31 Mar 2011

CC: How do we celebrate being together!

Rodliz’s Nest

Oh I'm late:) again?? Sorry Liz, (the author of this meme) Anyway, it's the last topic of the month so it's a celebration from all the drama the past weeks:) "How we celebrate our being together?? We surely celebrate it with love and respect and full of honesty.

When we are together, which we always do:) ...by the way, we had never been apart since we've been together. We had a trauma when after our wedding I was not able to go with him yet because of the visa thing. And we waited for 6months (this story suppose my entry on crying like a river topic but I was absent:)") before we get together again and it was hard and so we promised to never be apart again even a day. There was one night he has to help my uncle to get their things in norway and 2 days and one night he's away from me, I became sick. :)

Anyway, we just enjoy each other's company by talking whatsoever around us, concerns us, and involves us. Special moments like birthdays and anniversaries, shall we celebrates something special by going to our favorite restaurants and have dinner. We also fond of hanging out with friends and families. And also we love going out together to museums, parks, mass shows, special events like concerts and watching games (hockey and football) in the big arena, not so much on movies and malls, (we have reasons:)) , and then travels. I should not forget the amusement centers specially now that we have children.

Uh love it! Have fun celebrating your togetherness guys. Thats very important to make the relationship healthy and fun.

29 Mar 2011

A need to loose weight!

Wee..I can feel the summer is soon to come even of the fact that our weather here still inconsistent. I suppose not to care so much on my weight since I'm still breastfeeding my little one and by it I cannot help my self but eat as long and as much as I want. But then lately I realize that summer is fast approaching and in this connection, beaches and swimming pools and summer wear are obviously in the picture. As if its whispering like "loose weight" otherwise you can't enjoy 'us'.

Is it really a need to be tiny during this season? I think its not needed but if possible we should, cause whether we like it or not, its more comfortable and we will feel more confident of our selves if we are in good shape. Just a thought! hehe.

Well, I need to walk more everyday:I Wish me luck!

27 Mar 2011

Spring is finally here:)

It's been a long winter this year. Good we escaped 6 weeks from it because we were in Philippines vacationing. But still we had experienced enough snow.

In the past weeks the weather was so weird, snow just come and go. But this whole week was better. Good weather straight and its getting brighter and brighter everyday and warmer and warmer I suppose. People also around are more alive and I can already see the gladness on one's face. It's so usual that the mood of individual will flow with the kind of weather there is. Are you with that???

Well, enjoy the beauty and the life of Spring everyone:)

24 Mar 2011

More than Conquerors!

This is a tribute to my cousin who just graduated her BSCA yesterday. Our congratulations and prayers be upon her.
After four years of sleepless nights and daily ramblings finally graduation day pays it all. I know, during those years while still in school has been tough and full of stress and pressures. Exams, research papers, reports, and much more school works and readings..all these are not easy. And as students who just depending from kind supports financially has more pressure in everyway but anyway thankful that there are somebody who are willing to share their blessings. And therefore when they finally have their black toga on, that day they'll feel that they conquered all. They are conquerors! And so my congratulations to them.

My aunt Alicia and me were helping her support financially,thats all we can do, everything other than that were from her deligent work to press on towards her goal. But as a part of her success, we, her parents and families, even friends who's been helping her in some other way, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS! We are so happy and proud about her. It feels good seeing and knowing your help was not in vain. Seeing her succeed paid everything.

So Aileen, as I've said graduation day is not the end instead a new start and a new beginning of the great task ahead of you! Just keep up the good work and remember always to look UP when you are DOWN. In behalf of all of us here accross the mile, our big congratulations to you! You are assured in my prayers always!God Loves You So Do I (GLYSDI).

23 Mar 2011

CC: Connected again:)

Wednesday again, and I was not able to join last week. I had so much to do on my blogs, fixing my sites the reason I slipped out my Couple's Corner meme. Anyway, themes for this months are sequel so its okey to continue my story anyway:) Last week's topic was "crying like a river" you know when you think it was over, crying is inevitable but it was not my story. I didn't cry just hopeless!hehhe. And this week's topic is "together again".

Rodliz’s Nest
As to continue my hopeless story, As I've said he manage to sent me a text message to check my email with the code for the money so I can always be in the internet cafe every now and then and that was what happened. From then on we exchanged mail almost everyday, he calls me long distance and that starts our love affair. We connected once again until we're together until now and its always been my prayer from the start that we will be together for life! There might be problems, adjustments along the way but it will be just a part of our being together.

22 Mar 2011

Wall of Names!

Here's our high school batch '90 wall of fame este 'Wall of Names'. Since we were 8 sections in high school and every section has 30-40 students, no wonder we can hardly see our names in the wall where our individual names were written.

But here's a good thing in my part; Our names was not written by section but by our family name alphabetically arranged. The good thing is my family name starts with 'M' so it was placed right in the middle of that big banner. Enough that I can just point it standing and can see directly straight from my eyes. I mean those names starts with A or B like the name I have now:)wink* were placed at the top the reason they can hardly see and can't reach it and those on the last letters were on the bottom. Hmm, its no big deal but I just found it lucky in my part. And seeing this wall of our names with that great logo there in the middle makes me feel so proud where I came from:) Many names and I am one whose name written there just great!

21 Mar 2011

Interesting or Annoying!

What do you think of emails that you recieves from advertising companies or some advertiser online selling their products, does it interests you or annoys you? As I noticed nowadays on my inbox and bulk mails there are so many emails I recieved selling different products. Some are interesting anyway, gives informations but many also that are annoying and scary.

As I surf the net and even what I heard from my blogger friends, many advertisers now who are using email marketing software to contact costumer easily. That is why we recieves these kinds of emails. Well for me, there are actually some that interest me and a help specially when I'm looking for something but I'm just annoyed deleting some annoying advertisements specially when it comes many times already. It so scary to think it might be a spam, bringing virus to my mails..hehe! That's why if I'm not so sure what it is, I used to delete right away without opening it. Safety first!

Have a nice day everyone!

19 Mar 2011

Having time for ourselves!

Lately, me and my hubby had been busy from anything or everything. The adjustments for our new member of the family, coping up on our economic situation, me being in the state of hormonal changes. Plus, almost all our conversations were about our short term and long term plans, but we didn't realize that we have no more time for ourselves. Mentally we are torturing ourselves to focus on the 'kingdom forgetting the king'. I mean we forgot who and what is more important.
My favorite food in the retaurant I chose:)
Good we sense it right away. So, yesterday after his work my husband told me that he missed going out to eat which we usually do before. Then I realized thats what I missed too, so we did and we had a nice time together with our children. Unwinding from everything we've been through for the past weeks.
Don't be missed up with anything important here on earth. Our family and the relationship and quality time together is more important and the other things will just followed. Have a great weekend everyone!

17 Mar 2011

In remembrance of...

Mostly if not all would like to have something to keep in remembrance of something great done. Also for example if we have been in places which we knew its just a chance of a lifetime, we should have something from that place in remembrance that once upon a time we were there. Even from someone whom in one season of time we've been together but then time comes that we should have our separate ways.., yes, we usually give each other something for keeps. Though little it doesn't matter as long as it will remind you of her/him.

In my case, I always see to it I can buy something from those places which I thought, I can only be there once. And if given a chance for second time then its already a bonus atleast I already have a remembrance from there incase.
This is my pretty watch I bought from Paris with love during our trip last summer..heheh. I love it and since I always wear it everyday, It reminds me that once in a summer time I have been in Paris:)

And this bag? was my dream bag, and I found this in Hongkong. So I bought this atleast I have also something from Hongkong:) If I will be given a second chance to visit there again, I promised myself to buy few bags. The reason is secret:) hehe.

Oh I always have something from every place I visited but I will just share this two. How about you? Do you think its a good idea to have something in remebrance of every places you have been?

16 Mar 2011

Friendship Gratitude!

I'm really so thankful and feel so lucky I have blogger friends who are so helpful. I've been blogging now for almost two years but I'm just good on posting..I mean thats easy right? But codes, designs and other problems concerning our blog pages, I have no idea and is so dependent on helps. But the good thing is I got friends in blogger world though I have not seen them yet in personal but the relationship is already real:) And I'm so amazed with their kind of friendship, the willingness and the availability are always there to help anytime! Wow thank you so much Dhemcy Diaz, you're a great friend, an excellent mom and a wonderful wife I can see. As I noticed her different blogs, I start to understand what kind of person she is.She has Akesha too a little older with my Laikka. Visit them and you will know what I'm talking about:)

Another extra ordinary is 'mommy lu' they call her but I call her Lulu. She's sharing and helpful too in times of needs. Lately she shared her DA to me and I've experienced my first funds this year:) I am so amazed how unselfish she is. She's a mother of a beautiful girl Andrea and a loving wife to David. Like me, I can sense she's just simple and live a life simply with her family. My gratitude to you Lulu.. you are an inspiration to other bloggers. More blessings so you can share more:) (to me..ahehehe!)

My gratitude to you guys! May we see each other personally soon:) God Bless!

14 Mar 2011


There are really times that you feel as if the whole world fall on you. And when it comes? it's contagious. I mean, all bad news and worse situation will come in just one day that we can hardly take it. Thus we call it our DOWN moment. Then sadness as the result. You will feel weak and tired.. heavy and and all you want is to cry.
It feels like no one understand you and everyone around you are selfish and insensitive.

Thats normal, but don't let those feelings eat your nerves. It's okey to cry out loud, if you want to sleep, do it ! And also, don't forget to pray and pour out to him everything what you felt, good or bad..He'll understand. Take a walk. Grab your guitar and play with a song in your heart! Until everything goes to normal. And you will be fine.
You hear me Janeth, don't you!?

12 Mar 2011

Signs or Anger ???

"Oh my, what happen to our world now?"

"Is it already the end of times?"

" God maybe is already so angry because of the wickedness of the earth" .

These are few lines I've heared from people about all these things happening around the globe. There are already many horrible things happened on our world and the tsunami in Japan is the latest and in the world news today. If you will see on television and read newspaper, heared from radio you will really be shaken, who don't? And everyone has many different reactions, views, insights about all these.

In MATTHEW 24:7-8, 33-34

"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.All these are the beginning of sorrows. So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

Many because of despair blame God and asked God why? Others asked for forgiveness and asks God for help for all of these. Many are so afraid and worried and confuse and have no idea about all these things that happened.

Different reactions, different feelings and different way of taking it. To CHRISTIANS and to all who believe the Bible surely knows and and therefore calm that all these things are already the SIGNS of the END TIMES. And they have peace and praying and preparing themeselves to be ready whatever may happen.

Those who don't and followed the rule of SCIENCE on how the world works and can turn into.. are busy finding solutions how to save the world and studying why all these things are happening. And they are busy and full mind, restless.

There are also those who are IGNORANTS. Just living day after day without any knowledge from the Bible or from Science. They are so worried and just crying and some blaming God and turned away their face from believing that there is someone in control. All they believe is what they saw.. now.

What are you brethren??? How and what all these for you? You will know according on what you feel right now and how you react for all these terrible things that are happening!

GODSPEED for the TIME is HERE and NOW!

10 Mar 2011

CC: Hopeless!! I thought it was over!

I felt hopeless that moment...

"When I thought it was over..." is the topic on Couple's Corner this week!

After recieving a text message from Mr. Lars Göran Bjorlin introducing himself and giving his email adress, I right away knew that he is the one. The same day I went to the computer cafe to email him about me just introducing myself, just short pa effect that will lead him to write back and somehow he will write more about him and what he likes. He also answered right away but so short also. And so out of my being so hypermode and so excited about the love affair we could have, I wrote him a long letter. On that letter, I was so open that I am soooo interested on him and its like I'm already so inlove with and sounds so fresh! It was my second letter only.

Then I waited for a reply... a positive reply I was hoping...

Three days..nothing!

I ask my aunt about him, she don't know what happen and she was worried maybe I talked so much and that he don't like those words I wrote. Maybe turned off.

One week..still nothing..no more! So I thought it was over. I thought the fairy tale in my life became a nightmare:I So, I sent another letter asking sorry if I am so loud and that explaining him what I meant. Still no reply...

Two weeks passed I became hopeless..and accepted, it was over. So I didn't visit internet again. It was only because of him I used internet before. I didn't know that he already wrote me a letter the next day after the last day I visited the net cafe.

The next time I heard about him is a text message again with a code from western union because he sent money for me to go internet cafe because he has a mail a week ago already. Hahaha. And the fairytale happened and now became a reality for life!

What happened? Why he didn't reply? aah, he was not able to read my mails because he was not home. He was on a vacation for two weeks..hahhahaha!

Rodliz’s Nest

Happy CC eveyone!

9 Mar 2011



Iv'e been following sites and added their sites to my bloglist after. And I left messages informing them that I followed and added them and hoping they will do the same. Well and then, many followed back and hopefully they also added my link to their bloglist. I know many did what I did but there are also who didn't, so beginning today I will do a little clean up on my sites.

I will visit all blogs that are on my list and look for my link there, and if I can't find my link... So sorry I have to delete yours too. But don't worry, I don't delete right away, I know there are many changes we go through to improve our blog thus other friends in bloglist losts. In this reason I will leave a message to inform you. In the same way, if you think I'm on your list and you can't find yours in my list..feel free to inform me so I can add you right away!

This is in fairness to others. See you then blogger friends!!!

7 Mar 2011

Good I went to church!

It was a lazy Sunday yesterday and I was double minded if I'll go to church or not! But when I ask my girl if she want to go to church, I got a big yes from her. So we went. Wow! I'm so thankful that we did because there was a special speaker from Potters House, Texas and I was so blessed by the message.
Here are some words that strikes me:

" Where you have placed, you have to live there"
= Yes, God knows where we belong. If He placed us where we are now it means we have to live there. He will not place you to the place where you will die or you can die. For example the fish, He placed it there because he can live there, try to get it out of the water and it will die! Do not hate the place where you are... live there!

" When God started molding you, He already saw you in your completeness"
= Everyday, he ordered our steps, even how ordinary it might be. If we have still many imperfections, God still love us and so patient on us why because he already saw us in our completness, the finish product:)

Last but not the least... a striking prayer...
"Lord, forgive me, I OFFENDED your HOLINESS..."

I leave to you what this prayer means to you!

Smart Shopper!

When it comes to shopping, are you smart enough? Women typically loves shopping and I am one of them:) Sometimes it become a sickness called shopaholic when your nerve can no longer hold the need of it. We will always find away when there are so many barriers the reason we cannot shop. Like me, I can't because I just got a little baby but luckily I find an online shop perfect for my situation.

This online store has a large variety of many different girls and women's wear. From dresses to shoes, jewelries and accessories, they have it all.They even have on SALE now. REA- swedish word for 'sale' is the best friend of shopaholics:) So, woman like me who have two girls and to all who have no time hanging around to the chaotic malls and store check smartgirl.se. You will not regret! And for more information about all this smart shopping tips? Follow this link
http://www.bloggerwave.com/Bloggerwave/c/416/42188/0 and thank me later. Goodluck and see you there!

Enjoy shopping!

6 Mar 2011

New Blogging Adventure!

As the world keep on changing and evolving, people also keep on trying to come up the level or to be 'in' on whats going on around the globe. I laugh when I heard somebody said: " Oh you're too slow, you remain on typewriters while everyone already using computers". Oh well, everyone must grow and improve. The same way here in bloggers world.

When I get back into blogging, many things changed. Almost all my friends in blogland already bigtimers hahah. They are making new blogs and changing into own domains. Then yes earned more. So, I decided to do the same also, why not. So last week I started working on it and still working:) But I really had fun! Very interesting to venture one step better about blogging and its whatabouts.

So friends, I'm inviting you to visit my new domain at 'Me and My Mestizas'. Its gonna be interesting and more lively:) I will be launching it next week but you can start visiting now and be a part. Leave your footprints so I can add you too! I'm expecting you all and I'm thankful!

4 Mar 2011


Yesterday, I fried fish for my lunch. I ate before picking up my daughter from school. In the middle of my eating and the fried fish left still half, I remember that, that kind of fish and the way it cooked is Angelikka's favorite. Yes it's my favorite too and I would like to eat it all, infact I was not finish yet and wanted to eat more. But then I was thinking on my daughter and save it for her instead.

This situation made me remember the story of a 'mother hen'. This said chicken just get her 4 lovely chicks. She guide them where they can find food and shelter. One day, there was a fire burning the bush where they usually look for food. So the owner of the chickens was so worried and run looking for them. Then he saw something black but in the form of a hen. The owner run off and checked. He found out that it was his hen burned covering her chicks inside her wings and the chicks survived and were alive.

I am pondering about this love a mother's have for their children. We will be selfless when it comes to our children. And we can even die for them. Children must know and understand that!

3 Mar 2011

Internet Problem!

I was irritated yesterday with our internet because it just collapsed as in I was disconnected in the middle of working online. I am working on my own domain and while buying and filling up some important information my internet just didn't work and I'm done and annoyed! I freaked out! I'm so excited about making my own domain since many advertisers, ppc services, and other online business are looking for customized domain. And so I checked what happen but didn't had an idea how and why. So, to the rescue, calling my husband was the best shot. So he instructed me what to do and tried to restart the modem. Well, my iphone and our family computer works after I did it but my laptops still nothing. Uhhh! wondered!

When my husband arrived home he checked and found out that I happened to off our wireless internet connection while I restart the modem. Oh well, sometimes it happens. And I realized that without internet or computers, our day becomes empty or lacking something..hehe! I'm happy now I did finished the said domain I was working on. Just waiting for a right time to put it on into the bloggers world:)

2 Mar 2011

Couple's petty quarrels!

Wow! its wednesday again and its 'bukingan' time! Couples have many stories to tell and many subjects compiled their lives, so better to write it out somehow will give lessons and encouragements to the readers. Now this weeks topic on 'Couples Corner' is about 'Petty Quarrels'. Oh well, yes this kind of quarrel are pretty normal to a normal couples. Sweet but irritating..hahhaha!

Me and my husband as I've said hates fighting. And we can just remember when and can just count in our fingers how many times we did fight. But quarrels??? hmmm, many times. In a very nonsense reasons and nonsense topic or point of view! And as usual its always 'me' is the reason why we can have this petty quarrels. Or shall I say, its always us 'wives' (peace:). We are so dramatic and shallow, well thats what they saw but all we want when we act like that is that we just want a hug and more kisses.(laugh out loud) And I love when we have petty quarrels because after that?? I can get what I want. wink*

Rodliz’s Nest


1 Mar 2011

Out of boredom!

Sometimes when its so tiresome to go out specially when the weather is not so good, we better or choose to stay home even how boring it can be.
But as an active person, we cannot just stay and sit infront of the TV without doing something else even at home. So yesterday out of boredome I tried to bake banana cake in recipe but I do it in a muffins form, well to be different from what I usually do. It turns out nice and yummy looking:)

"Make use of your time, it passes just once!" Have a great day!