26 Feb 2010

My Eyeglasses, my partner!

Since I am trying hard to focus my school assignments these past few days now, my eyeglasses became my partner. As I've said, I have 3 major subjects and really needs work on it. First periodical exam will be next week and all these subjects are objectives! I always love essay even it will be extemporaneous as long as I'll just write my own opinion and understanding but memorizing something and lots? uhggg..hard for me!

I thought wearing eyeglasses makes me look old and genius..hahah (ma'am) so, I don't wear it when I'm outside, I just uses it when I surf the net, blogging and reading and of course studying. But this week, I really need to wear it outside because one of my deadline to do or to be pass on tuesday will be a book recension, So, because its so tempting to fall asleep while reading at home, I do it at trains and busses while treveling instead! Lately, I noticed that the lens already need a change:) Why? because it can no longer hold for so long. I feel pain and blurd the longer I read. I have to take control on my eyeglasses because this really helps me a lot times like this.

I think I need to use it now everyday, wherever I am and at anytime so my eyes can adopt and I will be used at it! Nowadays, my eyeglasses, my partner, my friend, my helper:)

25 Feb 2010

Back in a while!!

I'm not feeling well this past few days. This week we have hard snow and its so hard to go everyday. Everytime I arrive home, I always feel so tired, the reason I go to bed after eating dinner. With my mind packed up with backlug in school which made me sick, I can say, I'm so weak in body and mind!

Today, I'm still weak but I just want to post this beautiful blogger award that was shared to me by the wonderful blogger friend David and my adorable friend Jenny. Thank you guys and more power to you!!!

I'm sorry if I can't pass this to anyone right now but whoever want it..feel free to grab it guys! Just I have no time to link in this time! And apology also to the one who gave the rules in posting this. I also cannot follow this time:) huhuhu.

Godbless...See yah when I see you!!!

21 Feb 2010

Enjoying the sun and snow!!!

I was not able to went out yesterday, saturday...yes I did maybe 2minutes outside, I suppose to go to the library to get my reserved book, then went back inside because just the time I went out from the main door of our apartment, snow storm met me and I was like blown away..almost:) So I went up again and decided to just stay home that day! When my darlings came home, (they were at Laikka's classmate's birthday party), my husband said that almost all busses and trains stops and cannot travel because of the hard snow.

But today...wow! the sun shines and it's a good weather even if the snow are so thick! So, we thought its good to go out and enjoy the sun and snow outside. So, right after our brunch, I look and took out my winter pants while my husband was fixing and putting up the Dining Room Tables we just got from our friend last weekend. So, when everything were done and ready, we went out to have a family bonding around our snowy sorrounding!

Oh, we had really fun. It was one of our best time this season. I believe, our reactions on everything that are happening is just a state of the mind! If we think its hard and boring weather with so much snow then it can be, but if we make it or do something great out of it, then it will be! Whatever the season is if you just want to enjoy the moment then it will be great!!!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

20 Feb 2010

More Capital!

I'm always excited when its saturday, not only because its free from work and everything but also because its our time talking with my family accross the mile through the net. It's so heartwarming for me to see them and talk to them and share everything what's going on with me/us here and they also share the happenings in their lives there in Philippines! Even sometimes what we shared to each other are problems but its okay, its good to know and help each other.

Today I'm happy to talk with my brother. He always been so busy attending his business so its so rare to catch him sitting on his computer to chat. Glad we had a chance today. We talked many things, coping up. Primarily was about his business:) This topic actually is always present everytime. I mean every conversation we have will always end up with his construction projects! Since, election in Philippines is fast approaching, people in politics already doing many things to show their capabilities..heheh. And of course those who are presently sitting in power now are doing many projects. Putting up different construction on their baraggays. Projects wherein my brother got in and really good on his business. He said there are suppose many projects but what he lacks is "capital" He is out of it, what they have is not enough. If only there's somebody who can Finance then it would be great! We will see if we can help him.

Another thing we discussed was about our younger brother getting married this year! Oh, he is our dear brother so we want to do something great for him. We did some planning, gathering suggestions and hopefully it will be successful! After talking with them it feels like many burdens lightened hahha! Oh! No greater joy than the joy shared with family.

Happy weekend everyone!

19 Feb 2010

In His Love:)

Since the weather this week is not that easy! I mean snow storm whole day, trains and busses are not working so good, so much delays and its not so fun to walk on snow so thick, It can give body pains..hehe so my husband is so sweet and so kind to always pick me up all the way from my work place this week. As I said my work place is pretty far from our place, 30-40 minutes drive by car specially the kind of road we have these days. and yet after his work and get Laikka from school, he drive direct to my work place and pick me up as well. And am so thankful for that!

These picture at the left is me and Laikka under the snow stormy late afternoon! Have a wonderful weekend guys! Weather prognoses here in Sweden said its gonna have hard snow storm whole weekend so, I'm just planning to stay home in that case! heheh do my assignments!!!lol!

17 Feb 2010

Aaaaaaaagh! Hulp!!!

"Science is a systematic arrangement of branch of knowledge based on fundamental truth!" waah, almost correct, but this was my difinition 25years ago. And Atom? what is atom? " atom (mota) is the smallest particles in the eyes" lol! "Mura man kag molekyul" " Here comes Ms. "push and pull" hahahha...These are our jokes when I was in highschool. But promise, I was called "the little chemist" that time when I got it perfect our egg experiment!

How about this time???? aaaaahhhg! Actually, I tried studying right now on my Science subject and I just get frustrated because I completely forgot everything!Even the Periodic Table. Nothing, nothing, nothing registered in my mind specially its on swedish, The terms are completely different! I tried to review in english through wikipedia, still I can't understand when I go back into swedish translation. Haaay! Hulp!

We have no classes this whole week but I have lots of home work on every subjects! The week is almost over, nothing even one did I accomplish! In History..back to Ancient Times..hallo Mr. Constantinople will you help me? huh! And the other Major subject I have which is the most important one is litterature. Back again to "Ilead and Oddessey" but in swedish! Wew!
" I will lift mine eyes to the hill from whence my help will come..."

A glimpse of yeserday!!!

Since we had a grand couple valentine celebration on pre-v, we haven't able to do so much on the "all heart's day." We woke up so late as in 11 in the morning:) But then, on the afternoon, about dinner time, my husband and I decided to still go out to eat at our new found chinese restaurant here called "TIEN TSING" hahha. My husband cannot pronounce it well and we were laughing when he tried reading it. We just surf it on the internet as we tried looking for ba restaurant near the free parking lot during sundays:) hahah. Here are some documents:)

With the background music so romantic.. its really good to eat..waheheheh! Ussch! My hubby and I really grown bigger and bigger. As I look back 5 years ago, we were a little bit skinny..well, not so skinny though but my hubby was not as big as he is now. His stommach really outburst! I wonder if there's Liposuction for men. Haha, cause his tummy really will no longer go away on a mere exercise I think. Well, he don't have that in mind of course and I don't care ethier if he's big or small. I love him for what he is and until what he may become! As his body grow bigger, our love to each other in the same way grow more and more everyday. Far more bigger and bigger. Actually, it's maybe my fault why his tummy become that big..heheh he loves filipino foods which of course cooked by your highness:)

Yesterday, is worth looking back:) A great wednesday to all!!!

15 Feb 2010

Pre-Vday with the family!!!

February 13 this year, a day before valentine's day was the 50th birthday celebration of our very own Uncle Lenart:) My aunt Sarie's husband. Yes his birthday falls on "alla hjärtan's dag" (all heart's day) Thats why maybe, he personally is a kind-hearted man. He's so kind to everyone of us specially to my aunt's family in philippines whom he extends help so much! Infact, he has done the biggest part why we are all here:) They are the first in our family here!

Happy hearts we have:) Satisfied and complete with our loving husbands:)

The Wives:)

The Husbands:)

And now we are four! Funnier and Happier!!!

14 Feb 2010


A greetings to every one today a happy valentines day! May the love of God will be renewed in our hearts knowing how He loves us and that He gave his only son for us!!!

We, somehow be reminded today to keep our love renewed and have the feelings above all others!

13 Feb 2010

High Quality Mailboxes!

Looking for a perfect high quality mailboxes???

The online company that has the widest selection of residential and commercial mailboxes is here. Wow! as I surf all their mailboxes I was being captivated by their different styles and how elegant they are. In all types of building like for residential houses they have single-Unit mailbox and post packages, Wall mount mailboxes, Post mount, Column mailboxes and a lot more fabulous residential mailboxes. Mailbox is important to have in every houses since almost every one nowadays are working during the day. And posts may come everyday whether an important letters, bills or even packages. It will be very important also to take into consideration the kind of mailbox you should have in your domain. The quality of it and the appropriation to your house!

As I look on their samples, a beautiful and elegant house with a high quality mailbox and a style that really fits the house, it made me imagine how nice its gonna be to really make a perfect accent on every area we are putting to our houses. Well, not only they have residential mailboxes but of course a commercial mailboxes too! They have many to choose from that fits to your budget and to your business! Mailboxes speaks the whole thing sometimes, if you have an elegant, well arranged, perfect styles boxes for your costumers or workers, then your business can be easier and much approachable. Like on offices, does your mailboxes enough for everyone and is safe and spacious? In schools, is it safe and easy for students? In apartments or any commercial building. Here you can find what you want and what you need.

This online market place for mail boxes has also Address Plaques and Numbers available and in the same way, they have the high quality and elegant one! They are fabulous, so to speak! Get the best one guys, better not to careless for our own good!These fabulous mailboxes is perfect for you!!! Check them out! They have different offers now! I'm sure you gonna love them!

A Valentine Tag from Rose!!!

I felt lucky to get this tag from my dera friend Rose of Obstacle's and Glories. It's gpood to be loved!! hahah. Thank you dear rose and may the love that keeps your family will continue to grow more and more!!!

Here are some simple mechanics:
1. Post this tag in your blog (multiple blogs allowed) with these mechanics.
2. Don’t forget to use the widget above linking to the site.
3. Post a photo of anything that has the color red.
4. Include also a saying or quote related to LOVE or the LOVE MONTH.
5. Tag as many as you can and instruct them to get back to Arlene's site to leave their url if they have joined.

"The leaves dried down
and the Flowers fadeth but
my LOVE for you will never end!"

This was one of the 3 fresh red rose that my husband gave to me when I was granted a VISA here in Sweden. The faded roses still here coz I preserved it!:) It was me who took this pic and I'm so proud how it become! so lovely isn't it?

Now I'm tagging this to my friends Jenny, jennie, kat, khim, Mr. D, ShySarah, Rick, Misalyn, Analou, Anna, Ruby, Maxi, Chuchie,Weng, Azumi and Fe.


Mathematics Tutorial!

Having problems on your Algebra??? Many assignments undone? Here's a good news for us!!!

I have many friends and even relatives whom I knew had a hard time understanding and getting clear on their mathematics subjects. But unfortunately, this subjects is one of the important and major subject whatever course you are in! So, a must that one can pass it through and learn it well. But..the problem is not all of us is gifted with a mathematician mind, many out there needs more time to learn and needs help as to really focus like one-on- one tutorial for example! Algebra is one basic or shall I say a mathematics foundation on K-12 and college.

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12 Feb 2010

Just Dropping by!!!

Because I gave myself a time last weekend to just stay home and relax, all we did is cook and eat, play with my girl and sleep:) ooohhh!!! That was a great time!

Evey sunday, my aunt and her hubby used to take exercise to the gym where my aunt work..hehe yap, its free for them:) Anyway, the place is near to us, so since we were just home, they decided to drop by after working out:) My husband also had a good mode to cook so knowing they will come, he did a "potatis grating with köttfärs" :) heheh don't know the name in english but it was so perfect meal paired to grilled porkchop then a fresh vegetables salad!!! (take note mine has rice as you can see in the pic:)...waaaahhh! double carbohydrates).
We had a nice time together and talking, planning whatever:) Thanks for dropping by!!! YOU?? wants to drop by??? heheeh! Have a nice day!!!

9 Feb 2010

CC# 16.. Valentines Day!!!

Couple's Corner's theme for the day is " Plans for Valentines Day" ..hmmm well, well, well! We actually have plans for this coming Feb 14, Sunday! Unconciously, every valentines day since me and my husband were together, we always went out as far as I can remember. Maybe because I arrived here and started our lives in FEBRUARY, way back 2006, and our first celebration was in snowy norway, 2007 we had a double date with our couple friend at the Mongolian Restaurant, 2oo8, we had a family date only the three of us went out to a chinese resto here:) And last year we had it at our friend's house...:) Where we shares our lives as couples! It was a good idea I think!!! And we had fun!

Rodliz’s Nest

Actually, we just talked last sunday with my aunt and her husband if we could go out together on Valentines Day:) Last December we recieved a gift from EUROBONUS, its a company that gives points on plane tickets everytime we travel. And trip to Philippines gave us a very high points the reason we got this bonus. It's from World's Kitchen gift certificate. We can choose from any restaurants arround whole Sweden and its for two person. This is good until February 18, so, since, we were already packed up with so many parties last december, we decided to use this on Valentines! We never know which restaurant we gonna be but my husband was suggesting of going to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and spent our valentines there with this free special dinner:) Hmm..nice idea right? Exciting! I'm not sure yet but this is so far our tentative plan in this year's heart's day!!!

Happy CC and let the love renewed on every couple's heart!!!

The heart of the HOME!

I consider our bedroom as the heart of our home because its where we can take rest, the place at home where I can calm down and relax after the whole day's errands! Yesterday, we visited a friend's new bought house and she showed us every corner of their house, from attic to the garage:) It was nicely arrange specially their bedroom. The bed in the center and a bedroom vanity at the corner. Wow! It really looks great and I want to lie down direct and sleep..heheh! It makes me ponder about our bedroom. I must do something with it more marvelous to stay in.

When I came home, I look on sites who are offering for home furnishings, vanities specially cause it makes our room elegant and more cosy. Not only that, its also a good keepers on our important things like watches and jewelries like my timex ironman watch will be safer when not in use:) I am lucky to find this site that really makes sense. They have everything for home and even other things that we might be needing for the whole family. Am so amazed they have toddler car seat, since my little girl is getting bigger and bigger , her car seat is already too small for her. And we are actually looking for a bigger one and so amazing to see here where every sizes is available in different styles, color, comfortability and a very affordable prices.

And looking for a cheaper ralph lauren sneakers, or a Jessica Simpson Clancey Boots? Yes, they have and offering big,big discounts! Actually, I found here almost everything that I was looking for these days. And I'm so happy to find this site. You guys can also check them out! You might find there just the thing you wanted! Goodluck!

6 Feb 2010

HOmE sweet HOME!!!

After a long week this past week , me and my husband got a very good massage yesterday together with my aunt and her husband! Since we had and still have a hard snow these past days, I thought I could no longer make it until friday! I was already dead tired last wednesday, I got body pains and mentally drained.Huh, I don't want to go outside anymore, but I had to and thank God I made it! I got a long sleep last night and don't want to go away from home this weekend..just want to be home, cleaning and fixing at home, time with my girl and just resting!

Since, I don't need to hurry up, I get up on bed at 10am, do some laundry then I helped my daughter cleaning up her messy room:) Then I fixed a good BRunch which is friend rice with fried egg (sunny side up). We usually eat just bread for breakfast and I don't need to do anything. But I'm pure housewife today so its good to have a little change:) I really love times like this:)

After eating we do some house cleaning then while my husband was doing his hair, I also clip my daughters hair as I promised her yesterday. She's been complaining that she could no longer see because her hair covers her eyes:) See the haircutting on her site:)
Happy weekend!! Its refreshing to be just home once in a while:)

4 Feb 2010

Goodbye tooth decay!!!

Yesterday was my last session to the dentist. Atlast, the 3months medication and fixing my teeth is finished.It was a little hard for me when there were so much schedules to take note and must not forget otherwise, I have to pay my dentist time!!! Yes, it was a little expensive and costs time, efforts and money but I'm so satisfied with result.It's so refreshing and cool after yesterday! I really can feel the complete cleanliness and having a healthy teeth. No more worries..hehe I hope!!!

I really appreciate how they put importance about taking care of our teeth. Keeping it not only beautiful to look but on health sake!!! I'm lucky, I took care of my teeth ever since, so only 3 teeth got problems. I have a filipina friend here, her teeth cost half million in pesos when she let it fixed. That's already minus discount. And until now she's still paying it monthly! whew!

So guys, and mothers??? watch out your children's teeth and your teeth hahaha!!!

Huge Furniture!

As I was cleaning my laptop's gallery like deleting pictures that are not so important or already used I happened to find this picture of my husband with our very helpful neighbor and a friend. I remember I haven't posted this yet as my thanksgiving to them!
This was during the time when our new soffa arrived and only two of them tried to get them up in our apartment which is unfortunately on the third floor. I was being reminded to post this happenings because I think they deserves my compliment and gratitude:) I know its not easy to carry up and down those huge European furniture even much bigger than they are:) Imagine they had to bring down the old soffa and bring the new one up!

Hehe, look at them, really looks so tired. They took a little rest thinking that there's still one more to go and bigger! And one memorable happening that time was that my husband fell down from 3 steps more to the ground while carrying our old soffa to the basement! He was maybe so tired already. The soffa fall down on his stomach and he got some pain and bruises on his butt and of course on stomach! Poor hubby:i

All my thanks to you guys!!! You are great! Specially to our friend who helped my husband. Your labor will not be in vain. Its really good to have friends!!! Godbless!

3 Feb 2010

CC#15..I love thee every hour:)

Couple's Corner here:) and because its february, love flooded here..heheh! How/Why do I LOVE thee??? So..King James version sweet liz:) hahha!
Rodliz’s Nest

Liz the author of this meme shared 9types of love:) Really good to know! Hmm... this topic really made me think..huhu. How and Why I love Him? Here's what comes to my mind:)

I love the way HE loves me:)
I love HIS weaknesses.
I love HIM every second, minute, hour and the rest of our days:)
I will love HIM until life after death!
I love loving HIM.

Why? Because...

P.S. (A love letter for HIM);

Dearest älskling;

"Loving you is all I wanna do.Then I found out you love me too. Wish that you will always be there.Knowing someone who'd always care. Always remember...HERE in my heart I will always loving you!!!" mrs.björlin.


1 Feb 2010


My husband celebrated his birthday last weekend:) He became 37yrs. old now and this age suppose no big party to do because as I said, swedish people just celebrates thier birthday with a big party when their age ends on '0' like 10,20,30... hhaha, and he said a week ago that we don't need to prepare a celebration for him until he will be 40yrs. old!

But..,ah,uh,ah! unfortunately he has a filipina wife who believe that every year is worth to celebrate. Specially this past few months, I think we have so much to celebrate, and I'm also thankful that God gave me this man:)
I feel so tired but at the same time so proud and happy to see him and his family happy:) My husband are so thankful and I can see satisfaction and hapiness within him.
I can't believe, I already know how to cook foods like these:) heheh. I don't cook when I was still single, I just start trying when I got married and lived here.
Having a nice time:) Just talking about everything:)
He recieved all nice gifts and perfect for him. Her mother and uncle gave a new DVD player, His pappa and family gave a silver lamp. And from siblings and his new family..(my side of family:) he recieved nice ones like a dozen of plates, USB8gb, 'verktyg', candle holder, a massage present card, and a cash:) Angelikka's gift is a heart with a text that says: " Världens bästa PAPPA":) And my gift is a phone charger to his car. He wants to have this in preparation for our coming summer tour..(wahehehh)
All the Glory and Honor I bring back to my Lord! PtL!!! God bLess Every one!!!