31 Jan 2011


This poem is dedicated to my dear husband who has his birthday today! Happy Birthday honey:) More years to come!

You Just Keep On Loving Me

No matter what I look like,
Whether pretty or plain you see,
When I’m all dressed up or in PJs,
You just keep on loving me.

Sometimes I’m happy and cheerful;
Other times grumpy and sad;
Your absolute love never wavers,
Whether I’m grouchy or glad.

Sometimes I try to change you;
And sometimes I criticize;
But I feel something melting within me,
When I see all the love in your eyes.

Your tolerance is endless,
However I choose to be;
Having my love makes you happy,
So you just keep on loving me.

And that is why, my darling,
Whatever else I do,
One thing is sure; no matter what,
I’ll just keep on loving you.

By Joanna Fuchs

30 Jan 2011


It has been said that the secret of recieving is giving. But maybe we wondered also why we recieve nothing but disappointments inspite of always giving. But what GIVING really mean? And what are the things one is doing that we call them generous.

There are many ways we can give like labor, goods, advices, care and of course money. When we said 'give' its a gift and therefore must not expect a payback. If one give service and recieves money anyway then its not giving, its a work done with compensation.

There are also many kinds of 'giver'.., there are some who gave because they did something for them and to those only who are helping them and even only to those which they think can give them back also or are always giving to them. There are also who give, who shares because they don't use the thing anymore or they give because its already extras. And there are also who gives only to their relatives and families. But there are giver who just give because they think its needed whether or not its their families or somebody who can gave back or because they have more. A giver who will never mind if they can recieve back more than what they give or if they have enough for their own. And this is the kind of giving which I think one really give.

In my own opinion, giving because you recieved favor from them called payment . And giving to families and relatives called responsibility. And when you give because you already have more than enough called showbiz:) When we give it must be in a good motive. Whatever and to whoever not because its wanted but because its needed. And its not how much but how its done:)
GIVE FREELY! Have a blessed sunday!

27 Jan 2011


It's a little awkward to be back in couple's corner again. I missed many good topics here and I am so sad about it. But anyway..today's topic is about our promises to each other. Each couple have promises, which unfortunately some were broken but in many couples, those promises keeps their relationship strong and healthy. Its what that hold them.

Well, like some other couple we also have some. In the altar of marriage we promised to love and to be there with each other till life after death. And to preserved ourselves for each other and to our coming family as God preserved ourselves to each other. Well, these promises did not ends there at the altar and must not be. We supppose to remind ourselves about it from time to time so it will become a promise that lasts:)

As our relationship goes on, there are promises also that were built like 'keeping promises', every situation we promise something like ... "we will eat in the restaurant every salary time" . we should do it to keep the promise we do. And for example we promise to our child to buy something as a reward of something she has done, then we should do it! Keeping promises is hard to do sometimes..,shall I say, just being neglected, but we promised to do it anyway!

Promises must be taken care of every now and then. Not just on the time we made it, to prevent the tendency of broken promises- its forgotten and being neglected! Me myself will always say these words in sweet way.."..aha..but you promise:)" specially when alibis get in.

Well, all I say is goodluck to our promises, both long term and short term promises! Wish everyone to keep it:)
Rodliz’s Nest

25 Jan 2011


Changes happens all the time. Everything in this world change. Sometimes its a good one but its sometimes scary. Many are afraid of change but mostly embraced it and needs it! Sometimes you mean it but sometimes it just happened!

Well, presently I got so many changes in my life in many aspects. First obvious change is my physical body. From my pregnancy and after I gave birth and now I'm breastfeeding..I gain weight and still gaining I think:) I cannot help it but let it be for my baby. I always feel hungry after feeding but I don't care so much of me now as long as my child is healthy. Eat all I can..wink!

Another change that I've gone through is my daily routine. From a student and working outside to a full time mom, a wife, a housekeeper. It's a little hard adjustment for me because I'm not a homey kind of person. I'd like to do things out and away than just staying at home doing household chores. But now that I'm into it, I kind of loving it!

Changes shows us what and who we really are. It also teaches us many things in life. It makes us better but also it tends to point out in a wrong direction. So we need to be clever, to embrace a change for the better. Yes, we might go through many changes but we need not to be afraid of it, instead be open about it! Its a part of maturity and its a good thing!!!

24 Jan 2011


Everyone needs a driving force to do a certain thing. It can be a punishment or a reward. Mostly we do things specially children because we're afraid of the punishment if we don't do it or we do things because we want a reward! Like we work because of the salary we get at the end of the month then we can have the things we want. Those rewards or punishment drives us to do or not to do certain things.

Here in blogsphere, the primary driving force that ignite us to post and do blogging is of course the money we get from our sponsors and advertizers but then we cannot have them with our good PR, heheh both meaning..the Personal Relationship and Page Rank:) The bigger the PR the more opps you got! So, I think PR is the great driving force to do blogging to the paid bloggers.
In my own experience, its so heavy to do blogging when my page rank goes down or even zero. No power to post..hehe! And as you all know, I've been out from blogland for quite a while and as far as I can remember it started when Mr.G get my PR and then many things also happened until I was really out! And now when I thought of going back and tried to check my blogs..oh no!! my PR so big! And I like it so much..it helped me push to be back on blogging again!
My PR now drives me crazy!! hahah!

A need of top hosting help!

Since I was out blogging for few months, it was like I was on leave from work. And like any other job, its not easy to get back to work:) Everything seems new again and its like you will begin to study the 'what and hows' of your respective kind of work...again! Moreover in my part, I forgot my sign in account on all of my site. I mean, since I have few blogs, I forgot which is which email on a certain blog. Oh I really had to work extra to retrieve my accounts. I was hopeless! So, I was thinking of starting a new one and leave those old ones.

But then many friends here in blog land encourages me to continue these sites because its not so practical to just leave it in vain! Its been there already and there are many possibilities and ways to reset my accounts. There are many top host company that can help they said! So I decided to take their advice. One mentioned about bluehost review would be a great help for stuff like these if I need it to. She had a good experienced with them. They offer a lot.

So, here I am again trying to fix things and I can see its going well. Just a few time to work on it and a help from friends and from somebody who has more knowledge about these area, then I'm positive that I will be back in track again:)
Looking forward for a brighter future here. I just hope that this will be for good this time! Hope to see you guys here, more than ever! I miss a lot but I will try my best to cope up! With all your support I know I can make it! God bless!

23 Jan 2011

SUNDAY today!!!

Its sunday and my day is complete! I'm so happy I made it to the church this time. I'm so blessed with the message today. It was actually about ..God given us 'power' but what strikes me most was the preacher's conclusion. He said; "Try to see the good in each other".

Yes, it is typical to us that we can sometimes focus on the bad side of someone or on something instead of looking the good side! I believe that even how bad someone might be, there's really goodness in him. Likewise on good people, they also have their bad side:)

Therefore my bretheren, let us not forget that God uses both good and bad to fulfill His plan for us! May we had a blessed sunday today! GODBLESS!

22 Jan 2011

2 is better than 1

Yes! it has been always heard that two heads are better than one specially when it comes to ideas and decision making. But what I'm trying to say here is about having two children now:) They said, more children, more responsibilities and it will be more harder. Yes in some way its true but we should not forget the pleasure behind it.

When I got my first child...I was so happy. The feelings are unexplainable! amazing! and much more all new. Everything was new and a big change, a u-turn to me and my husband. And then they said and I thought the second will be different and a lot more easier! The fact that you already have experiences and the feelings will not be as heavy as the first one. Aha...well okay:)

But then, as you knew lately.., I was very excited when I became pregnant for the second one and mind you, I was excited as if its my first one..the feelings are as great and amazing as the first one but yes there's a difference, its another kind of wonderful feelings, so exciting not only for having a baby but because I will have another baby! And when she came, it was more amazing and the feelings I can't explain! Oh I love it and so proud about it! My life becomes more meaningful, more real and more mature!

TWO are definitely better than ONE!!!



Oh..no! I always say this, but this time I hope this will be for good! I would like to extend my gratitude to all who miss me here in blogland..hehhe! And still visiting this site hoping there's updates as I promised. I'm so sorry guys:( and thank you anyway. I was being bombarded of so many inevitable feelings, maybe hormones that made me so tired everytime I tried to write a post. Oh that was horrible and so boring:) I can't explain the feelings:)

Now I feel it good again so I hope I will be addicted again..hehe! I have a new site and I hope it will interest you also. Hope you'll visit there where I will share all the highlights in my life. Again, thank you and see you around:)

"TIME is Gold!"