28 Jul 2009

My living reflection

"Even a little child can show what she is by what she does."

Summer vacation is almost over;( but I had enough:) These past few weeks during our vacation, I had more and precious time together with my family. Then I learned so much about my little girl now that Im always with her round the clock. I noticed and so amazed about how far she already are on her growth in every aspects. She already can do so many things that impressed me, impresses us. And everytime is fun. He wants to do everything herself and wants to show us what she can.

She likes music, she has couple of instruments like guitar, piano, trumpets, drums, tambourine and even lyre. And she wants to play every one of them;)

She also likes sports..she can kick that ball..hehe. She even like to help me in household chores. Baking with me is her favorite. She also wants to handle herself alone like eating, dressing up( she already knows what clothes she wants), pooing in the toilet:), brushing her teeth and the like. She likes her books and wants me to read for her everytime she goes to sleep, she likes writing and coloring, she sings and dance a lot;) But what makes me happy and impressed the most is her attitude. She is what I want she should be after all. She has a great sense of humor, she is so sweet and loving. She already shows different emotions in a right way. She gives my life a meaning. As I ponder about her I understand more why we should be happy and how beautiful life is. I even knows myself more through her as my living reflection:) I now appreciate much how lovely it is being a mother and I love my mother more..heheh.
Yes she has much more to learn in these world. She can be and do more on the coming days. So do I.

I love you so much my child!mmmwaaah!

27 Jul 2009

little bit of me:I

In everything give thanks!

Smörgåstorta ................ springrolls,bolabola,friedrice
(swedish food) .................... (pinoy na pinoy)

rice, monggos, driedsquid........ thai food ( filipino also,heheh)
( filipino food)

I can't imagine, I already can eat and do now what I want if we talk about main dishes:) Above are some of the foods (real foods, main dish) that I can eat even straight in a row;) I mean, these are my favorites. Simple Filipino dishes that I love to do and eat..hehe

That smörgåstorta... the seems like a cake is one of Swedish main dish during birthday parties. This is a cake but a special one. At first I thought this is just like a welcome cake when I first attended a party here so I just ate a little, first bec. the food is new to me and 2nd I was expecting something more..heheh and on that day I went home hungry:) aheheh. Because obviously that was it! Now it became my favorite specially now when I knew already how to do it;)

Eat good food everyone!!! mmmm;)

24 Jul 2009

My Gratitude

You bet! these awards again are from Mr. David F. I had it grabbed right away after he informed me but just posted these today not because I have no time but I really meant it;) Why so it will not be taken out for granted..hehehe! There was so many who spread these right after the awards night, 'este' awards day..ah whatever;)As if I don't want to make a bridge over troubled water..ahaha.. is that a song? Infact, many kind friends also awarded me the same awards after David so thank you so much for remembering;) Anyway, sorry D if just posted it now..hehe just want to be that way:)

I humbly want to share these to all my friends who dont have this kind of awards yet;) just feel free to grab it! And inform me so I can do something for you. I'm so thankful and happy for those who really appreciate this. Keep in touch love you all;)


And this card below is my heartwarming gratitude to my special friends whom I owed a lot in some special way;) You may not know it but you did;) Here you are; David, Jenny, Sarah, kurdapyagwapa, dhems, chris,and onlinemommy.

Thanks for the friendship! May the Lord keep an eye on us always!

I'm so Amazed!!!

"For every labor will not be in vain,
if you do it out of joy and respect,
out of happiness and love"

Here they were before, so small and fragile. they don't look good at all. They seems hopeless and dying.

But constant watering and taking care of them, they grew beautifully and healthy. They produces more leaves and small branches and even flowers;) I was so happy seeing the first flower, then was so amazed when the flowers became so many! Every branch has four or more flowers on it and I know this will turn into fruit one day!
Of course, they also went through bad days, so much heat that makes them so weak and dangers from small animals and birds that wants thier flowers and leaves and even thier juice but they were taken care of by me..heheh

So one day...

Can you see that??? the waiting was not so long. I was just excited one morning as I'm about to water them, I noticed that the flower gets dry and about to fall and turn into a tiny little green fruit;) I was so excited and amazed! I'm so glad watching thier growth.hmmm...so excited! if u feel what I feel you will understand! hahahah!

And it wont be long, those other flowers will turn into the same thing and every one gets bigger and bigger and ripe;) The green color will turn into violet then into a red beautiful tomatoes ! oooh! how exciting it would be!

22 Jul 2009

An UnIdentified Feelings

"In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace within your soul"

I don't know what happen... maybe tired? so tired? Seems bored
but not actually...over busy having fun???? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Hmmp, I cant think of something, just looking but dont see anything, thinking but all is blank, listening but don't hear exactly! I want to eat something good but dont know what really..I tried many but still not satisfied.

Is this loneliness??? missing someone? something? somewhere?
Is this emptiness??? having it all but lacks the most important one?
Is this weariness?? worry of something out of nowhere?
Is this sickness? thinking too much, a mind can handle?
Or is this pressure, stress,restlessness and reality!

Am I in my lowless time again inspite of being at the peak of completeness, happiness and satisfaction??? Is this possible?? Oh my.. please... what feelings is this! before I get crazy;(

18 Jul 2009

Today, 4years ago!

"Sweeter as the years go by"

July 18, 2005... I made a promise to him and he to me that we will be there for each other at all times.And in the presence of our family and friends we let God tied us together and blessed us. I can't imagine how I felt on that time. But so far today, I cannot ask for more;)

Last year, we celebrated our wedding anniversary with my whole family in one of the Island Paradise in Philippines, Boracay. It was fun and so memorable. So this year, we planned to celebrate it in Denmark since we chose this place for our vacation. I was excited. But I was more surprised yesterday when we were already at the pier, my in-laws were there also:) And found out they will go with us to celebrate with us too. I'm so happy because the fact that they were not there personally on our wedding day (distance reason) though I know thier heart and mind were there and also happy for us, now atleast they are with us and we can have time together more closer.

Moreover, my sister-in-law gave us a treat, arranged our dinner in a thai resto here in Frederikshavn and paid everything;) Oh how sweet is that. Thier presence already so much but you see... I really feel so lucky hehe.

Well, the day ends with so much fun and precious time together and satisfied;)

They will go home tomorrow while we will stay here one more day for our whole vacation. But we will visit Frederikshavn Palmestranden first before they'll go! So more fun!

For me, there is nothing more precious time than a time together with family!!! Godspeed!

16 Jul 2009

FIVE in a row

"If there's a WILL, there's a WAY"

Just realized... I bought 5 bags already within two months! Oh.. this is no longer normal for me. I mean, my old passion seems back again! My old self, my old original 'me' huhuhu!

I was a 'bag collector' originally... I wanted to see my bags lining up! I might not use them, just wanted to see them there in my room. In fact, until now they're still there! (at our house in Philippines)I hope,heheh

But then, when I got married and got a child, many changes happened! And I thought collecting bags is one of those! I did overcame that nerves for quite a while, but now, oh no... just woke up and realized it came back...maybe. oooh pleassse! not again!

13 Jul 2009


This week starts the three weeks vacation I will have! It feels so good after all those days of working all the time;) Specially, vacation with pay:) heheh. Thats what I like here in Sweden when you have work!

Vacation is a time with family having fun together, being with them all the time! Its also a time for yourself, freshen up physically and mentally then REST... just do what you want! we can sleep all day long if we want!

But... in the other hand;
Vacation could be EXPENSIVE;) the travel if you want to go out of the country;) and even just nearby places you want to explore.. every move cost money! Then the worst, it seems time goes soooo fast, and we tend to think that "oh it will not be long, we'll go back to reality again!"
These things minimizes the beauty, the enjoyment, the excitement of having a vacation!

Hmm.. Im aware on that, so I told my husband we should enjoy the moment we have! This is an oppurtunity so we must use it wisely!

Here are our schedule this week;
Monday... we went swimming in a pool;)
Tuesday... we visited one of the Museum here in Gothenburg called Sjöfartsmuseet!
Wednesday... Slotsskogen.. a forest park.
Thursday... we will visit my mother-in-laws housewagon, its in the Camping area near the ocean;)
Friday... Kryssning on the way to Denmark.. then we'll be there in Denmark for 4days!

Hmm it will be great!!! And fun..fun..fun!

12 Jul 2009


It feels so good when you are always remembered;) Am so touched when this great blogger DAVID always shares awards which I know encourages many blogger like me!

Thanks D for making our blogging time more alive and exciting! May you will not be tired of doing it! I know those others will agree with me;) You are so supportive even to us, new blogger!

I just posted the other award from you and now here's new one again;) This is so nice and elite..heheh! Thanks again and more power!

I would like to share this also to my friends; Gigie, Rad, Toni, Marife, Camil, IamRn, Sunny, Anney and Jettro.

Enjoy guys! Get it! Own it! and Share it!


10 Jul 2009

Butterfly Orange

"There is a time for everything...
... time to cry and time to laugh,
... time to be born and time to die,
... time to work and to rest;)"

After a long day from work, I was home so late yesterday. While walking home, my mind was imagining the bed to comfort my tired body and mind! And when finally I arrived the door of our apartment I could hardly make more step going up on the stairs. But then I had to go up cause I live on the 3rdfl. My shoulder so heavy, my feet so tired and my eyes so sleepy still I saw something small creature on the stairs, color orange!!! And when I really look at it, Its a beautiful butterfly, I dont know how it got there but she was there..still alive but weak!

Personally, orange is my favorite color and I liked so much the nature of this little creature-BUTTERFLY. First they are a worm...crawling, then they will be (seems) dead in a certain time..days, weeks, months (pupa period). but when they are ready... they will come out so beautiful and flying!

Isn't it so meaningful in everyone's life? There are period of times that we are still crawling.., trying, fighting in order to live. Will be in the dark and hard situation but those are needed so we comes out beautifully and flying;)

Take note; If someone will try to let the butterfly to come out into their shell when its not yet time, it will cause them to die, the same thing to us.. when we make things in hurry it will result destruction!

"There is no shortcuts in a worthwhile work!"

7 Jul 2009

couple of awards recieved

"A Friend knows your weaknesses and yet love you anyway;)"

from my good friend DavidF ;)

from my new friend SithLord

and a Friendship chain that should not be broken;) from Mommyonline

Thanks so much my friends for these;) Sorry just post it this time but its been in 'draft' folder long time ago heheh so just check the date;)

I would like to pass this chain to my new found friends egat, she , gigie, analou, Gleenn, jettro, and rossel!

Keep the chain going guys... just grab it!

5 Jul 2009

One fine Day;)

"Everyday is a New day... Make the most of it! "

Everyday has its own beauty and in the same way has its own problem! This past weeks here in Sweden was so hot..hot..hot.. that made my daughter got sick;) But the day right after that happened, and when she came back to her good energy again...she wanted to go out after 2 days of just staying home. So, we went outside and enjoyed the beauty of the day;) She was so happy as if she did not had a bad time at all!

Well, its not actully the day that is bad or good. Its up to us how we use it and how we response what the day brings. Its our decision to be happy and enjoy the day or keep lookin' on the problem of the day! By it you cannot see its beauty;)
So... its summer time everyone!
Be happy! Be cool! and Be a blessing!

On that Day...(S3- last)

"I dont know about tomorrow,
I just live from day to day

But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hands..."

These are some lines of a certain song that I like.

Yap we dont know what will happen tomorrow..we might have plans for tomorrow, the next day, the next week..month..year but we cannot tell exactly what tomorrow may bring.

Lately, my husband and I were talking about our future plans. And one of those is my situation. Currently, I am studying and working part time aside from my rule as a mother and a wife (housekeeper). What I'm doing is not easy. Its so 'thin ice' that I tend to fail one or everything. So we decided that I will study full time and stop working specially we are planning to have another child..we think its time!
And again.., even it sounds good, I still ask the Lord's will for my family. I did everything what I should do and leave God the result/decision. By the way, Its not easy to get a job here, specially the schedule that I have now...I was so lucky to have this and I asked for it... So I'm a little hesitant, but anyway whatever the Lord will do then be it.
Now just last week I received the decision on my subjects application and I was only given half of those.. I mean... for full time student, we must apply 4 subjects, but I was only taken for two subjects and the reason, those 2 others are already full. It means, I only have to go to school part time,uh,uh!
Oh..yeah you are right.. its not time yet to let go my work! still dont know.., and am excited for what the Lord will do for my family! I will no longer do stupid things. As I was saying from the Introduction on this sequel story... " Many are the plans on a man's heart but its always God's purpose will prevail"
" And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to then who are the called according to His purpose" Godspeed! fingers crossed;)

3 Jul 2009

Just At the right Time - S2

Your ways are higher than my ways Oh Lord,
my God, and my fortress
to you will I trust!

One of the important part of our lives and is a must.. is to have a good, stable and a good pay job, thats why we tried our best to go to school. And for me this is also one of those that we MUST cling to Gods Will just like on choosing our Lifetime partner (S1) .

We filipinos cannot deny the fact that its really hard to find a good job in our place:( Even if you graduated college,have the qualifications and all), just hard.

After my graduation on college, I was lucky enough that my school offered me a job right away as preschool teacher on the Kinder DEpt. So, I chose to work than getting Board Exam (have not took it until now..hheh) I need it, my family need it! Who will not, tell me! By it, I was already so thankful to God.

But as the years went by... and technology goes higher and higher, I started feeling unsatisfied with what I was doing that time... I mean everything went increasing and my pay became not enough!

So as many did and wish is to work abroad! I thought its the best way... but its not easy to just go and work when you want it! So, I prayed and as usual give everything to Him! Until, I got a chance and went through the hard process. And I was so confident that I can do it because it just came and God knows I want it! Everything was provided by my employer every peny on it. I already announced it to my friends and to the church (testimony) as being positive and claiming..trusting..

I was already thiiiis close...even the embassy told me that 'aupair for sweden is banned and only 10% that I can make it' but till the end I hold on that promise that nothing is impossible with HIm.


I was so down and so ashamed.. I did not want to go home to my province, did not went to church, I cant face the fact and felt so down, down, down and depressed. It seems all the people laughed at me. Then I wondered why God let it happen... I became rebelious and did many things that did not pleased Him. I was in the dark...

Until the time I got married... Until I finally lived here in Sweden.

Then one day my feet brought me to International church here in Sweden and I was so blessed by the preaching about God's way is more higher than our ways. That sometimes we cannot see it!

So then I had the time to looked back...then I realized; yaah, God really has a plan for me to work abroad but His way is the best! Imagine if I was not denied and worked as aupair here, Do you think I could have better than what I am and what I have now??? ah, ah! I dont think so!

Well, yes was so ashamed of what I did... that inspite of what Ive done God still brought me to where I really should be just the best and easy one... Just at the right time!

2 Jul 2009

THE Promise;)- sequel 1

"Today, God fulfilled His Promise"

These were the head words on our wedding four years ago!

When I became a teenager then a youth, until even I became a woman and still single, I was not afraid to be left alone because of my simple honest prayer.." Lord, preserve HIM for me" who ever that 'him'..only God knows!

But honestly, when I made that prayer I had a current boyfriend which I thought I love love so much and he as well towards me:) And at the back of my mind goes the prayer of wanting him to be the HIM in my prayer..heheh. please..Lord please.. uh..uh! sounds familiar? In my days, and in my place, the ratio on male to female was 8-1..not funny right? and so i had a feeling of insecurities and it felt like we were so many in my boyfriends life so may the best girl wins!

Well..., the Lord still so kind and gracious to me! He let me enjoys my adolescence and youthful days on that man, sounds like I won..with God we are more than conquerors so to speak. And really thought he was the one for me! He has all the quality i've wanted for a guy. Our relationship took 8years.

But why, when he proposed a marriage I felt unsure and said NO to him?hmm.. for a simple reason, he don't have the quality I wanted for a husband! Then I realized it was not really him. It was my fault why it took so long before I got the right one! We part ways so easy and boring- hope you understand what I mean;) no fights, no third person, nothing at all, just we decided to say goodbye so we can say 'hello';)

Well, at the nick of time God fulfilled His promise! Why because 'He' - the him, has all the posibilities to be with other woman but then, how and when it happen God really preserve HIM for me. He was here and I was there, He is tall and I am cute..heheh(ayaw palag), He is milk and im a coffe, we are actually extreme. I did not dreamed for another race- iba pa rin ang pinoy:) but then I know in my heart and absolutely sure He is the one! And Im so happy having HIM in my life!

When we say ..thy will be done Lord.. it should be His will be done! It might be away from our expectations but surely we cannot regret!

1 Jul 2009


"Many are the plans of a man's heart
but it will always God's purpose will prevail!"

I am fun of making future plans:) inspite of me being so happy go lucky and a 'live for today attitude' still I have so many plans that somehow leads into my dreams in life! But as far as I can remember, none of my plans happened.. I mean the way I want to! Still I got the result and enjoyed it more than I ever want it but the other way around!

Well.., you know what??? I looove it! why? coz its more exciting and indeed great! Most of us, when we have a good plan, and we pray for it and we trust Him and we do our job well and it seems everything goes for us anyway, but still... uh,uh! failure! And so we will feel hurts and disappointed, then we ask God why.

Hmmm.. theres always two way of overcoming it, either you let God or you will remain discouraged. If you choose to feel pity and continue questioning, everything will be in vain. But if we choose to let God... wow! I can garantee you and its proven that the result is really great beyond our understanding and we can just wake up AMAZE!

(...this post has a sequel... i will share all my experiences which proves Gods plan is amazing:) and how I strive so much first before I surrendered God my future! hmm.. hope it will bless you! keep following guys! Godspeed!)