16 Mar 2012

A little too much!

I kind of regret about my situation now. I mean my schedules and things that I'm doing these days are little too much for me to take. I just came from a long vacation wherein only my children I took care of and then from January this year got 100+percent working. This means, my family/children, going to school 80% and working hard job for 50% . Everyday I wake up early but home late. Everyday I feel exhausted. And I think this is no longer healthy for me and my family.

Well, I've learned my lessons. Though I'm sustained by the full support of my husband and from the loving grace of God now, still I know this is not advisable:) Until the month of May, this will be like this and things will be easier from then. I'm still thankful for every lessons I've learned in my life's journey! have a great weekend to all!