11 Jul 2010


This early in the morning we will start our journey:) Start to hit the road - our summer vacation to Paris:) So, we will have our europe tour within 3 weeks. Like 5-6 countries in europe we have to visit:) Isn't it wonderful??? My prayer is that the Lord will prepare all our ways... in the road and stops and will guide us and provide everything we need! Will keep us under His care all the way through and in all aspects!

Today also, 3members in my family in Philippines celebrated their birthday together. My brother Julius, today, July 10, my SIL- Leny, July 14 and my dear father, July 16. And I'm so happy knowing they had a great time again:)

To all the celebrators..you are so dear to my hearts and all my prayers of thanksgiving goes for you all! Wish you all the best and see you all very soon!

22 Jun 2010

I never thought...:)

Hello there!!!
Oh! how I miss here:I

I thought that when everything is calm and when I'm free from school, I will have more time blogging! As I said, first and foremost why I blog, because in this way I can get my stress out thats why even I was packed up with so many things before, I still have found my way blogging and became addicted into it!

I never thought I could be out from here in already more than a month!
Hmm..maybe because its summer here, and I already can do many things outside:) and pressure and stress already out in the picture:)heheh.

But to all my friends, I still owe you an apology;) I know atleast to some are following my updates here specially on my condition (I mean on my pregnancy:), on how is it going now:) Well, by God's grace me and my little one are fine, happy and healthy:)

I promise to give you updates every now and then:)


29 May 2010

Fruits that I'm into!

I miss unripe mangoes from our backyards. We have an "indian mango" tree just at the back of our house in Philippines. My father planted it 20years ago or maybe more. Its been almost 10 years or more that we enjoyed its fruits and even earn money from it:)

I miss it this time and since there's no like that kind here, all I can do is find the nearest taste like it somehow:) I was so happy because I found one, just wondering about the taste..its like a very good papaya, crunchy as a mango and its look but taste like papaya..haha!

Another fruit that I miss is pineapple which my place Ormoc city has the sweetest pineapple I've ever tasted:) Many said it too! hehe. I was so happy when my husband surprised me with a pineapple so big. I know its expensive here but because I've been longoing for it this past days, he bought one for me:I Am so satisfied even if it don't taste exactly what we have in Philippines:) It filled my longing anyway!
Thank God for providing all my needs...and wants!!! TGbtG!
Happy weekend every one!

25 May 2010

Pregnant dresses!!!

I'm having problems everyday on what I will wear since my tummy really grows bigger every now and then:) Its not easy to fit and feel comfortable.

And as I said..pregnant dresses here are quite expensive. But then I am so blessed to have friends and family who are so caring and look out on me:) I recieve plenty of nice and comfortable pregnant tops..weee..as in plenty! hehhe.

Thanks to Barbara, my MIL's friend and of course to my mother in law:)

"Ask and you will recieve:)" PtL!

24 May 2010

Hidden Place:)

I always heard from my grandma before that they hide on caves during the war:) As a child, I was wondering and it made me think how exciting it was:)

Here in Sweden, I had an oppurtunity to visit their hidden place during the war:) Its just big trees, big rocks, mountains you can see outside but if you get in, its a cave so wide full of big things used during the war! Like helicopters big and small and other war things of different kinds...so amazing to see and try..lol! My husband explained to me every historical events there or things that he knows. It was hidden before but now a museum called Aeroseum:) I had really a great time!

Entering the cave:)

21 May 2010

Delicious and Nutritious Lomi:)

One afternoon, there's this food that I wanted to eat. I miss it! But it has been a looong time since I last ate it that even its name I forgot! Then, when I remembered it I was so happy and shout it on facebook cause I know I have so many friends there that have been with me during the time when this food became the food of our time! And I was not wrong, because in just few minutes one answered it and gave me the recipe;)
I am talking about Lomi. A noodle soup with meat and vegetables in it! I will share the recipe too incase you want it:) I didn't do it once before! We just go to our favorite restaurant which has the best lomi and enjoy but now in this strange land I am in, I have to do it myself and I was so happy I did it right:) Here how to do it! Good luck and enjoy!

Lomi Ingredients

* 1/4 kilo lomi noodles (flat)
* 1/2 cup pork (sliced into strips)
* 1/4 cup chopped ham
* 1 large onion, chopped
* 3-4 cloves garlic, crushed
* 1 cup shredded cabbage
* 1 tbsp. chopped carrots
* 6-7 cups chicken or meat broth
* 2 tbsp. cooking oil
* 1 tbsp. cornstarch.dissolved in water
* 2 raw eggs
* 2 tbsp. patis
* salt to taste
* 1 tsp. vetsin


1. Saute garlic and onion. When brown add pork, shrimps, and ham. Add patis; stir for 2 minutes. Add 1/2 cup water, cover and simmer until water is almost dry. Add broth. Cover and let boil for 10 minutes.
2. Drop in noodles, carrots, and shredded cabbage. Let boil for 3 minutes and thicken with dissolved cornstarch. Put off the heat.
3. Beat eggs and stir in. Do not boil. Serve at once.

20 May 2010

Sweet Award!

Oh how cute and lovely this is right? And am so thankful to Kat of sharing this sweet blog award to her sweet blogger friends including me! hahah.

As a rule, I need to pass it to 10 Sweet people, and I will need to inform them about this award. I also need to include the link of the one who gave this award for me.

So here are my sweet blogger friends..hehhe, for a change if you could notice who and what they are:) Just smile and agree!!!

1. Ricademus
2.Mel Aravilla
3. Roffe
4. Bluedreamer
5. David
6. Rad
7. Jettro
8. Dave
9. Valter
10 Georgi

Ewww! time already so much! must go to sleep! link you guys tomorrow:) Have a great weekend! Godbless!

19 May 2010

Travel readiness!

Another thing bought in preparation for our summer trip to Paris. Since we will be traveling by car and it will be a long drive so we should have a little freezer where we can put foods, fruits and drinks needed for the trip. It would be fun if there's something to get and cold while hitting the road right?

So last weekend, we found this cooling box on sale:) and is perfect for our car, the color and the size! Our car has a power outlet in-built so we can use things like this cooling box when having a long distance trip.

Oh well, yes! I'm so excited! Six weeks more to wait and it will not be long:)

"The steps of a righteous man are oredered by the Lord." I am not righteous but still am proud to say that my steps are difinitely ordered by the Lord! And thats how amazing it is!

18 May 2010

Finally Freeee!!!

Hey guys, uh! its like a year that I've been gone! hahha! I miss it here but I need to do it for my own sake! And I know everybody understand:) So thank you all specially to all who still did visit! I'll pay double!lol.

This morning, we had a nice time getting together with classmates and our instructors as our closing party:) With coffe, cake and cookies, well its the typical swedish arrangement. But I like it today, we just sit and talk sharing our not-so-private lives just like normal conversation. I was amazed how our swedish just flow normally:) Our teachers with us looks so satisfied and happy for us! It is indeed our last step on swedish language journey in school so its time to make use of it outside,hehe!
with my teacher
with my classmates:)
Now that my school already ends, it feels so good and free. I would like to extend all my love and gratitude to my family and friends who's supports are extraordinary. For the prayers, special mention to Mel and my Mom whom I know been praying for me. If it was not of God intervening all this time, I could not make it! I was in the red line almost falling, but then am just so amazed how it turn out into more than what I just needed! Indeed all the glory and honor belongs to Him.
See you guys..its time for me to visit you:) Godbless!

9 May 2010


I've been focusing my school works these past few days and I think it will last until the last week of this month, since we are now in our last weeks for this semester. So, sorry if I have no time blogging and visiting this time:) Just sneak out today for this special day to all mothers out there!

"There is no hopeless case for a praying MOTHER:)"

To mama, thank you and you know how much I love you! May the Lord keep an eye on us while we are away from each other! In our hearts we are just this close though! Thanks for being a friend!

2 May 2010

My Flower...s!!!

Weee...my flowers are blooming again! I'm fond of collecting orchids than any other flowers. I like them. And am so proud that orchids plant likes me too..hhahah! I mean even when the time comes that its flower ends, and I just continue taking care of them, they will really bloom again every season:) And it always excite me everytime the sign of flower comes out!
Many asks me how I did it..but I just do the normal way, my way, I have no special fertilizers or special style just the fact that I love them! And I think they feel it:)

It's summer time, and its good to see flowers woke up too and looks beautiful and happy:) Have a great week ahead every one! I hope your weekend also was as great! Godbless!

30 Apr 2010

Science Lab!

As I said on my latest post that we have to do a graded laboratory on our Science subject. I was so thankful because it really went well. We were paired two by two (my partner took the picture:) and I was lucky because she's swedish and young. I mean it helps me a lot in the sense that my partner understood clearly all instructions which I'm not good at..heheh, I mean scientific terms in swedish are quite hard. Anyway, we were second to finish all the requirements and with a job well done comments from our teacher:)

Actually, this subject is the hardest and the most boring for me. But then during laboratory, I had fun! Specially when you will found out something strange from one experiment to another! So exciting, finding out different cell type on every thing living or non-living!

Have a great weekend guys!!!

29 Apr 2010

Problem in my pregnancy!

I'm lack of iron:(
This is always been my problem even from my childhood. And iron is very important when pregnant. It craves more iron than normal when you are bearing a child. So, during our check-up, I was already expecting it. The same way when I was pregnant with Laikka. So as usual the doctor gave me the iron tablet that I used to take during laikka's time! I thought, we thought it will work good for me in the same way too, but we are wrong! This time I got some problem. It causes me constipation and weee..I don't like it! Specially when it attacks during my working time or at school where I had a problem using public toilets.

So, I went back to my doctor and she explained that it can really happen. Every pregnancy are not the same and the same way with its needs. So, she just let me try to take the medicine every other day this time instead of daily BUT... I have to eat foods everyday that has rich iron in it which I hate most of them..heheh. But I need to do it, even the fresh salad should have like persilla, and liver pastel as my sandwich spread! uuh! but its for my own good and for my baby:)

28 Apr 2010

Hubby's newbie:)

My husband wished to have this road navigation gadget on our car because we both likes to travel by car. We are fond of going to places which we think is interesting. We also likes to visit friends on travel distance.

And this summer vacation, because we were planning trips around Europe by car, he really wanted to have this gadget in preparation for our different trips. This is very important specially to places you are not familiar of driving.

Then finally, last friday he got it! And I can see the gladnesss on his face and satisfaction. Now, we are ready to ramble..hehhe! One of the places we plan to go is Paris, France and visit the Euro Disney and to this place I am excited the most:) It's now 90% sure, just my condition we are a little worried but I know everything will be fine in God's will. Little by little, every need already provided:)
God is good, all the time!!!:)

26 Apr 2010

CRUISIN'...Wonderful TIME!

Sometimes, I ponder... " who am I to deserve this kind of life I have:)" In everything I have now and I had before, Everytime I think about it, I always ended up thanking God for everything! I feel so lucky and blessed!

As I said that last week was a very busy week for me specially last friday:) But then, times like that makes me feel good:) Why, because my mind will be active and my life will become more alive! And much more happy when the one you love see your effort and in so many simple ways do things that somehow makes you feel special. And thats what my husband did for me! We took a short cruise to Denmark yesterday..just relaxing, eating, playing,taking pictures, roaming around and do some shopping and watching few entertainment in the boat!:) lyx!

Its good to have time with our darlings! Free from hazzles and pressures, just enjoying the moment with quality time together! To have time together with our love ones like these is worth keeping! A time, family should have from time to time!

Godbless us all! Have a wonderful time always! A quality time is a precious time no money can buy:)

24 Apr 2010

Eewww! it was not easy!

Finally my National Exam is over. It took me six long hours answering that one and only question! huh! ONLY ONE? for six hours.., yap, it sounds like its so easy but it was not! In all exams I've taken from the past here in Sweden, It was the exam that I really felt the pressure, I really felt that I am in the act of proving my self. hahhaha! Anyway I did my best! I've done my part! so I'll leave to God the rest!

All my classmates seemed so ready how it will be because they have lots of foods and drinks with them! I only had an empty table! I thought they were acting so over..heheh but then as the exam goes on I understand! The exam makes us hungry and gives headaches!lol! But so late, I had nothing!

So after the exam my husband pick me up from school and I told him everything and how it was and how I feel. (drama) So kind of him that he brought me to Bamboo Restaurant and we eat mongolian food! Here you can have what you want! A little expensive here (for me) but it's our favorite place when we got much blessings! hahahah!

The dessert angelikka most awaited part..ice cream with fruits! and the bald boys give aways as their trademark always an excitement for me! They have different styles and positions and this time are boys in blue:) nice! I already have few and these two be an additional:)
Oh! we went home with stomach full that made me sleep right after my back touches the bed! heheh! Have a nice weekend!

23 Apr 2010

Insight's Story!

One year ago, April 23, we hanged out together with shy and and jenny at my crib. They talked to me about blogging and that they're earning money from it! That time, we shared about how swedish grammar made our english grammar confusing! That time I noticed that my english became so bad! So, I showed interest in blogging for the hope that I can somehow make used of my english again and become better through writing english articles everyday:)

Right then and there, Sarah showed me how and helped me compose this site INSIGHTS. This title was not well-planned, it was like just for a try-out. But as you can see, it became permanent! The first 3 months became my learning process..and when I found out that there are already so many bloggers and different title going on in the blogsphere! So, I suppose to change my title but it will be complicated! So I stayed that way!
Now, in it's one year, I can't ask for more! Did my english improved.., I think so:) Did I earned from it too? Yes, more than I've expected, Friends??? absolutely! and a lot more!
In celebration on its blogversary, I want to give this two words as a sort of gratitude to all who's been with me, following my posts and those kind commentators and everyone who spared their time to visit!
See you around:) As I continue enjoying this thing called blogging:) Godbless!

22 Apr 2010

Can't believe it! ONE YEAR!?

Hurrah! tomorrow will be my National Exam on Swedish Language and I thank you all for the wishes and prayers for me. But aside from it, tomorrow also will be my one year in the blogging world:) Tomorrow will I celebrate the birth day of my "Insights" blog. I cant' believe it! I'm already one year in this business?

I've learned a lot from here. I've met new friends, I learned how to work online, and even managing my time and also, I can see lots of improvements in me when it comes to writing! I found heathy way in releasing my stress and pressures! I learned many facts and interesting write ups, like Home Improvements, Self Encouragement, Business Articles , Family or Couple's topic and lot more by reading other sites! Those are food of the brain and healthy! I even met christians here. So, I'm so proud and thankful having this oppurtunity to be "in" in this blogging world!

I want to express my gratitude to all who become a part of my life here. Thanks to all of you for being a friend and mentors! I hope that in some way I also took a special part here. Thanks to all my sponsors who believes in me. And as I continue writing different articles here, I just hope you will stay and continue to walk with me. God bless us all!!!

21 Apr 2010

The housewagon is ON!

Last weekend, we had really fun putting up my MILs house wagon, together with the whole family! This camp site really is wonderful. The people are so friendly and always happy! Thats why its been always exciting everytime!

Saturday, they started putting up the tent..it was not easy and took time. Only my husband, his sister with her hubby and my MiL did most of the things. I was just there watching the children and enjoying the gentle breeze around the site! I love the sorroundings..so cool and calm!
Sunday.., they were putting up the things needed for the whole season. The table and chairs, refregerator, microwave oven and lot more! as usual they did most of the things because they are big and strong hahah.. I just prepared the food... grill again this time! hahhah.
What a life while watching the grill to be ready... I was enjoying the smell of the sun and its heat..hahhah!!! Wohooo! the house wagon is ON and our first dinner together at the wagon on this season! It's gonna be fun and I think we will spend most of our weekends here:)

19 Apr 2010

Important dates!

Today, we did a final review on what its gonna be during National Exam. This exam is my final step in my Swedish Language study! Learning the language will I continue but the subject can end through this exam!

Here are the dates that I'm about to go through this week!

TUESDAY.... Graded Laboratory on my Science subject
WEDNESDAY.... Meeting with my OBgyne
THURSDAY..... Relax, Study and be prepared for the BIG DAY!
FRIDAY..... NATIONAL EXAM- Swedish as a Second Language

" I will lift my eyes to the hill, from whence my help will come, my help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth " Psalm 121: 1-2.


18 Apr 2010

A place for Moms and Kids!

As I ponder after reading the post. I looked back on my childhood years! My cousins had a twin bunk bed and I felt jealous wanting to have like that too. But sad to say my parents cannot afford to buy one for us. Now that I become a mom and have a sweet lovely girl and soon another one is coming by september, all I wanted is the best for my children. And I'm so happy to know about what Grace reviewed about Mom's Bunk House where bunk beds are so great for kids! The post is so informative and personal. It touches mother's hearts and she's right, ay Moms Bunk House theres always best place for Moms! I haven't heard it before but I'm fully get into it now! Thanks for sharing and I'm sure, many Moms still out there who are like me and will be happy to know about this! Good job!


As I said, we had a chance to watch a circus last friday! It was mixed with fun and excitement! There were many tricks shown and breathtaking shows but there were also clowns who entertains. He just play simple tricks but he gave us a good laugh!
As I was watching him.. he 's already old with a funny face drawn! As the typical clown with the big mouth like always smiling! Yes! he maybe made us happy but we don't know the reality inside him. Their work is not that easy. They have their own real life but when they have to work to make people laugh, they have to set aside their real world, even if when they are in sad or bad times maybe! All we can see on them is that they are always funny:)
Yes! sometimes, we need to have a clown attitude, hiding our real feelings just to let others to be happy and even our selves. Have a nice day!

16 Apr 2010

Our Shadow:)

One of our family bonding is taking a walk around specially when the weather is nice . And it's so heartwarming when finally we saw our shadow as we walked along the plain narrow road:)
Our shadows portrays something, and I'm so happy and satisfied seeing our shadow as a family holding hands, walking side by side:) My girl first noticed it. She tried to walked over the shadow but she can't:) So she have many questions about it and we also tried our best to answer! I know she still don't understand what I was trying to explain but when I told her that its you, it's us, so you must be careful on it, just enjoy watching them:) heheh.. she just simply said; "aha! okey då!" heheh!

15 Apr 2010

Trade Show Exibits!!!

Are you fond of having trade show exibits???

I'm always captivated every time I passed by on a certain place where there's a trade show. I will be entertained by the different unique exibits, and displays. As we can see, Trade show exibits are used at a variety of events to present products, ideas, build awareness and the like. Most likely, its on print or graphics idea that reflects what ever they are trying to portray or sell! This is one best way to captivate people, to check what they have and can make them interested and even buy the product!

Now here's a company that can help you beautify your display and make it presentable! For example on events table covers. Events like conventions, job fairs or any people oriented events. They can be in a variety of shapes and colors,even printed with your own logo. This one stop supplier of affordable table covers and skirts will help you out on it! They have variety of styles and colors that fits your desired exibits table.

Not only they have tables covers, but also for top displays. Table top displays are just like exibits, except they fit on top of the table. Like pop ups, banners stands and more. You can also check their Directors chairs. All these are extremely portable and utilize a shipping case that can be checked in as luggage and converted to a podium.

If you look on something that can meet exactly what you wanted, delivery on time or shall I say, they can ship the same day, a reasonable prices, you can check them out! a company that always want a perfect result for the good of their costumers!

14 Apr 2010

Its gonna be fun!

Next week my days will be hard:) Every single day has its own important schedules. As in my planner has no vacant page next week! But before that happens, we have to enjoy first ourselves to watch a circus this friday;) My husband got these treat/tickets from his extra work and so lucky because its for the whole family! He recieved 3 tickets for entrance, 3 tickets for a meal and 3tickets for a snacks! Oh love it!

This will be my first time to watch their circus here..heheh I'm so curious what its gonna be:) As far as I remember, I saw a circus in Philippines when I was age 7 or 8 and all I can remember is that a beautiful sexy woman walking in the rope with a stick with fire on her mouth and hands..hahahah! Weee..its gonna be fun!

11 Apr 2010

This is the day that the Lord hath made!

It's really good to have a walk in the morning specially when the sun is shining:) It's like its so dum to just stay inside the house while the sun who's not always there, now shining beautifully and almost every one is out to enjoy. Eveyone we met were smiling as the sun smiles:) Thanks to my daughter who really wants to go out and I'm glad I had a chance to take a few rounds walking around, watching the birds so happy and children running, playing, biking and happy!

After we went few rounds, and my daughter already tired and am
sure hungry because we went out with out her taking her breakfast yet. I felt hungry too, so I cooked an easy to do food and guess what, I did a 'tortang talong' again since there's still two eggplants left from our girl's bonding! And it turn out to be so good and yummy that even Laikka eats plenty..hehe! Oh! beautiful day indeed!

Thank you Lord for everyday:)

9 Apr 2010

Our first grill this season:)

Since we had a long winter this year, almost all people here are so excited waiting for the summer to come. Which of course to do the things that portrays summer time! Number one is having picnic barbecue grilling outside!

Today, we had a wonderful weather. The sun was shining the whole day! It already smells summer actually hehe:) While I was at work, my husband called me that his sister inviting us a dinner. They have to grill pork outside since the weather is s
o perfect! Without their knowledge, I was really wishing and imagining about it that day. I suppose will suggest my husband to do so at home but then here comes the perfect invitation..hhehe!

Oh, it was really so good. I felt so satisfied. It feels like I haven't eaten like that in already one decade! lolzzz. The combination was so perfect -fresh salad, potato fries with yummy sauce! Oh the best!!! Plus, the nice time bonding as a family..We chat, we laugh and shared funny experiences and even summer vacation plans:) Thanks Mia and Patrick..you're the best!!!

8 Apr 2010

What a wonderful day!

Weee... finally got a chance to hang-out with friends again today and this time at our pad:) When you are away from home, studying the language not your own, trying to adjust the lifestyle you are not used to, fighting to understand the society far different from yours, carrying the responsibilities on us back home...if you think about all these things, a big tendency to collapse.

We need friends who have the same shoes as ours. Friends whom even just laughing with them, chatting the same story or repeated topics but we still enjoy to talk about them. Friends whom we can share nonsense things actually with them but it releases the heaviness we might have within. Today, as we usually do, we cooked foods that somehow we missed eating it for so long like the "tortang talong":) oh it was so good. Plus, Jenny did the yummy steamed fish and the smell itself made us hungry. We had bean soap(moggo), plain rice and friend rice:) We ended up with full stomach and happy:)

Thanks dear friends! Today, it was a wonderful day!

6 Apr 2010

Basement attack!

Oh! I really find it hard nowadays to find a comfortable clothes for me everyday when I go to school and work. I used to have small and so fitted jeans, so, its easy for those to become so small already in just a little growth of my tummy:)
So, we did raid our basement to look for my pregnant clothes during Laikka's time. Hoping I'll find something that I can reuse since pregnant clothes are bit expensive:) I was looking for my two favorite preggy pants but I could not find it! We found few of my dasters and homey blouses but not which can be use when we go out:I Then my husband reminded me of someone that borrowed my preggythinge if she had returned it:) hahhah ..I don't remember and she also forget maybe! wahahahahh! Oh, well, any donors there!!! lol!

5 Apr 2010

Birds Sanctuary!

We traveled 2 hours from home yesterday to the place where different birds stayed nowadays. I was so amazed seeing the countless birds, big and small. Some of these birds already came home since winter is over now here, but some of those also are from other land where still so cold and time comes that they also will go home!

It was a good family bonding watching the wonderful nature with all these wonderful creatures! When they're there up high they seems so small but they're actually so big down there:)

It was great! Today is another day and we are still free from work and all. Still thinking what and where we will go to enjoy this day:) Godbless everyone!!!