27 Oct 2011

Autumn Again!

Why is it that everyone's attitude here in this place where we live, where there are four seasons in a year, changes and seems will vary according to what season there is. Hehe, just my nonsense observation! Like now that it's autumn, even me feels so falling, hahahaha! I mean , people's faces I meet in the streets has no more glory;)

But then I was so blessed this morning on my little girl's perspective, I mean on how she see things around! She asked me if it's autumn already and so I asked why she asked? And then she said; Look! the leaves are already falling and the trees has it's different colors already. There's red, yellow, pink! And then she added, so beautiful isn't it mamma? And so I just say yes they are indeed beautiful! Then she said, soon it will be winter, like she say it with enthusiasm, finally I can ride my sled again!

I am so proud of her not only that she knows the different kinds of season we have here but also on how she sees things around! She has a positive outlook on every changes that is happening! Yes, why not think like this girl thinks? To see the beauty and how colorful the sorroundings and to enjoy the things we can do times like these, instead of complaining how cold and boring the day is! Have a lovely autumn everyone!

25 Oct 2011

Using Net10 Unlimited plan!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you using Net10 unlimited plan? If not yet, I think it would be good to try this one . I just finished talking with my dear college classmate and room mate when we were still in Philippines and its so good to hear that she's now working in US and successful. I'm amazed she called me and she's a Real NET10 customer too. She shared how convenience it is, no contracts, no surprise bills, and its unlimited texts or calls for only $50 per month. And when we talk? the line is so clear and really have a great coverage to Asia or here in Europe, we got no problem!

What Rob has to say about this? Check out how this work. Net10 only uses trusted phone manufacturers  like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Kyocera and Motorola. Cheaper but you can get what you need! Using this also is best to either our everyday life or on our business. They offer different plans that suits your lifestyle. Easy minute plans, weekly plans, monthly plans yes all unlimited! We can listen what this Real NET10 customer 's testimony on how helpful Net10 to him. Think that these plans they have can be purchased anywhere, online , nearby store, even direct from your phone! How great is that! Accessibility is very important nowadays!

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Here you also can check out this video on What Rob has to say about this unlimited plans; 

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24 Oct 2011

Real Taste!

Every time my husband bake a bread for us, I don't like to put many things on it like cheese, salad, sandwich spread like what my husband do usually to his bread, why because I don't want to take away the real taste of the bread mixing up the taste of those spread.

In the same way, there are things in life that is better to leave as it is simply the original than putting or adding things for flavors or enhancement..in the end, it will just complicate the real taste and the real one! Live simply, Be true!

21 Oct 2011

New Android Phones!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How good it would be to feel richer after those hard times carrying a burden of phone bills . Who would not love to be free from expensive monthly phone bills right? Why not try and Feel Richer with Android phones wherein only $45/month with unlimited calls. A smart phones with a smart plans and as I've said no contracts. All apps and games you need and wants are present. That's  The power of Android phones! name it you have it..all!

The best thing in using Straight Talk in long distance calls is that they have the best price ever! I mean half the usual price we are paying every month would give us a big savings at the end of the year! No contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. With unlimited calls and service you will really feel richer with their new Feel Richer with Android promo. They only uses trusted phones like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and more . The connection? wow! The best in long distance call, great coverage nationwide!

There's one more that I love the most, with $499 only per year, isn't it great? We can have the unlimited calls, text, games whole year round! How was that? Yes, The power of Android is working amazingly! So what are you waiting for? Feel Richer with Android now if you haven't experiencing it yet! Many testimonies from different costumers you can see in the video below. Watch and hear how they exactly feel to save much money from switching to Straight Talk.

Heres a great talks on how these costumers Feel Richer with Android ! Enjoy!

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

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17 Oct 2011

Keep Us away from harm!

"Watch and pray for the days are evil"

News here and there, from television, newspaper, radio or internet , there are always bad news and catastrophe! That are general! But personally, I can feel and understand what the Bible advised to us people, to watch and pray for the days are evil.

Our family is experiencing life's crises nowadays, here and there. Many times, it really affects me so much that I can not hold my anger and feelings to somehow poured it out! But then, the evils are so fast. They are in the form of our friends sometimes, trying to judge and point out that what we are doing or saying is not good. Yes, they do not know the real situation thats why, and they are mixing our problems from their own problems..haha! but true friends can just shut their mouth up and lend their ears instead. No further questions, no comments. Thats what I need times like this.

But I know, all of these could happen to remind us, to watch and pray to let God keep us away from all harm and to trust only Him. This is my very prayer now. I've been already in many situation before and I can say from this moment on.. " there is no hopeless case in prayer"! This is the best way in helping me relax and still live happily and makes everyday beautiful inspite of all evilness around!

Dear Lord, Keep Us Away from Harm!In Jesus Name!

15 Oct 2011

Web Conferencing, Anywhere, Anytime!

Technology nowadays makes everything so fast and possible. Almost everything we want and we need, we can already do it in more convenient ways. How? of course through all these internet or computer technology! Like here in my present place in Europe? I am so amazed how everything can be done in just sitting back and do some clicks.

In connection to this, there's more that can be done also nowadays by just sitting down with your laptops or phones in your hand. Have you tried Web conferencing wherein, we can share our thoughts and ideas anywhere and anytime? I have heard and saw on television and even on movies like a classroom with a teacher but no students there in physical but actually he have so many students present on that time. They're on the web, everyone are on their respective places somewhere but they interact and communicate with each other through the web. The same way with conferencing. You can share what you have in mind by being in this web group of people online!You can select different good kinds of Audio conferencing products from their suite.

I am really amazed how like these things can be very possible and even working out well nowadays! I thought, these things like Audio conference, were just an imagination, a fantacy but then its already a reality. Well, if you have good ideas to show off and to share, join the group now and spread your ideas all around the world. You need not a ticket to fly to different places, it can be done by just sitting down wherever you are! Meeting new friends and sharing thoughts to whatever race there maybe!I'm sure it would be fun, not only we can learn from each other but also we can make things happen in this way! Goodluck and have a nice time !

14 Oct 2011

Mr. Storms!

Literally, Philippines are experiencing storms nowadays. Many houses and places were destroyed even farms and poultry gets so affected! And this is not a good thing when you are into it. Many will become homeless and will be experiencing lack of foods and yes hard life! Many have to start all over again but many will be hopless and will be gone astray considering, its a huge tragedy in their lives and living!

In the other hand, lots of people now also experiencing 'storms in life'. Problems,trials and temptations, loss of loveones, relationship crises, economic hardships, when all comes one in the same time, it feels like we can never get up again!

But then as it is being known, storms is not permanent. It always have an end. And the good thing is, every after storms the sun shines. It portrays, new bright day, new bright life and a new hope! I'm just wishing everyone whatever storms you are in, don't let that Mr. Storms ruin you in knock down. He was programmed though strong but not permanent . Get up and embrace the new day! Godbless!

9 Oct 2011

Serious Violation!

"A woman driver was driving in the middle of the city so calm and peaceful. She drives carefully and in perfect speed with her brand new car! But then suddenly a traffic police stop her for a serious violation! She wonder, what she did that violates the traffic rules while she drives good! The police man said, you should not drive a car without a lamp or with a lights off. Then she was shocked and realized she forgot to put her lights 'on' because she was amused by the different lights glittring and shining in the city! The police said; it doesn't mean you will not put your lights on because there are already so much lights around. Everyone and every car has to run with lights".

In the same way with our life. We are sometimes so busy attending the life of others. Amused or disturbed by their ways of living forgetting that 'we' ourselves, even how brand new and nice and perfect we can look, we have our own life or lights that suppose to be 'on' or work on! Have a blessed sunday everyone!