10 Oct 2014

Our New Home, Sweet Home

Hello everyone! I just get quick glance here after a few months of being inactive in blogging. I had been in so many things going on in my life and it was like a whirlwind change. First, I get in into a new path which is being a student (again) in the university here in Sweden. I tell you, its big, really a big thing studying in a university using not young mother tongue. Well, so far I survived and surviving.

And just few months ago, the Lord has blessed us with a new house. A small house that we have dreamed of. From the city to the country side, I simply love it. It's not easy to start with but I know as my great God have promised, He's already ahead of us. I was being busy adjusting and trying to put everything into places and there were many times I became weak but the Lord's guidance and care is always present and strong! I praise Him.

Now, it's been 3 months since we live here and so far so good. The children get new friends easily and have been enjoying our new environment. Yet, I will not deny the fact that until now I am adjusting and trying to find a rest, a feeling wherein I can have the complete inner peace. These things I know can only be found in God's hands. His words of promises keeps me going everyday, gives me hope and determination. He is my strong tower, my mighty fortress, in Him I put my trust.

I hope I can always visit here to write. And share to you my daily experience in this new place we are in! God Bless Us all.