3 Sep 2013

Love is NEVER Blind!

It has been said that Love is Blind. But actually its the opposite! Love was, is and will never be blind. Instead Love gives us NEW SET OF EYES to see... You see more amidst the less, And because YOU SEE MORE, you are WILLING to see less.., love sees differently . That is why we wonder sometimes how can someone love the worst person and a beautiful one to the beast. We call them LOVE, because they don't mind the less on that person and we call it blind since it can't see. But the truth is, Love sees everything but it sees differently. Love has a different set of eyes and thats from within.

This is why I now understand God's love to me. He is so gracious to me and His promises never failed in spite of my stubbornness and unfaithfulness to Him many times. But He loves me and cares for me. He made me the most deserving person around!

God, the perfect example of love. And He uses people to show and execute that love to me. The same with you guys. Once you will come near the Lord , He will surely show that kind of love the world can't give! God Bless!

21 Jul 2013

Coffee Cravings

Coffee lovers like coffee all sorts of ways, especially when something different is flavored or a new type of roast or coffee blend. It can get expensive to try out new coffee when you have to buy it by the pound; if you don’t care for it you are stuck with it and even if you love it the coffee can quickly get stale. With an on demand brewing system it’s easy to try out new K-Cup® coffee flavors along with things like tea and hot chocolate. On demand brewing systems are fast and easy to operate and the coffee ends up costing just pennies per cup.

On demand or single serve brewing systems look somewhat like a conventional electric drip coffee maker and take up about the same amount of counter space but they work in a very different way. There is no coffee pot or carafe – instead the coffee brews directly into your cup, mug or glass. This means there also is no warming plate so the coffee is never scorched, stale or bitter. There is no leftover coffee and waste is eliminated because you brew only what you need and not a drop more.

To make coffee, you use individual coffee pods which are pre-measured and sealed so the coffee is always fresh. The pods come in many different formats including T packs, discs, capsules, K-Cups® and so on, all of them are sold at major online stores like www.bedbathandbeyond.com , Walmart etc.; not all pod formats are compatible with all makes and models of on demand brewing systems.

It’s easy and fun to try out new coffee flavors when you buy a sampler or variety pack of regular or decaffeinated coffee pods along with sampler packs of hot chocolate, cider and even chai.