29 Jan 2012

New Year, New dressed up blogs!

I am so thankful that my blogs are earning so well last year and the past years. So I was thinking to treat them and make their looks more prettier for the readers to feel comfortable:) And so with the help of talented co-blogger, my daughter's blog Lara Angelikka has now the finest lay-out ever. Well, for me it is. I 'm so delighted on the outcome! Chie Wilks rocks! I mean from a little instruction on what I want, she got it so right!

And for the moment, she's now working for the lay-out of this blog 'Insights' and I'm in the same way so excited! I know she'll hit it as well:) So better watch out and enjoy my new dressed up blogs on this year 2012! It's good to be anew!

22 Jan 2012

Special Discounts at Walgreens!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

As we have known that people around the globe are consiously and unconsiously using Walgreens products. Almost every home  have its different kinds since they have thousands different products mostly for family health care and different medications. Now here's a good news; they are offering a special discount on annual membership fee for Walgreens Prescription Savings Club . For your $10 a year, it already covers the whole immediate family . And that means anyone of your family circle, spouse and children 22yrs. old and younger is entitled on all benefits Walgreens have. Like discounts on every prescription medicines and even medical machines like nebulizers and even medications for our dear pets and more. Bonuses ,savings on brand name and generic medications and other services are also few of their benefits.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check them out and avail this wonderful opportunity. If you are single,you still can be a member for  $5 a year, isn't it great? For more updates and great offers follow Walgreens on Twitter and you can even like Walgreens on Facebook whatever is more accessible for you. If you have both the better! Good luck everyone! I think this opportunity is a great act of Walgreens since it cares!

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12 Jan 2012

The joy in Honesty!

Have you experienced, dollars coming to your paypal by mistake? Sooo..tempting!

I always heard before specially from my homeland people saying "nobody gets rich by being honest, everybody lies". Yet, I will be proud to say that if there's something good in me, that would be me being honest. Maybe because I believe that there is God who's watching over me every minute and knows everything I do.

Then when I came here in Sweden, I can prove them wrong, because one common mark of Swedish people that I think made them a rich country is that they are honest people. When I left my bag in the spårvagn and were returned to me completely, everybody said that I am lucky surely t'was a swede who happen to find it. So, the more honesty for me became my attitude.

Just before christmas 2011, that was last month, one of the advertising company that I work with,( Blog Services Inc. ) gave me a task for $20 but then the pay that arrived on my paypal was doubled, I recieved two $20. So as what I usually do, I informed them about the said mistake. Well, this was not the first time that dollars coming to my paypal by mistake. There were few already and even bigger. In the same way I returned the money to the concerns. Even, sadly I ain't recieved any compliment. But thats not so important for me though its a good thing right? What's important is that I can think peacefully without any guilt.

Back to the kind DA ; after I mailed them on that twenty bucks extra, they replied with the best mail I ever recieved! Full of appreciation and gratitude on my honesty. They let me keep the 20 bucks. Isn't it great? The joy of honesty is just amazing!

"Be honest even other's don't" Godbless everyone!

4 Jan 2012

So long 2011!

It was quite a hard year for us but full of lessons learned and actually made us more stronger. It was such a fighting year full of struggles, sadness, difficulties and strife yet it was a part of our growing up emotionaly, socially and spritually. We can say it was a "bad year" for us but NO, when I look back and recall the pieces? It was really and 'amazing year' full of victory on every challenge and test of our being. A year full of miracles, faith, freedom and love! I am so thankful of everything we achieved that made us what we become, yeas for us to survive the coming years.

Now we are ready for this new year. Another exciting months, weeks, and days ahead. New perception in life, new challenges and victories. New blessings! So long 2011 and hello 2012, we're ready:) With God in our side everything will be alright! Godbless Us all!