31 Oct 2009

Six weeks of pregnancy!!!

I am 6weeks and 3days pregnant today. The doctor really can see our worries when we met her today at the hospital. But she understand! While I was talking she was so kind to show concern even if she knows that some of what I said has nothing to do with what is happening to me. hehe.

Yesterday, I went out with my daughter to the city to meet Shy. While we were on the train, I lifted up Laikka out from her stroller while making herself so heavy(children*). Like she hang on me and put all her strength on me, the fact that she's already a bit heavy. Then, I feel there's something went out from me while trying to carry her but I just thought it was some discharges. But when I went to the toilet to pee, I found out it was blood! I started worrying but it was just so little the whole day. But this morning when I woke up more blood came out. The reason we went to the hospital for check up!

Now, I am little calm knowing that bleeding on early pregnancy is common even if there's nothing wrong with your pregnancy and the baby. But in some cases, it can be a symptoms of miscarriage. Therefore its also important to check it out! But then, they can do ultra sounds from 7weeks and later. And because I'm still on my six weeks, they gave me time next week to do an ultra sounds. The doctor explained to me the symptoms of having miscarriage which I don't have it anyway other than bleeding. And she also assured me if its just the normal one, it will just stop gradually and accordingly. Every pregnancy has 15-20% to have miscarriage but its not because of something we did like stress and lifting heavy things instead there's something wrong with the egg and sperm melt together the reason it can't continue to grow.

Hmm... I just hope and pray that everything will be alright so soon. Its not fun to have blood coming out even if I don't feel pain anyway!

Thanks everyone for those who are praying for my situation. We'll just continue to pray that everything will be fine soon!GODSPEED!!!

Pray for ME!!!

This is just a quick post before we will go to ospital due to my bleeding. I'm so worried what could this be. I will visit you all as long as I'm back and if everything will be just fine and normal:( I ask for your support in prayer. Some said, this could be those old blood and will just go away..but my mind can't handle the thoughts of it! So, I really want to see the doctor for my assurance.

See you later guys!!!

30 Oct 2009

When the leaves change its color:)

Its autumn once again. The weather here is not so good:( Raining and so windy almost everyday. And the sun sleeps early, already dark at 5pm and the whole day so gloomy. But then I still can see the beauty of the sorounding:) The trees and leaves changes its color. Some turn to yellow, some red, orange and some still remains green. So its soo good to see different colors around. It amazes me though its natural to be like that, but I still like to enjoy watching and observing these changes:)

I love sleeping nowadays cause you know:)wink* And with this weather?? it makes me more feel lazy to get up. But I need to and go out! Aside from the daily routine we should do, its so nice to see whats going on to thise beautiful creatures around:)

Like today, I have no school, no work and just stays home for a moment atleast. I want to just stay and lie down on bed reading books to my dear daughter until she sleeps:) hahah. But we have to go out later to feel the sweetness of fresh air..hehh! (balak na do!)

Have a great friday everyone!

29 Oct 2009

Our Celebration:)

Lots of good foods prepared from everyone who cares:)

We love tacoos:) we always do this when we want to have special dinner:) Like when it's a salary friday or if there's something to celebrate:) I don't like this kind of food the first time I saw it:) It looks wierd for me, heheh. But then when I tried it, waaah! love it! From that time on... I consider this as a special dinner:)

So, everytime there's somekind of victory we got, my husband would like to prepare this for us! And because we have lots of victory and blessings nowadays..I was surprise when I got home the other day, he prepared 'tacoos', not only it was salary time but because of the answered prayers we recieved:)
And these foods above were prepared by my family here:) my in-laws... those two pictures above:) swedish food (take note; it was my father-in-law who did it:) and that picture at the bottom with fresh vegetables salad and rice were prepared by my dear aunt:)
Naks! ito di pahuhuli:) of course filipino foods with my filipina friends here:) The same day we took the pregtest and found out its positive, we had hang out together at shy's crib. Then jenny as usual cook those foods:) Promise it was so nutritious and delicious:) So, I counted it as a celebration also! huh daming foods no???:) Just choose what you want..heheh!

Thanks everyone, I really felt special and cared:) (gee nag drama ang buntit!)
Happy reading!!!!:)

28 Oct 2009

The best thing I ever done:) CC #3

Wow Wednesday and it means CC time:) Today's topic is WE'RE IN LOVE* ...title palang kiligon naman ta ani oi! I even enjoying with my own story how much more those others which we just know this way:) Love is in the air here!!!
Rodliz’s Nest

I can say; we fall in love even we were just writing mails. At the first letter of him introducing himself was a shock! Or shall I say, I don't expect he would do it. My Aunt said, he's shy and not into writing letters. He was and still is a man of few words:) So, my aunt told me to write him first if with in that week he will not write. But to my amazement..he wrote first! So, I replied, a loooooong letter.. maybe too much excitement! I didn't know what I felt, I know I was afraid but it felt right. And then, after my long reply...no answer:(, after a week... no answer, two weeks, 3 weeks.. no answer! So, I lost hope:I

So, I wrote him an email...being sorry of what I might said that he didn't like. And all I want was for us to become friends. (looy ayo ko ato) hehhe. And when finally I got an email, I did not want to open it, I was hesistant! He might said..."Oh sorry if I bothered you but I already found someone for me...waaaaaa". But of course I read it and I was glad because he explains what happened why he was not able to answer back right away! From that time we exchanged mail everyday. I can't remember who showed the motive first, it seems it was me:)

As far as I can remember; the climax of our relationship which I can say we're really already in love was the time when I can cry everytime we talked on the phone...it was like the emptiness with in me was craving of him so badly. I still can remember my lines... " oh, I wish you are here with me...huhuhu" believe it or not, I always cried and he's crying too in the other line, didn't knew why. It was a nice feeling but so painful! It is called bittersweet:)

One day, at home in my lonliness, I picked a small red rose at my garden, I put it in the book to make it dry and flat. After 3 days, I made a card using that dried flower..I did really gave time on it sent it through post! I did not realized, it became the key that made him crazy in love:) And that he always brought the card with him and showed it to everyone important to him like her mother, sisters, father and friends. And even one time, he attended a filipino party together with my aunt and uncle. Then he was interviewed by other filipinos (mga UZi..sera baya pod ning mga pinay:) so he brag that he recieved the finest card in the world... and because it was left at home, he really get back to his apartment and took it to them to show the finest card..bwahahah! Then they concluded.. He is in-loooovvve! My aunt told me these happenings:)heheh

I just want to copy here some words that I wrote there: (besides the picture)
" Love may take long but it will always take you to where you belong."
Then part of the message there says;
" I just hope you will keep this simple card I originally made just for you! This might be simple but this is one of the result of my thoughts of you! Always remember; whatever happens, I'm keeping you in my heart! luvumuch!"
Duh! tell me we're not in love:) heheh!
Happy Couple's Corner!

27 Oct 2009


Know what it stands for?:) yah... it means 'Jesus Never Fails!!!' NEVER! As I promise to share with you this beautiful things that are happening to me these past few weeks/days, here are the results:) heheh.

=I passed all my exams so far:) PTL!
=Our new Volvo V50 is coming next tuesday:) TGBTG!
=And last but not the least, the most important and the greatest is...hehe our 'P-test' this morning is yahoooo! obviously POSITIVE:) HALLELUIAH!!!

Well, I'm not that young anymore so because we were planning/hoping to have another baby, so I want to be this year. As I posted months ago about those big prayer list...huh so in this case, two of those already granted this year. Isn't it so great???! I cannot thank enough! Am so grateful indeed! I can say, I am really blessed and even if I'm used to it... experiencing the promises "... I will show you great and mighty things..." but still I'm amaze everytime! As I said... I'm a woman after God's own heart:) heheh.

Well... I know together with my husband, this will be another challenge in our lives. A new beginning to a higher level:) And I know my God will always walks with me all the way!

A blessed day to all!

26 Oct 2009

THIS is IT!!!

I need to sleep earlier tonight because I need to wake up early tomorrow before my husband go to work:) We have to do something important and exciting..heheh! Aaaaay!!! I could no longer sleep!!! so excited!

Today,after work, I was in hurry catching the 6:15 train because I have to buy something from the pharmacy. 7pm the pharmacy near train station closes and the train travels 2
0-25minutes to central station. But I missed the 6:15train, so, I waited for the next trip which is 6:30. If there will be delays on the way..surely I can't make it to the store. But fortunately it went safe and sound so I went out the train first before other passengers and run directly to the pharmacy and the woman already keeping thier things inside and she was smiling when I arrived because I told her directly what I want! hehe, without asking if its still okay to buy or they're already close. But anyway, she was so kind and gave me the thing that I want.

And so this is it! As I posted lately...hmm this is it! tomorrow we will know the result and surely as I said I will share it with you guys! Because this is a good thing and glorious kan man säga:)

Hmmm... watch for it tomorrow:) See yah!

25 Oct 2009

I love you..GOODBYE:(

Since our new car is coming next week or the week after, we have to sell our old car. I felt sad because I already love this 'röda bil'. Oh how time pass! It was like just yesterday since we bought this car. This is our first car as a couple or as a family. So, you know??? how I wish I know how to drive already so no need to let this go:( I really feel sad even if I'm happy because we will have our brand new car. We bought this red car like second hand..it really looks new outside until now cause my husband took care of it, but there's already many thing's going on ,on its part like the machine thing. And its not so smart when you're keeping two cars..soo expensive because they have many insurances here to pay even if you will not use the car.

So, tomorrow my husband will already put it in blocket.se, where one can buy and sell things...everything you want you can buy there in a low..low prices. Uh,uh..I hope our car will fall to kind and a good new owner.

Hmm.., sometimes we need to let go even something we already love if what is coming gonna be better. As I always said;
'We must learn how to say goodbye in order to know how to say hello:)'

Having fun!!!

Having fun usually just came anywhere and without planning it:) It can happen even when you are at the table eating! Yesterday as I said we went to my aunt's house and we slept over there. We just came home today. And while we took our dinner last night, and had some chatting about whatever, some funny and some just information about whats going on around the world.

While, we were taking out fruit desert, one of those were oranges, my aunt's husband did something on the peel and it turn into a funny teeth:) My daughter instead of being afraid she laughed so much on how he looks. Every one want to try it and I tried it too..hahahah! Since halloween is approaching, it gave us an idea..hhahaahah! Why not, right? So all we need to do and to look for is the costumes:) No problem about it, here's trailer park queen Halloween costumes for everyone!!!

Anyway, just one side of having fun together with family! Have a blessed sunday everyone!!!

23 Oct 2009

Shopping Together:)

Once in a while we really must have time together with my family here in this foriegn land. Like sometimes, at my aunt's house or at our place or even going to some places together as long as we can get along.
Last weekend we decided to go shopping:) Since, we are going to send boxes (package) to Philippines last of this month, we went to a store where we can buy cheaper can goods, lotions, shampoos and the like even coffee:) Our husbands wondered why we are sending those kinds where in fact they can buy it more cheaper there:) We just reasoned out that they would not buy or not used to buy big bottles or packages...just sachet:) heheh... We want them to be environmental friendly hahahah! (sachet empty packs makes the place dirty..weee peace! ) And if we send money instead, they will buy it to another thing. hhahah! (typical)

So..after our shopping with our husbands patiently been with us, we went to a nearest restaurant and dine together:) It's really so good to have families around! And be sure not to loose contact with and have time together.
Tomorrow, we will go to thier place and am sure it will be fun packing up! hheheh.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Godbless!

Good things are Happening to me!

Lately, many things are happening that looks or sounds bad. Like I lost my PR and my computer got virus! But am so proud of myself about all these because it really did not affected me badly, instead I learned more about all these blogging and computer internet thinge and working with Google!hhehe. And most of all, I knew that every dark situation there's always a bright light which about to come in. and once we don't know how to say 'goodbye', we cannot say 'hello'

And I am so right about how I look on the situation. First, its just happen to gave me a break so I can relax and sleep earlier:) Second, it gave me lots of information about working online. And the third thing which is the biggest victory I have.., are all these good things that are happening to me:)

One of my biggest goal or wish this year to happen really answered!!! Yahooo! Hold on.. I will surely share it to you next time so you will have time to think..hehe. and guess maybe! If you are following me you probably know:)

22 Oct 2009

When I met YOU:) - CC #2

Rodliz’s Nest

The first meeting when our guy is a foriegner could always be exciting with butterflies on stomach:) Thats because, most of us first known each other by writing or phones and internets then after all the coocoos, meeting personally will be a realization of our dream or a nightmare..aheheh! Because many if not mostly has no luck at all. Some, just good at the net or phone but in reality..uh,uh! So, by this, we will always feel double on the first meeting.
Our story maybe not that exciting and interesting but still I have to write it here:) Anyway, believe it or not, I already love him before I met him! wink* (kanta man na net) heeh. Originally, I was not interested of marrying a foriegner but then when its destiny maybe you cannot fight for it or can we??? Anyway I thank God for giving me 'Him' I felt so lucky!

Okay, here where and what happened on our first meeting;
Since we've been writing and talking each other through the net for a couple of months already, like 10mos. to be specific and besides from that, we didn't knew each other through the net alone. But we were introduced by a common friend or family. My aunt who were married to a Norsk (but works here in Sweden (VOLVO) who happened to be the boss of my husband that time introduced me to him..heheh because he asked! They invited him to thier house to met my aunt and showed him some pictures and videos of me. Hmmm, inside him he thought, "this is the girl for me" (na lovestruck sad sya) heheh take note the girl for I was so tiny:) Thus, our love story begun. What I mean here is that, I was not w
orried about what kind of person he was because my aunts already knew him and the fact that he was introduced by my uncle who knews him also because they work together and as I knew, he(my aunts husband) will never introduce whoever. And I think this is a good thing.

When my aunt's family planned to visit Philippines, my husband tried to work so hard and even worked overtime so he can save enough money to go with them and meet me. Waaaah, I first met him at the airport of course!(Manila, NAIA) He was more taller and bigger than I thought, other than that, all my expectations about him were right! Honestly??? we hug and kiss right away at the airport when I met him. It felt like we already knew each other for a long time! Everything flows just right! And after 10 days we got married:)

Note: Funny! When I asked him what he thought and felt the first time we met, he said that everything in his expectations about me were right only I was more short and smaller than he thought! bwahaahahah! see what I mean?

20 Oct 2009


I really think this was my coolest pics when I was still in Philippines and single. This was one of those pose when I was still a model. Waaaaheheheheh! ( model sa bokong kay ang ilong murag palwa;)!) But really, this was taken for a 'christian calendar' - a project once of one of our missionary way back year 2004. This picture was for the verse " Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.." hmm. It feels great remembering those times:)

Since, I am using now my husbands computer, I found this picture and happen to recall those memories:) This is just for today guys, since I have to read my books now! I will have a long day tomorrow at school! Got to do my lunch box also for every wednesday we have to eat together at lunch with Jenny and Shy:) heheh!
Good day everyone!

19 Oct 2009

Maybe its TIME:)

Its quite a time now that I was planning to buy a new laptop. I saw something I like from Apple store, I like it very much. Its white:) heheh. But my husband don't want to have it in installment basis. He said before, better to save your money and when its enough on what you want then buy it in cash! He don't want monthly bills, hehe. We have enough!

But then, when I got already enough money for my new lappy, I felt better not to buy but kept the money instead as my savings. It's a good feeling to have a savings in my bank. I mean it's good to have money..who won't right? I continue putting money on it until it reach quite a much..hehe. I want it to be useful and increasing so I ask my brother who has a construction company if I can put my money on his company so it can help him and it will earn also a little for me. And he was so glad because that time he has a big project..election is coming you know! It's time for politician to put up projects! aheheh..peace!
But I did not stop savings! I started saving again for my new white apple laptop! hahahah! And now, that my old laptop got virus, I'm thinking, maybe its time to buy now:)hmmm! A little more on my savings which my hubby already can fills in. So I think it will be okey.

What you think????

18 Oct 2009

Sunday Message!- KEYS- its plural

Today is Sunday once again:) despite of what happened on my computer, I'm still thankful that it wasn't my mind and soul got that kind of virus. hehhe. Anyway, todays message is found in Matthew 16:18-19. "... I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; what ever you will bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loosed on earth will be loose in heaven."

KEYs - with 's' which means plural. Not only one key. As we know that a key is to open up doors or something that is close and locked. Now we were given keys, also means authorities and powers. Isn't it great that we have the keys, the authority, the power to open doors? What are those doors you think? Maybe one of those keys is a key to open up the door of knowledge, another key to open up the door of blessings, key to open your destiny into prosperity, a key to lock sickness and open healing. A key for oppurtunities, for strength and even a key for wisdom to fights our own Goliaths. Those giants that we thought are so hard to conquer. Hardships, problems, challenges and much more to mention. We might have different struggles but today's message reminds me of what I have, what we have, all we have to do is to use it and believe!



17 Oct 2009

Got computer Virus:(

Today, as I was blogging there was this pop-up just got in to my windows and without looking what was it, I accidentally click 'ok'. Oh, oh! and it will no longer dissappear unless I clicked 'continue' then I called my husband, Oh I screwed up! I was downloading a virus called 'softsoldier' and its fatal. It will no longer go away unless we buy a somekind of computer doctor. They suggest many things to do that made it more worse!

Oh..my husband still working on it! He didn't know what more he can do about it! I just hope it will be okey as soon as possible. Just so sad today:( Hope we can get some help from you guys! But then, I really or my husband really trying his best!


My delicious lunch!

My husband don't eat fish..its a long story why so don't aks:) I love fish but its unfair to him if I cook fish' recipes as our food in a certain day. And so I can only cook and eat fish during lunch when he is at work if I want to. Today, since we will be having our exam, I wanted to eat good food, my favorite as possible so I did an 'escabeche'. Wow! it was so good and delicious:) Promise!
Will you believe if I told you I ate them all??! But its true, I need to hehe, it was not as many as how it looks there! hhehehe (nang rason bay!) But anyway, I enjoyed my delicious lunch:)

Happy weekend everyone!!

Something white falling from above:)

We had an exam today, sorry it was not 'essay' as I've said, it was 'reading comprehension'. But anyway, I supposed to go to school one hour earlier as to minimize the pressure..hehe but then, when I was about to get ready on my self, I checked outside first so I'll know what to wear:) I mean if I need to have winter jacket or what. Checking the weather:)
Waaa when I open our window, I was little shocked..heheh (over) on what I saw, something white falling as in its snowing! So, I grab my camera trying to get those on pictures but I don't know if you can see it:) (you can click the pix so it will be bigger:). Somehow I got the first snow rain on this season.

So, instead of dressing up, I went back to the bathroom neutralizing my body with warm water:) It's gonna be cold I thought, so the tips given by my husband during this kind of weather were remembered and those are:

1. Take a hot shower to neutralize your body temperature:)
2. Do not over-clothe.
Hehe, on this I was wrong. I thought before when its so cold outside, I must put as many clothes on me, 2-3socks, underpants (like leggings) before the pants, 2-3tops before the jacket...heheh.

No,no! the skin, or our body that adapts the temperature cannot work because of those clothes, so the more we freeze:l
Well, the exam..uh,uh! I doubt it! It was so hard, for me at least:( huhuhu.

16 Oct 2009

Mommy at the mall!

mommy moments

Waaa..its Mommy Moments once again:) Its Friday! The theme for today is *A day at the mall:) Hmm I'm thinking to post today, Me at the mall, hehe. Then to Laikka's page about Her, at the mall!
Ngee.. we are about to go out from the mall after shopping some..hehhe. Sorry we took picture outside the mall cause we were ashamed inside. They might think.."oh..Asian women:?" hahha! Anyway, this was really when we had a day at the mall:) See I have shopping bag:) Well, its good to have sometime a day for us Mommys to enjoy and have our time:) And buy what we want ahehheh!Right Mommys???
My husband in fairness wants me to do it cause he knows how wise I am when it comes to buying things for me. I don't just buy you know!?
Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

14 Oct 2009

Being a Fan

My husband love to watch this elite series game on hockey teams here in Sweden. I love it too:) So exciting to watch:) And number one reason is that my husband is a fan of one of the famous team- The Frolunda Indians.

I remember when I was 3months pregnant; Frolunda Indians had a match in Scandinavium arena here in Gothenburg. My husband really bought tickets for us:) He said I can be a luck to them, or he means the baby in my tummy brings luck! It was my first time watching live in a real play. Hahah they won that time! He is a big fan to the extent that he bought things with Frolunda Indians on it. He always check their site and stops his usual work if Frolunda game on TV:) I can feel his gladness when they wins and the same way his sadness if they loose.

About a week ago, this series started again:) And as usual my husband in control again on thier calendar. The first fight they won! Mind you dear friends, my dear hubby really print out the news and showed it to me:) In fact, we have all the CD's on Frolunda Indians being the champion, together with those newspapers! 3 or 4 times they became champion hehe. Tonight they will be seen in a big arena here in Gothenburg again! Get your tickets now!!!


School Results:)

I'm so glad today:)
Though every Wednesday is a long day for me because I will be whole day in school I mean I have subjects on morning and afternoon but this Wednesday is very lucky for me. First, about my morning subject, which is Social Studies, which I hate even when I was still a student in Philippines:l, how much more here that not only the subject itself but thier regulations and by-laws here are far so different from my homeland, then I still have difficulties on the language and half more of my classmates are Swedish speaking people. Most of the time I cannot catch exactly when the discussion already so fast. Waaa, then as I've said last Friday when I was on my sick leave but still I went to school to take that exam. It was not that easy, that exam was about political issues, the laws and congress and how Swedish government or European government works as a whole. I did answer my exam everything I knew and understood about the whole thing and in my own words:) But I kept my finger crossed about that exam.

Today, our teacher called us one by one to talk about our exam, if we made it or take again..heheh. But to my surprise my teacher really appreciate my answers and gave me 'G' which means I pass the exam..yahoo! I really gave back the credit to my best friend:) HIM!

Second, my afternoon subject 'Swedish as a second language' which me and Jenny are classmates. One and maybe 50% of the whole subject's requirements is 'Book Recension'. We were given a book to read then we have to do written and oral analysis of that certain book. I was and still am a certified 'eleventh hour' kind of student. I don't do requirements if not date line:l as if my mind works under pressure. Yes! I know its not good but it works for me anyway:)

Two weeks before the dead line, Jenny already reminded me about our book recension, because she did hers already that time:) yah.. she is good! So, I was freaking, I thought we should pass it the next week..hehe, I was still on page 20 from 315pages book. But then I found out that it will be two weeks more:) On the last night before the time; at 11th hour, I did my book analysis.heheh.
Today, our teacher gave back our written analysis and I got 'VG'.. ahhehe! see it really works for me! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

13 Oct 2009

Thanks to you:)

There's this girl, silent type if you don't know her, but is so fun to be with when you will be her friend. She looked innocent when I first saw her:) I thought she was just a sister to somebody living here in Sweden and that she just came as a tourist. I really didn't thought she got married to a Swedish man too. She was so young then and petite! I thought 15yrs. old or so. Yes, she is still young, but not that young anymore, but she is far younger than me:) as in I am 11years older than her.

But you know what? I was really amazed the next time I saw her.. She's all different and changed a lot! By the way she carry and took care of herself, waaa, you cannot tell she's that young! She has grown so beautiful and candid, socially speaking. Then we became close friends as the time progresses on:) The more I knew her and the more I've learned a lot about her:) Behind her innocence and silence are the good attributes one will love to have.

She is my mentor in this blogging thing. She helped me and taught me everything she knew about blogging. And even up to this day, she still there ready to help me when I needed her. And my new lay-out? Yes, if it wouldn't be of her, I cannot have this layie I love:)

Sarah,(i call her 'shy' )thank you very much my friend! May you will stay as sweet as you are! Just pay attention on what is good and be innocent of what is evil:) Good luck! I can say, you deserve what you've got now!

12 Oct 2009

Lutong Pinoy Sunday dinner

Since, it was a long day yesterday for me, we were home about 7pm already. We went out early..earlier than the usual at least;) we went and visit my mother in law after she was brought back home from the hospital. Saturday evening we received the news that she was picked up by the ambulance and ran to the hospital because of heart attack they thought.So we were so worried. But luckily it was found out its really not about her heart;) instead it was a muscle inflammation, that cause her heart so painful (not so bad). From there, I went to the church alone and my husband and daughter just stayed with grandma, then from church I went home to them also so we can go home together.

My husband was hungry , my baby was hungry, and I was hungry and we were not able to go to grocery store or meat shop for our food budget this week because of the boring weather we had yesterday. So much rain and so windy. And so I just used what we have and since we only have corned meat (usually they just used it here for spaghetti or lasagna or pasta.) so I thought of putting fruit vegetables on it...potatoes, carrots and beans plus the undying onions:) wow! I really don't expect that it turns out very good. My husband love it as he always do..hehe.
Well, that was our lutong pinoy special on our Sunday dinner:) Godspeed!

11 Oct 2009

Be still!

" Be still and know that I am God!" says the Lord.

Just arrive from the church. My heart is so full of gladness and blessings on spirit filled messages from today's preaching. I'm so blessed and reminded of what God wants me to.

Life here in this foreign land is not that easy. Everything we do are so stressful and lots of pressures. We are bombarded of so many things under the sun. Different responsibilities at home, at work, at school. Problems and needs left and right, here and there. Its like a storm, flood and lots of rain that we want to get out from it as soon as possible. Many plans to fulfill, many dreams to realize and many opportunities to catch. But at the end of the day, we are disappointed, discouraged and tired! Everything we tried to do did not flow as we wanted. And then we asked why it happens that way. The real problem is we don't see and smell the perfect timing because our eyes were blinded with all of these. While all we need to do is stop, listen and be still... and know your God!

I want to share this song with you and take time to listen and be bless!

I'm lovin' it!

I love my new lay-out!!! hehehh.

Yes, I get tired of the same thing easily, hmmm.. that's one of my weaknesses. Whatever it is, clothes, shoes, bags, people (ngeee) heheh, work, and the like. Its like I cannot stay long on something. I'm fighting on it don't worry! hehe. Infact, the last layout I had took us couple of hours before I decided to be that one. But then, these few days past, I was tired of it..again! heheh... So, I looked for a new template yesterday, hah, just on the first page when I saw this lay-out, I right away liked it! And now that it's already applied, the more I loooove it!

Aside from being simple and elegant, I think it fits my blog name as a whole:) So goodluck to me then, I hope this will stay long. aheheh!
Have a blessed sunday everyone!

9 Oct 2009

Trips and Travels:)

mommy moments
Today' Mommy Moments is about those special trips we had with our kids. The most special trip we had of course was our trip to Philippines but I will post it on Laikka's page:) Here are some of our trips and outing! Enjoy!

These was taken when we had a chance to tour around the world:) o..really?? as in around the world?..yes! aheheh. It was like a trade fair of different places to attract us where to spend our vacation. Look at Laikka, she goes to Croatia:)

These were taken when we visited Liseberg, an amuzement park here in Gothenburg. Rabbit is their trade mark. Laikka enjoyed different rides and rabbit show:)

This was in Seaman's museum! where the first boat of Sweden preserved.

These was taken in the boat during our trip to Denmark! Her first cruising!

At the Animal park, where I also saw some animals for the first time like the lion and the tiger:) Angelikka had the chance to ride a horse for 10dollars..aheheh, but she enjoyed it very much!

8 Oct 2009

Cleaning Time:)

As I said on my last post about organizing my place last Saturday, Heheh as usual, I was not able to do it that time. but finally the next day Sunday, I did it! It was really a family day at home:) We usually were out every weekends but last weekend because me and my daughter were sick we just stayed home whole day:)
Last Sunday, after our brunch, I decided to really fix my computer board. While I was organizing it, my husband thought to do something also;) Then he remembered that our refrigerator, specially the freezer already need to defrost because it has lots of ice that sticks. So he decided to clean it up! Heheh, it was a fun family cleaning time because Laikka also was helping. She always try and make herself available for anything she might be of help:) And she was so happy that time, I can see:)
Well, as you can see my table on the picture above, its already a lot better:)
Good day everyone!