31 Aug 2009

Thanks to my friends;)

Wow! I'm really impressed of what Jenny, DavidF, and Shy has done for me for my birthday! They featured me in their blog post! Wow! What kind of friends I have here, so kind and amazing! Thanks to you guys I am so happy, really happy!

And to some others who leave some greetings on my chatbox, thanks to all of you! I'm so sorry my comment area don't work maybe because of my new lay out! Oh what can I do with it! Anybody knows how and extend help;) It will be good! I hope I can fix it as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone! I had a very nice and blessed day! I had fun!

My day @ 35!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm already getting old! Hehe.I'm so thankful to my heavenly Father for giving me another new year. And ever since, He's been so good and forever faithful into my life. I cannot thank enough for his promises never fails. Up to this day, I felt so satisfied and overflowing joy that I am now complete, I could not ask for more.

Many things happens but whether it was good or bad, all those were needed to become what I am now! I may not be perfect though but I have enough! And I'll bring all the glory back to my heavenly Father who knows me inside out, who knows my weaknesses and yet loves me anyway:)
No body knows how weak I am, better than Him,
And nobody's eyes' see through my soul but His'
And nobody has the power to change me to what I was born to be but Him!
To God be the Glory!
Celebrate with me everyone!!!

29 Aug 2009

Party Time

Two days and it will be my special day:) I will be on my 35, wink* hmm. This age is important here in Sweden.., so tomorrow sunday party time begins. Fortunately I have a big family here, I planned to make my party into 3 parts or 3times. Tomorrow begins the 'bolah rajah' with my inlaws, or shall I say swedish family and friends. whew! Making 200 springrolls is not so funny right??? but I have to. They looooove my springrolls. heheh. Well, don't know what will happen but its gonna be fun..fun..fun! and more gifts! ahehehh.

Goodluck to me:)
Tomorrow I cant visit surely, cause I will be having fun and bussssy.
See you on monday on my Birthday! heheh!

Philippine Mango

It has been said that we will not know sometimes the importance of something unless it is gone. When I live in oy homeland Philippines, there are so many things, food or fruit, vegetables that normally I took for granted as for the reason that its always there and free. My father is a farmer and we have a little farm full of different plants as the above mentioned so everytime or shall I say every meal are those own products of my papa's labor. It was normal for us to the extent that we were even tired of those kinds of food.
Now that I am here in Europe, I long already for those foods. Its so mere here and if there is, its so expensive. And when you were used as free.. you will fell more expensive.
Like Philippine mango, nothing can bet the sweetness of it. But I can't really find here exactly the same. There are almost as sweet in asian store but soooo expensive, so I really dony want to buy or I can't.. feels so painful on my wallet. I just hold my wanting on it. My husband don't care the price when it comes to a food and when you really want it. He always told me when we 're in an asian store and found a good one.. " Flying to Philippines is far more expensive than that". heheh. He knows that we a have a mango trees way back there but,,halooo:) Still I didn't happened buying even once.

But then last wednesday;) It really was a good day for me. A new filipina friend of mine dropped by to my place and brought me a mango so good and a 'siopaw'. Waaaah I ate the mango within three days, my husband let me eat all. Poor me but lucky me. hmmmmp! that was really good. Sorry as you can see in the pics, I ate it the way I do when I was a kid. heheh peace.
So gott!

27 Aug 2009

Also Known As LAIKKA

mommy moments

Its 'MommyMoments' once again;) And today's topic is Name Game. We have to tell the story behind our baby's name. How it came to be their name. Unfortunately, I already posted the story of my baby laikka on my new blog Lara Angelikka but anyway I will repeat it here to those who did not read it yet:) But you too can check there... for little more details.

Here in Sweden or people itself love their being European. Even to their names, they want it to be Swedish name. Not like us Filipinos, there's just few Filipino names we can hear.., almost more Spanish before and English names nowadays. Well, I can't explain to my husband why we are like that. But anyway, It was his choice to be Angelikka and for me its so common name:( but he likes and wants it so it was my idea to make it double 'kk' to be different and unique. And then Lara for the fact that my husband's name is Lars and also it was Princess Lara Quigaman won as beauty queen when I came here in Sweden to live with my husband. I like her background story:)

Anyway, Angelikka means little angel so Lara Angelikka as a whole means Lars little angel (her father's little angel). We call her Laikka obviously taken from her two names.

MckLinky Blog Hop

On our sleep

"The best way to trained up your memory is to try to remember your dreams"

Have you ever wondered what's going on around on our sleep? Yeah of course, there are science explanation about how and what are the body and mind and all is doing when we sleep but setting aside all those studies, just our own wondering and thoughts. Have you think about that?

In my sleep, I think there are so many things happens. I thought, I will be in another world called 'dream'. Another life, another experiences we do every time. Another situation, might not be the same on what you are in this world called 'reality'. And in the same way, some are good and some are bad to the extent that we sometimes remember some when we woke up.

I read once long time ago, the writer said; 'Every time we sleep, we do have a dream, some are remembered but some remains there.' Then I think and base on my experience it's true, cause every time I woke up! I felt there were things going on... On my sleep;)

Just a thought! wink*
Good day everyone!

24 Aug 2009


Sometimes... we want to be different. Even how ugly, bad or expensive can it be as long as its for a change, we risk. Sometimes... we want to do the things that we should not suppose to do but if it satisfy ourselves once in a blue moon, its okay! Sometimes... we became unreasonable and crazy if what we just want in that one moment is something worth fulfilling.

This is exactly what I knew something special about my dear husband.
At first, I ponder, I wonder, quietly studying...keenly observing.., exciting. Then, I found out that he has really something unusual I can say but hmm..I like it! I mean I love him of that. I like his principle in that way:) He really have this so called 'sometimes';) Along his simplicity in life he has to live to the fullest sometimes. heheh

Just last night he bought a two kilos lobsters, and only two of us ate them;) The fact is, its 250crowns per kilo in the middle of our budgeting wise situation;)

Sometimes its like that! We want to be crazy...sometimes!

22 Aug 2009

Becoming a 'Woman'

They said I'm a late bloomer. And I think they were right! Hmm, maybe because I grew up with boys around and I was the only girl and therefore became the apple of everyone's eyes in the family. I was so pampered and because I was so small..until now actually:) I felt I was thier baby.

At the age of 15, I was already in college p.g.a. I started so early in school. My first course was in Bible College as Bachelor in Theology and therefore I was living at the Girl's Dormitory together with other girls from 1st year-5th year. I was the youngest, so I was thier baby from first year until 3rdyr at 17. It was on my 4th year college that I began called as 'ate'. Ive waited so long! It felt so strange the first time but so different. I want to really act as an 'ate' as if, it was the time for me to take care of someone from the one always taken care of and treated as thier darling youngest little one! You see... I matured so late.

I got married at 30 and got my first child at the age of 31. Yes, its quite late also! Almost all my friends are younger than me;) This past few days, I began realizing that Im not getting younger anymore, a week from now I will be in the good age. Age which really given importance here to celebrate. Age that marks, reminds and shows the reality of becoming a real woman!

21 Aug 2009

Jenny and Shy

Friendships click does not always mean you have the same attitudes and and same outlook in life. Best clicks in fact when everyone is different from the others and yet they call themselves best friends. Complementing each other. Individual strength should help one others weaknesses as to results best buddies.

I'm about to feature here two extraordinaire ladies, Jenny and Shy... they are simply my friends. Three of us has extremely different characteristics but we click. These two also are girls and are women.
JENNY, a woman with few words. You must listen extra careful with every bit of it cause its always important. She is so sweet and generous. She always give more than what is ask. She's so organize and tidy. She's so sensitive though, but can easily recover when given enough time;) She is what I am not.

SHY, a woman with no care:) She lives on her own. Other people's lives don't bother her at all on what she have to do with her life. She is small but terrible. She does many things that amazes me. She has a strong self-esteem that made her the tallest of all. She just enjoy and live on her own expertise.
She is what I am not.

But they are my friends, my good friends and we enjoy each others company. Whatever our individual strenght, we shared it! Whatever our weaknesses are, we respect it! And that is why we're friends! Thanks to the two of you! I'm really blessed with friends;)

Keep up the good works guys! I'm proud of you!

20 Aug 2009

Patiently Nurturing

Every time I arrived home, I always have 2 things to do before anything else, First, to hug and kiss my daughter(and my husband) and listen to her while she's on my lap;) Second, go to our balkong and check my tomato plant.

As what I posted before about my tomato having flower and one fruit already..I was so happy then. I continue nurturing them and now, I'm always excited to see how it goes with them everyday. Counting its fruit so many that its branches can hardly hold. It gives me satisfaction.

Likewise, I also have 2 things to do before I went to sleep. Bringing my baby to sleep by reading her a book on her bed, then when she's asleep, I have to sit first on my computer and do my blogging. I was a little discouraged when my PR-1 went N/A. But my blogger friends said its not important anyway. But I felt it does now when I can already write reviews. But anyway, I can do nothing about it. I just continue blogging, making friends, and express my thoughts in writing. Not only it satisfied my hobby but it also updates and the same way like nurturing it to grow like my tomato.

Then yesterday I was very glad when I check it my google PR came back and no longer 1 but 2. See! everything will grow and will results wonderfully good when we just continue to nurture and continue doing what is best.

Page Rank Check

18 Aug 2009

U turn

Since I was three years old until then... school had been my place. I went to school as a student, then I went to school as a teacher. Pen, paper and classroom are already part of my life. I was used to it and lately seems bored on it.

There was a time lately ... march or april, I felt sooo blank and seems my life is boring already. I wanted change but don't know how and where to start.
Then this week as we started again this school term, I felt it again. Not interested and unhappy going to school. When I reviewed my future plan what to pursue here in sweden after studying thier language, ofcourse it 's still ..to continue my teaching proffession so that I will have just to take up some subjects as to comply thier standards. I thought it will be easier for me and fastest way.
But then now I have a second thought about it. I think I have to start another thing other than the usual. Im already tired of it. So, I'm thinking and shared my thought to my husband last night. "How about if I go nursing honey:)" He was not able to speak right away and just look at me in bewildernment... 'are you sure?' Just a thought for a change helt different from what I used to be, I said.

The fact that we have to start here all over again..why not start a new one! What do you think?
To be a nurse was my first dream course when I was a child but because its sooo expensive course there, it remains a dream. Here its free, why not grab the oppurtunity?

HUMANE award from DAVID

This HUMANE award is again from my good friend David. I like the color, I like the thought... Its a reminder to all of us that we are human, we are just human, we are indeed human and must act as a human in order to be humane. ahahah.. ano ba yan!
Well, I am glad to pass this to my humane friends hehe namely; mariz-egat, sassy-anna, bones n' ann, IamRN, and enchie my new friend.
Enjoy blogging friends and be glad we are human..wink*wink*
Thanks David for always a friend:)

15 Aug 2009

little act of kindness

Here in sweden, people seems... selfish and proud if we look at it negatively and could be courageous and independent if we look at it positively. What I mean is, for example to the old ones, they do things on thier own, they don't want help and for us to feel sorry for them. Like one time, there was an old lady about to cross the road...bec. I am a filipino and I'm used to help old people to cross the streets, I did the same, just a little act of kindness, but then I was so ashamed because she got angry with me and said she can do it herself. (hmm..rasist) heheh.

They are typically like that my husband said. Everything thier government takes control of all the possibilities that can happen and they already ordered it. Like in the train.. there's already a prepared seats for old people and disabled, So you dont have to give your seats. And on the streets.. drivers had to stop to let them pass and the like. They don't easily asks help either. From the young age at school they were teach how to be independent and responsible. They were trained and well educated about thier rights and responsibilities.

But in the other hand, if we continue to give and show every act of kindness that we have, they will be used to it and will love us differently. At work, they appreciate us because of the respect that we showed to them which feels so awkward for them at first but if we continue doing it(filipino values) guaranteed, you will never find it hard to get what you want.

Just continue to show a little act of kindness everyday,to everyone, then you will see it will results so great! always!

14 Aug 2009

You are my SHADES!!!

"Time with our little one is a moment worth doing"
mommy moments
GOTTA WEAR SHADES is today's topic on Mommy Moments;) Here are some of my little darling wearing shades;)

Here; when she was still quite a baby;)

The present little laikka on shades here;)

Summer is fun and beautiful;) gotta wear shades;)She loves to wear shades!

13 Aug 2009


I'm going through changes... changes in my life.You are going through changes.We are all going through changes...in different ways... Some are planned, and some just came naturally. Some we noticed but some those others did.

We do change as long as we live in this changing world. Our body change, our personality change, our situation change, everything has to change for good and unfortunately there are also not good and unexpected. Changes that we must do whether we like it or not in order to survive.

For me, I'm excited every chapter, every growth, every changes! Whether its bad and painful sometimes but I always want change so I always take those as a challenge.

Now I'm excited;) I'm ready again to go through new changes, new challenges!
Hmmmm! So soon:)

11 Aug 2009

Check this out!!!

I was so annoyed with the weather last sunday. We had many plans to go out as family day out every sunday as we used to do! The weather in the morning was so lazy. Hard to know if it will rain or not. Until late already in the afternoon we decided and get ready to went out. But then it was the time... so much rain falls down. Oooh sh*..huhuhu.

It was so boring to just stayed home and doing nothing. Until I tried on something:) I happened made a new site out of my boredom..ahheheh. And I am so satisfied with the result:) My time was not in vain after all!

So guys, please check it out! Its all about my daughter Lara Angelikka.
See you there!!!

9 Aug 2009

Daily household chores

The never ending household chores that only wives or women understand that its really an everlasting job;) aaahgg.

Why is it that after you had done and cleaned up everything it seems there's always new one coming up! huhuhu. Don't get me wrong, Im not complaining, hehe (yes u do,wink*). I'm just trying to say the wonder of our daily living and life as a whole.

I remember my mother told me before when one time I washed the dishes and crying, "you must be thankful while doing it ,that we have plates to wash coz it means that you had eaten something then, while those others just live in the streets and nothing...then blahblah". Well, she was right, It was just so hard for me before cause I was the only girl in the family (aside my mother of course) and I was always assigned in the dishes and heard many times that I must learn those beacause Im a girl. Hmm..typical filipino family teaching. Thank God, washing clothes was not included, we were trained to wash our own clothes.

Well, thats it! thats life! Without those might be boring and abnormal! hehe
Good day! Goodluck for the comings days ahead!

8 Aug 2009

Open up...

When I happened to standby and read posts of my really creative blogger friend anna of Sassychick's World. This award caught my attention c0z by its title..she really deserves this award. By no means, Me personally likes the writing style of this gurl. And I love to read her posts. Much more exciting coz when I read further, one of the criteria to recieve this award is you should share 7 interesting things about you. And hers???? reallly interesting hmmm... lets see mine if you will find it interesting too. Thanks anna for sharing this to me, am so flattered;)

Rules: To accept this award, do the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. (ay oi! unsa man?..k)
1. Im the only girl among 7boys in the family growing up. (2brothers and 5cousins but we live in like one house when we were young.
2. I began my first grade at age 4 but still got the 2nd honor(wink*, bright man guro ko sa una) ..take note; graders on my time must start at age 7-8.
3. I experienced poverty to the extent that I ate driedfishbones for the porridge. (hu,hu,hu)
4. I love musical instruments; guitar, piano, tambourine... can play little bit of them. (I was a tambourine dancer..heheh)
5 Hmmm..unsa paman) aahm, World Vision Int'l ( have you heard this sponsoring program?) helped my studies from schoolsupplies to matriculation all the way from elementary till I graduated college.
6. I became one of the writer in our college school paper. And they also love my piece! heheh.
7. Lastly, When I met my husband personally just after 10days, we got married. And so far so good in 4years together now;)

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.:::( I nominate the following Blogger Friends....

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.::: hmm here they are; JENNY, IamRN, Sarah, Rad, Mariz, Kurdapya,and Chris.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blog letting them know they have been nominated.:::( sure;))
hmm..goodluck guys! Now its your turn!

7 Aug 2009

Money matters does matter

"Watch out on 'thin ice'..."

I feel so sad and disturb early this morning until now;( I can't sleep. I'm pondering. As I thought and tried to remind myself and my family(in Philippines), not to be hooked up with money matters. We grew up with nothing material but love and respect to each other so now that God is blessing us with some, we always try to consider those as just bonus. Its not the real thing, yet its a 'thin ice' that we need to be careful with. But the most important is we, as family should help each other grow and manage all that God entrusted to us. Not to be controlled by it, to be changed by it, to become complicated by it, but rather to be more wise and helpful through it!

But today... sad to say cause it seems everyone forgets.
They fights... we discussed and fights...about the said "just money"
Now... I think, we should face the truth that in this world,
money matters after all.

May the Lord keep an eye on us...
...as we travel through life.

luvs of her lyf;)

mommy moments
Time together with the parts of the family is an oldtime favorites of our children. Other than with thier parents and siblings all the time.

Angelikka with her first cousins in both sides, Angel Faith, Linus och Måns. If we are in Philippines, Afaith is her best friend. And here in sweden, she loves to be with Linus and Måns.

Her like her cousin (tisoy also, my aunts son half swed too.) alexander. They love each other and play together..they are on the same age only 3mos gap. They are our pride:)

With Annika here... here fav and kompis. My aunt's husband's daughter. You will enjoy watching them when they're together. Annikka loves to take care Angelikka.

With uncle Julius. Her favorite uncle..my brother. He is her yayo when we were in Philippines. She knows him by name.

With her Daddy Hans and Mommy Alicia. She loooves them. They are her lolo nd lola (lol..heheh, alicia is my father's sister and therefore angelikka's lola..haha..so young lola) But they are Angelikka's godparents too.


5 Aug 2009


"...restore unto me the joy of my salvation..."

Its so good to be away from the world's chaos once in a while;) I considered my self as lucky to have families in this foriegn land (two of my aunts also married to a swedish men, one is actually a norwegien but they live here in sweden too.) They already have big children;)

One of my aunts has a summer house in the country;) we visited there last week and it was so good. No cars, no other people around than us, the whole family.Just trees, gentle breeze from the lake, humming of the birds, smells of the meatgrills, our laughing and our children's voices and it felt so wonderful watching them .

Big kids, two girls plays while laikka and alexander were the audience;) Laikka and Xander were so cute on the wooden cart..they had fun together with thier ates pulling and driving them;)

And of course, as typical filipinos... eating time were the best part! Oh.. I love family time! The best time in the best place.

It was like we were in Philippines that day, we laugh, we chat, and we had fun.



When I first recieved an award.. it was from Jenny:) It was so sweet from the beginning when she was the only one giving me awards..hehe. It was because I still have couple of friends that time. But what made this girl so special and very kind? Everytime she recieved awards she always shared it to me no matter if I already have it or not:) Jenny, thanks so much, you are such a good friend and I am lucky to be one of your few;) (here in sweden at least). This is so nice with that butterfly..heheh.

Im sharing this to Sassychicks, IamRN, egat, joemill, jettro, gigie, annalou, jennie, amiz and Rad:)

Grab it guys and share it with your circle of friends until it will come back to me;) Goodluck and Happy blogging!


4 Aug 2009

Lucky Days

Its so wonderful feelings when you have time together with your family and still have a good time together also with friends. And its so amazing when each time is a lucky days. Why I say that, cause when we've been in Liseberg (amusement park) with my family, I was so happy because my husband won the biggest chocolate one could win..heheh (3kls Marabu chocolate). Then today, I went there again, this time with my friends and Sarah won also a 2kls. toblerone chocolate;) (she was so happy) heheh.

I wasn't the one winning but I felt more than conquerors! Hahaha. The fact that I was there with them, I can be the one who brings the luck.., isn't it!( lol..feel ko lang ). Anyway... the time together is more important and precious, and having those days are lucky days!

These are the mascots bunny trademark of Liseberg;) they're dancing..heheh


3 Aug 2009

The Garden

In the Garden God created perfect love

As I said in my latest post, we had visited a beautiful garden. Yes, here really is a wonderful place to stay and ponder:) Problems, stress and pressures will be gone, all you will feel and see is the beauty of this very amazing work. This place is quite a wide one and designed creatively. Every part has different style and different kind of flowers. It has all kinds of plants I think..heheh maybe not all but almost!

We were here with my husband and our little girl, she walk all around from plants to plants while we just sit and talk a while. Just reminiscing the beauty of life, our life heheh as beautiful as the flowers in that garden! Oooh what a nice time that was!

2 Aug 2009

Finally meets tht Lion King;)

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second,
Every time has its own purpose no matter the situation is;
So make the best out it!
Time is precious, time is gold!

Since it was our last week of vacation and we again will go back to our daily routine starting tomorrow, we tried to do something everyday. We had a schedule; Monday..to my aunt's place to meet them from whole week's europe tour;) Tuesday.. to my other aunt's summer house..it was fun. Wednesday, we visited the beautiful garden here in Gothenburg, Thursday; we supposed to visit Liseberg (like star city) with shy and jenny..but postponed due to the bad weather.., raining so much. Then Friday, to Animal Park where I can find the animals which I never seen before in my whole life;) small and big.
I was so excited, the fact that I'm already dreaming of Mr. Lion to see him personally..hehe. But on the thursday prior to that day... it rains so much so I was afraid it will be the same on the next day and it did. hu,hu,hu. I really want to go I told my husband! It was late before we decided to go anyway, we arrived on the place already 2pm and still raining..heheh.

But I was so amazed because there was so many people there also inspite of the rain! We had no regrets at all. There, I saw many different kinds of animals big and small. Some I already seen them but many that I just seen them that day. Like the giraffe, zebra, elephant, tiger, bears,wolves and of course the lion. Many wondered why I didnt seen them yet..hehe, maybe I did but not as I remember. Now I can't forget that day anymore..I saw thier eyes, they saw me;) I witnessed how they eat and live. They were amazing! I also saw many different kinds of small animals but don't know thier names..hehe. And I will be proud to say that I did meet them already personally.

It was not so good weather, but me and my husband and my little girl were so happy that we made it. We talked on the way home, if we did not went there because of the rain.. we just stayed home bored and lost that beautiful day and nice time together.

Sometimes, its like that. There are situations that looks bad but at the end of the day, we can thank and appreciate the move we did.

1 Aug 2009

little miss messy

This is my first entry on Mommy Moments;) Im so excited hehe.

mommy moments

Today's topic and my first topic in Mommy Moments is about our kid's messes..kid's cuteness in other words heheh.
My little Princess Laikka has so many messes, but I know everyone experienced it. Its normal..hehe. Its a little work in our part as mother.., but oooh I love their cuteness when it happens. It puts a smile in our face. This pix here was during her first year birthday! She has her own first cake that only her should eat and enjoy! hahah! It was a mess! We had to take her a bath in the middle of the party because cakes and cream were all over her body and to her hair. (click the pix to see clearer). But I always smile every time I remember it.
As she grow older now, I noticed she's kind of a messy one;) Maybe because I am..hehe! Many times I captured those moments but I can't find it yet on my photo gallery.( already so many pix..hard to find) But I will insert those here when I got it found.
Lately, here is her room that I titled before, 'her kingdom' but now it turn into 'her jungle'. I always tried to keep her toys into right places and fix her bed and everything, but maybe in a couple of minutes..there she goes again. I tried also to teach her how to keep her things after playing and even warned her that I will throw away her toys and give her room to other child if she will not behave, she will just say 'okey'! ;) hmmm.
She has done messy things these past days, specially there are already so many things she learned or want to do and learn. One day while she was with her dad to wash the ca. While daddy is washing outside she was busy inside. she found a pen tel pen and write lines all over the car seats cover, in the handle of our car and every space inside..almost! huh! what a heck! and one time she wrote on her legs, face, she said she's coloring(i will paste the picture when i find it)
Then.... lately, while we were in Jenny's place. While we were busy , Laikka was into something also, then when we found out she already writes lines on jenny's pictures (family pictures, worse;) oh no! I was so... uuuhhh! Jenny is so understanding but it was a shameful mess to me! (sorry jenny talaga, I'm blessed with your understanding, you will be a good mom someday so soon:)).
Anyway, that's really part of their growing up! Theres no excitement without it! As it is said; Child is child!:)