assignments in school almost two weeks now. They said they will just send me a letter if my books are ready for pick up. But until now, no post comes. So, I starts to wonder and doubts that my mail landed there on our old apartment cause as I remember, my library card detailed information about me was registered long time ago when we were still on that old house. So, possible they address my mail there! huh! So, today, I will go to our library again and will asks and maybe change my registered address there. Huh isn't it annoying???

17 Sep 2009

The Godfather!

Here is Sweden, to be a godfather is not just as long as you are in the paper. Its very important and sacred for them. If they are asked to be one, they really will say NO if they think they can't and a YES with so much pleasure if they can. They believe that it means asking them to be a part of the baby's life. They said that its a big and great responsibility so no way of just writing them on the paper without their presence in the ceremony.

My husband became the godfather for the first time. and he was very excited. He was informed and ask 3months before and he always looking forward on it. And so when the time came, he was busy looking something to wear. hahha! We really went out shopping a week before and we were in the church 1hour before the time! Isn't it obvious that he was so excited?
Anyway, the ceremony went so well and everyone were happy and we met new friends:) (his new mare and pare). And a thanksgiving fest afterwards! It was fun!
Congrats honey;)

15 Sep 2009

The coolest gift I ever recieved;)

Last birthday of mine, I received lots and different kinds of gifts. And I love everyone of them. I even received the 'orefors glass' that Ive been wishing for. Not a single one but a set of three. (this kind of glass are little expensive one) wow! Many actually! I will post those gifts in my other blog. Just watch out for it!

But anyway the coolest among all of my gift is the fire extinguisher. Haahah, not only it gave me a good laugh, I also think its really cool! Who could have thought about it? Of all the things we could find for gifts and there's this Swedish man thought it would be good to give a fire extinguisher???

Prior to my birthday, my Filipino friend told me not to laugh on their gift because it was her husband who bought it! Her husband is really cool, he is funny but silent way, like serious-funny??? And he usually give funny gifts. I remember one of our friend's 45th birthday who hates 'eldorado' products, hahahha... you got it!!! Yes! This same man gave the birthday celebrant lots of El dorado products! And we really had a good time of laughing!
Unfortunately, they arrive late during my birthday so they were not there yet during the opening of the gifts. Only me and my husband opened it laugh about it!
Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Laurell and little Hannah!

14 Sep 2009

Another baby girl in the family

I wondered last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday why my family in pinas were offline. All of them:0 We usually talk every weekend, and its the time where we can see each other through the web and reporting and sharing our struggles and victories throughout the week. But this morning finally my mother called and gave me the good news that another angel just born healthy and pretty;) My brother's wife delivered their second baby last Friday September 11:) The baby will be my parent's 3rd grandchild:) And all girls... hmm, they need a boy..aheheh.
Anyway, if in my generation, almost all boys, only girl I was but this time that they got girls maybe it neutralize the longing! For me, I really like girls maybe because I had enough boys! But whatever the sex will be as long as its healthy and complete, it really doesn't matter! All that matter is that we were given another precious gift at home!
Well, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Mahusay and of course to my cutie niece Angel Faith - you will be a good big sister now!!! And welcome to the family dear baby Kara. Gonna send your gifts sooner tomorrow:)

13 Sep 2009

Time With YOU

" With you, I can see my life satisfied and loved
With you, I can see my life grow old"
Me and my husband used to have time alone together at home with a glass of drinks. Usually baileys since I'm allergic on other hard drinks. I can say I'm so lucky with him. No one sees me as I am than him. He understands who I am next to my father:) humanly speaking.

In the midst of chaos along with the kind of life here, we are always supporting each other. I love the way we are. He became my best friend and me to him. We always talk everything that happens the whole day;) And we cannot sleep without holding our hands. I always found myself looking his hands in the middle of the night when unintentionally it slips apart. I may sounds corny now but I won't mind if it's about him.

I believe that its always important to every relationship to be or feel like you are always a new couple. See to it that whatever happens everyday, we always get back to our better half. Its always my prayer that the Lord will keep an eye on us everyday, every hour, every minute and every seconds of our lives. I love you honey;)

11 Sep 2009


Judging others are very typical to everyone. We sometimes or not most of the time judged by the way we dresses up, the way we talks and the way we looks. And it hurts sometimes if we were judged negatively. But unfortunately, its the way it is. We cannot control people or sue by doing that. That is why we have to behave and be what we are being appropriate in everything we do.
There was one time before, one week after my marriage and we went to Cebu,Philippines (one of the big city in Phil. and one of the famous city where many snatches things or robbery is rampant) I was with my husband, and I'm wearing my like-a-diamond silver ring, so funny because one woman told me to take off my diamond ring because its not safe to wear it in that place;). In the other hand, when I was still single and I got this genuine 18k gold earrings from my aunt abroad, but when I wore it many friends asks me where I bought it because it looks like true gold:( Get my point here??? Because I am with a foreigner husband all that I wore must be genuine even if its not, while when I was still an ordinary girl and wearing a genuine one, still it doesn't show like that!
People in all walks of life has pre-judgemental attitude. And I'm so sad lately because one said indirectly that what a pity Filipino women are... they marry foreigners because of poverty, not exactly said like that but it sounds like most Filipina who marries foreigner are those who have no education, poor and working in the club.
It hurts you know... yah of course I did corrected him and in english take note:) (paka-paka ako inengles sa kalagot) aheheh.

Mommy Moments Entry

mommy moments

Its Mommy Moments once again!!! TGIF! Today's topic is about wearing hats. My baby has so many of this specially when she was little because the fact that its cold here, she also has no hair before! Hmm, this is cute and you can see fabulous chidrens on hats here in Mommy Moments! Take a look and be a part!
My entry is here.. check her cuteness! aheheh;)

(you can just click the picture above for my entry and check more of her wearing hats;)

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9 Sep 2009

Knowing a little bit of ME??

Here's another fun tag by JENNY;) Thanks!

1. What time did you get up this morning?
2. How do you like your steak?
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
4. What is your favorite TV show?
-'So U Think U can Dance'
5. What did you have for breakfast?
-Bread and Butter
6. Favorite place to eat?
-Sala in front of the TV
7. What are your favorite clothes?
-T-shirts and Jeans
8. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
-Paris and New York
9. Where would you want to retire?
-In Philippines;)
10. Favorite time of day?
-4am-7am... surely I'm still resting, sleeping!
11. Where were you born?
- Ormoc City, Philippines
12. What is your favorite sport to watch?
-Basketball- in Phil., Ice Hockey- here in Sweden
13. Bird watcher?
14. Are you a morning person or a night person?
- night
15. Do you have any pets? -
-Not now
16. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
-I already received my tax return;)
17. What did you want to be when you were little?
-to be a nurse
18. What is your best childhood memory?
-When I did my Salutatory Address and everyone stood up!
19. Are you married?
-Fortunately yes;)
20.Favorite Flower?
-Orchids of different kind
21. Favorite ice cream?
-vanilla and strawberry
22. Favorite fast food restaurant?
- Burger King
23. What was your favorite vacation?
-Last year at Boracay Philippines with my whole family (Papa, Mama, My two brothers and family and of course 'Us'
24. what is your favorite color?
25. Coffee drinker?
-Mammen!!;) Absolute! Addict

I think this is fun;) But I think everyone already was tagged, so if ever not yet! YOU are welcome to grab this! TRY it! Just to have fun;)

7 Sep 2009

Birthday post!!!

What a great day I had! Everything was just perfect! Everyone were happy! Every wish were answered! I cannot ask for more! I would like to thank everyone!

The detailed stories are in my new site 'CHAPTERS of my LIFE'. There I will post all what had happened on all the celebrations I got from last sunday, saturday and the following sunday! I hope you will also have time to take a look there visits and hopefully be my friends, same as you walk with me here.

Looking forward to see everyone there!
See yah and have a good time everyone!

Before the Saturday party;)

I knew, many will come. I knew it will be stressful and full of pressures everytime you will host a party. And so I make it to the point that 2hours before the time, everything will be in order, I mean the foods. We did the cooking and preparation alone with my auntie and of course my husband was so supportive, no catering company at all...just 'us'. So, imagine how busy we were preparing for the 35 expected visitors because it's my 35th birthday, I wished to have 35 visitors:)huh!
But thank God we got the time alotted, 2 hours before, everything like the food the place were ready, so I had a good time preparing ourselves also. one hour before,we were already relax and just waiting for the visitors to come. So before the chaos begins, we had our time taking pictures and posing;)

'Well planned plans always gives good results'! :)

3 Sep 2009

Hi Guys;)

Halu everyone!! After tonight I might be gone for a while, maybe 2-3 days;) As you know, It was my birthday last monday and 35?? haluuu! we should have a party squared here on that age they said! Ended with 0 and 5 is a must! So, I will be having my 2nd set of party on saturday and then the 3rd one will be on sunday. It means tomorrow will be a buuuuuussssyy day for me. I have to prepare everything so no time blogging..huhuhu.

Anyway, it will be much appreciated if you still keep on visiting me, it will be your best present for me as a birthday blogger's celebrator. aheheh! I promise, to visit back and give my gratitude to all who leaves messages and comments.
See you all guys! And wish me luck!
by the way my Mommy Momments entry will be in Lara Angelikka's site;) See you there and enjoy!
Note again;)
To see the verification on comments, just scroll down the comment box by holding down the edgeline and you will be fine. Thanks for the info, and sorry for that inconvenience! I will fix it later when I'm back! This is just a quick glance before I leave;)..(for a moment) stay close! mmmwaah!

Found our new car

Are you planning and looking for a new car???

Because our car is quite old now though it doesn't actually look like it. My husband took good care of it that's why its always looks new but the engines and all are already retiring. So, we already plan and talking about looking our new car and includes it already on our budget. I know he's been searching the net and look for what he wants that I would like it too.

Luckily, here in buyyourcar.com.uk has new venture. When we talk about cars and UK, we know its something. But in addition to that this site gives a unique way compare to other sites who just focus on their new cars, used car,car leasing and the like but here allows consumers to search and enquire all possibilities. And not only that,they even supplies independent car reviews and links to competitive loans and insurance.

I tell you, this indeed well worth a closer look.

What it takes to win???

Every tuesday and wednesday these past weeks, the time stops for me;) At 10 o clock in the evening, I should be there in our couch watching the " So You Think U can Dance". even if I have reviews, I will really take a break just for it and even if we were outside visiting or buy groceries, I will be crazy and beg my husband to take me home. I don't want to miss a dance. I don't know but I really like this program.

Yes, i had a bet but my first bet was cut off unexpectedly..hmm she was really good and even the judges thinks the same but why the people did not vote her??? Or was it really for votes? What really takes to win? No,no,no! I'm not sad or angry because my second best wins! She's not that good in the beginning but she grows every time, her dancing and perseverance really can bless.

Why I like this program? because it teaches me many things... Its like our life's journey! I'm blessed everytime they hears critic yet handled it so good. And how they learned every dance in just few days, yet performed verywell. And so, this gave me a positive outlook that in our lives, everything is possible. All we have to do is to have a heart on what we are doing and work on it!

Congratulations Jeanine;)!!!

2 Sep 2009

At the end of the day!

I got or recieved Vitamin 'C' (cash) as gift for my birthday from my in-laws. They don't know what I want so better gave me the money and so I will be the one to buy what I want. And my sister in-law gave me a Gift Certificate worth 750kr. in a certain store, a women's wear something which not familiar to me.

Shy my friend and blogger teacher, as we know looove shopping so I asked her to go with me. So we went there and look for the store. Shy and me were little excited and wondering what this store has in stored for us shoppers..hehe.We heard that they have small sizes here so we were excited. But unfortunately, to our disappointment, nothing attracts our attention. Too big and too small, I didn't understand;) Maybe thier styles are not my taste;( peace!

It took us few hours to look but find nothing that I like. Until my time was almost over and we found a jeans jacket costs exactly what I had in the gift certificate. So, I bought it. Without checking much but because we have no more time. And because I missed already my train, it will be 30minutes after the next trip so we dropped by another store, and there I was so happy because I found many good things that I really want with a good prizes and fits me so well. With no hesitations I bought those right away and run!

Haay! what a shopping day! I brought with me 3bags of shops..aheheh from 3 different good store;) At the end of the day, I was satisfied!;)

1 Sep 2009


Waaaaaaaa! another award from jenny. hmm there are so many rules to do on this award but because its my day, I decided to do it on my own! aheheh peace my jenny gumman.

I just want to thank you on this though.

Happy blogging! Grab my friends..varsegod!