25 Sep 2012


Change is a good thing in my opinion. Living in this changeable world, everyday and in every thing we  are doing changes, consciously and unconsciously. There are decision to make a change and there are also things that you have no choice ,  but to make a change. There are also things and situations that eventually changes took place in our lives.

Change in the other hand, is scary. When we are already use into what we are for a long time and we become comfortable with it, we love to stay and be what it is now. So when a big change is about to come or to happen, even if its for the better it will still make us think and ponder. WE don't know what is ahead of us , what if we fail? what if we don't like it? Many questions playing in our minds . Am I ready for it? am I willing to take the risks?

Many people choose not to and stay contented on what they are and what they have but there lots of people too that embraces change courageously. Well, we are about to make a change .  But I think Me and my husband are ready for it. I am scared but doing this together and with God's guidance, I know its gonna be great and for the better! Good day to all!