31 May 2011

Black coffe cups!

I found this beautiful cups at my aunt's drower. They look so chic specially with its gold handle. They got it from her late father in law. They just keep it there for display without using it. Maybe when there's a special party they said:) So I think its perfect for my entry in 'chic in black'.

28 May 2011

Income and Expenses!

It has been said that handling budget wisely is not in the matter of how big your income is instead it is on how you spend it.

We are really trying to save these days since we have so much plan and only my husband is working since I'm on leave plus summer is coming. Everytime salary came, I noticed it don't make a difference in our saving whether its much or little. Why because psychologically, when we got little more for the month we tend to spend a little more also and during those month that he only got little, we survived and still saved the same anyway. Yes, because we also hold only on what we have.

So, to avoid drowning your budget, and headaches, stay and spend wisely. Don't spend more than what you get. And avoid borrowing too:)wink*

26 May 2011

CC: Me as a sister/friend!

I'm the best sister because I'm the only sister they got! hahaha! I will no longer ask my hubby about this, he will surely agree what I'm going to say here:)
Like what I've said, I've a got a beautiful family, I can brag about that. We are all best friends. I'm the only sister they got, and small but I own their respect! We treat each other as buddies. I'm the kind of sister and yes I'm their big sister that is cool and respect them too. I'm a little boosy but just gaining and reminding them that I'm the older one...hehe. Even if I'm the only sister they got, I didn't experienced the 'over protection drama from brothers' effect. You know what I'm saying? like 'my' guys were afraid of them, specially we're from the province?:) No, I managed to show them that I can handle myself right. And it feels so good hearing them " Manang, knows what she's doing:)"
Well, I can say that I became their role model in finding the right woman for them. When my big little brother introduced his wife to us, he said; "she's a version of 'manang'(me) in attitude:) hehe not the beauty???? joke? And the second brother I remember, he's looking for a wife like me in some way:) hehe. Well, I think they got the right women for them because I really can see 'me' in their wives in some aspects specially their beauties..lol!
These are my sisters-in -law. They are apparently my little sisters I didn't have halv of my life.
Well, as friend, I tend to treat them as my sisters when they're already close maybe because I had no sisters?
Couple's Corner
More stories here at couple's corner, join us every wednesday:) vihörs!

24 May 2011

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Brochures and Flyers!

Are your business uses brochures and flyers to captivate and inform your costumers well what you have and what you can?

Personally, I really is attracted on the things I buy and even those things I bought by looking first on brochures. And many times, even if I have no plan to buy it but when I look on their flyers or brochures those nice things printed with lots of information then they got me with it! So by experienced I think it is important to have flyers and brochures in any kind of businesses. It helps in many ways and it attracted many people and costumers.

But in the other hand, its should not be just brochures, just flyers because if it plays a lot on informing and attracting people , your brochures also can cause discouragement to costumers if not done well. Your company and products can be judge by the kind of flyers and brochures you have. What I'm saying is that you must have the right and the best kind! You need somebody who can do brochure printing that works with an idea and art of how printed materials can speak well to the concerns. One best thing to do is check out flyers company, bid and be informed!

Boast your company and products now by using the best kind of brochures , full color customized and full of life! Check yours now by visting this flyers company which I think very creative when it comes to printing materialsand more of it , a best deals.

23 May 2011

Chic wine glasses!

I found these glasses at my mother-in-law's housewagon at the camping. It was place at the top spot as it really captivates my eyes! I think those black wine glasses just chic and the green ones as well:) Have a great monday every one!

20 May 2011

Blogging Addiction!

I know it's not only me but many out there also that they call themeselves addict in blogging. Specially those who earns almost everyday, they cannot help it but stuck on their computer chairs and blogs.

Yes, I am one of them I can say. I can even say that I am worse because even if I have no reviews or blog oppurtunities these past days, I still love to write and read blogs and visit other blogger's nests. It seems my laptops captivating me like magnets..hehe. I also just love to see my sites nicely layed out...hehe for me:) Here's my other blogs so you cannot agree more:)
Hope you can take a peek leave a comment and follow if you haven't yet so I can catch you up and do the same! See you around, have a great weekend!

18 May 2011

CC: Me as a daughter!

This week's couple's corner is about what my husband think of me as a daughter.
Couple's Corner

When I ask my husband about it..I wished he will say, I am a caring daughter and that I always think about them and trying to give them a good life as long as I can. But uh,uh he didn't. He can't say anything, he said he don't know. It made me think , maybe what I am to my parents or family doesn't show or it's him who just can't dare to say whatever. Or he don't want to cooperate this time..hehe.

I am the only girl so I am quite spoiled as a daughter. And our relationship towards our parents are so casual. We are just like friends, I mean my father and mother are my best friends. I can talk to my mother whatever regardless of who she is to me. And my husband knows how I love them and how I wanted to help them in many ways. And as I can remember, my relationship towards my parents is one best point he sees on me. He always told me that I have a beautiful family and that he is happy to be a part of it. The only words my father told him when he about to marry me was " I just hope you can love my daughter as much as I love her". And his answer was "Oh thats easy":)

17 May 2011

Its a matter of asking!

When you need something or you have wants in life, who don't, right? Well, I think to have those are just a matter of asking. It's how you ask for it. Given a situation; when you want so much on shoes, don't just ask for a shoe, ask for a shoemaker or an owner of a shoe store..hehehe.

I remember when I was still single and studying in college where every girls must have something precious on them and where the pressure of rivalry was there, I happened to really own a gold ring with stone on it. And because I have 2 aunts abroad, I thought they surely can give me that without thinking how their situation were. I told them that i would not ask anything from packages they're sending but when you guys will go home I want that ring bought abroad as your present.

And then true..when they went home, they brought me a MAN who gave me many kinds of ring that I wanted. Wedding ring, college ring (yes he did pay my college ring) , ring with my birthstone on it... except suffeRING because I don't need that and thats the ring he can't give:)


13 May 2011

Me as a wife according to my husband!

Blogger is back but my Couple's Corner entry is gone! huh! I will post it again! Well, this week's topic is about what my husband think about me as a WIFE.
Though he's always telling me that he feel so lucky and thankful that I became his wife, still had asked him what he thinks now of ME being a wife. What he said was quite flattering but anyway he said I am everything. And that he become what he is now because of me. He said; as a wife I am ahemmm; love, happiness and life. He became a real husband and a father because of me:)
Couple's Corner
He continue saying; " honey, you have been very supportive, loving, patient on me and loud (funny), hugging mode*, its not boring with you"! hehe..yeah the feeling is mutual then! He didn't mentioned a negative side of me he can't find..hheheh! Oh, its according to him people, so thats it!!! Happy CC everyone and have a great week!

10 May 2011

The question that I couldn't answer anymore!

My husband been asking me lately, " What you want for mothers day honey?" I can't answer but I keep on thinking what it might be.

One night, we were sitting down in front of the television, when I blurted out words without thinking, as in it just came out from my mouth. " I know what I want from you on Mother's day honey". Waaahh, I really love his reaction, smiling and turn to me with excitement; "what is it"? I was blown up with that reaction and question that made me just glad and asking him, why that reaction? He said because I have two weeks more to buy it! (mothers day here in Sweden will be this last sunday of this month).

Hmm..I was maybe shock that I was not able to answer..again. But instead in my mind I was asking myself, yeah, what more do I need? I didn't answer because I really cannot think of something. Then I realized, I already have everything that I couldn't ask for more from him! I now realized how empty I was before but now is filled! Little by little he is filling it up with that question, but now I cannot answer it anymore! (teary eyed mode) tears of gladness just flow.

9 May 2011

Laikka is chic in black!!

It's not usual with children with black clothing or shall I say, black is just so mature and so strong color for children. but my baby had this winter dress which she really look chic on it paired with her black boots:) So, this is my entry on this week's "chic in black".By the way our door mat there also black and chic..heheh! Have a great week everyone!

6 May 2011

New dressed up site!

I am so glad to intoduce to you my new baby site that is beautifully and wonderfully dressed up by Dhems, my blogger friend who's talent and kindness collide. I cannot thank you so much dearie. God bless you more!

I have it perfectly what I am imagining to have. Pink because it portrays that this blog are for my girls and me. Beautiful dressed up site is one of my driving force to blog and to visit always. Like it captivates my desires while on it. I know other bloggers feel the same!

So, welcome everyone! I hope you will love to visit there too. Follow me as I share our lives every special moments we have. Leave me a message so I can follow back:) Again my gratitude to Dhemcy Diaz , stay sweet and kind. You can also visit her amazing blogs to have lots of fun!

4 May 2011

CC; as a mother/aunt

Couple's Corners topic this week is " what my husband thinks of me as a mother/aunt" . Hmm.. no doubt, "Im the best"! hahahha.

Couple's Corner

Well, I'm sorry if it sounds bragging but one thing I love being a mom is when my husband sees and acknowledge the things I did to his children, to our children. Actually, he always told me that he is so lucky and our children are so lucky to have a mother like me and yes I love,love hearing that from the father of my children. To all husband or father, please do say it, it feels good:) My husband always say thank you to me, for everything I've done as a mother. Like after feeding the baby and after eating, he taught our children to say thank you for the good food I served to them. He said he is relax and don't need to worry when he's away from us like working everyday. He knows his children are in good hands..hahahha! Well, he said I'm just kind of a spoiling mother. Well, I accept that, I can't help it:I

My children and my neice Angel during my brother's wedding.
My cutie 'pamangkin', Angel's sister Kara, at hotel swimmingpool, Palawan.

As an aunt, I'm no different like a mother to them. I talk and handle them as if theyre also my children and I love them too so dearly:) My husband sees that quite well.
Happy Mommy Moment's on mother's day special!

2 May 2011

My Princess in our Black Sofa!

Monday black for today is our sofa with the newly church baptised, my little baby Erika!
Have a great week ahead everyone!