15 Sep 2015

Family bond!

I was very emotional these past days. I can't trace what causes it and when it started. One possibility is the aftermath after our vacation to Philippines. It was a great time, precious and quality time with them have been the center of that vacation. And so, out of these unexplainable feelings, I come up of visiting my blog. I wanted to write everything I am feeling and what are in my minds and to easily do this, I have to sit here and keep writing.

Well, it's been a year now from my last post. I am focusing on my studies and taking care of my family so I had no time writing! This is not yet my come back though, I just drop here to pour out some things in my mind.

Our 6 weeks vacation in my hometown was different from other trip we had. This time, it was more deep than just vacationing. My family had experienced trials and difficulties but instead of crying over it, we faced them together with might, a strong family might. There, I realised how important and how strong the family can be when fighting together as one! Knowing the great father in heaven is always with us. It was shaking but it feels wonderful after all.

I am so thankful for that opportunity and for every timing God has for us. Though, when the time we came back home here in Sweden, I felt different and thought, I just missed my family. Maybe it is and maybe more . But then again, as the old saying says; "This too shall pass". Well, hoping for the good of everyone! My prayers that the Lord will continue to keep us all and gives us wisdom to know His will and will help us do the purpose he has for us.