25 Nov 2011

Distance Between

When we talk to someone, the distance between you and the one you talk to is one factor on how much understanding you get from each other. When you are so far from the one talking, you will never understand at all though as you can see, he/she have said something but you can't get what it is. When you are a little bit nearer yet not so near , we can hear it but there's a tendency we heared it wrong or understood wrong. But when you are near to each other while talking , surely you will understand it right!

The same with our relationship with the Lord. We know he is saying something important, but when it's hard for us to understand, it means we are far from him. I've been experiencing it many times and now seems I did it again! Many confusions and questions that might have an answer already yet I didn't get it since I'm already far from Him. I am thankful though cause he keeps on reminding me and giving me awareness that says, "hey my child, watch your distance between you an me". So, you will be guided as much as possible! The secret is keep your distance right!

Have a great weekend!

15 Nov 2011

Dream Big Dreams!

I have always this lines I've read once; " Hit to the moon so if you fall, you will land to the stars". Dreaming big dreams even the impossible has no cost at all. Only believe and go where your dreams leads you!
When I was still ayoung girl and even in my adolescence, Vatican City was so impossible for me to think that somehow my feet someday can walk there. Israel, Egypt, Paris and those places that has marked in history! But I believe, I was born a traveler, I knew even before that I could go as far as I want to go and that God had showed me through my night dreams about how great He is to let me see great and mighty things that I didn't know it can be possible.
And now the fulfillment! I already been in some of those places, and it keeps on amazes me everytime! And just last week, we visited the Vatican City! And it seems to me now that all my big dreams are just in my reach. With God that I believed in? nothing is impossible!

5 Nov 2011

The Princess and the Porridge!

There was once a man who was so in love with the princess and even asked the king that he wants to marry his daughter. The King in his power test the man by putting him in prison within three days without food. After 3 days, the man was already so hungry and he was badly imagining and begging to the king to give him even a little food or something to eat. So the king ordered the princess to do a porridge and when it's done and still smoking, he let the man out and brought to the table with a warm captivating porridge in front of him and the princess sat across the man.

Because the man was so hungry, his attention was focus on the porridge, he even barely noticed the princess. And when the king asked; " What or who you want, the porridge or the princess. He answered, by choosing the porridge because he thought , he is dying and his stomach needs the food that time or else he'll die. He did not think that if he chose the princess, automatically he will also get the porridge because she owns and did that porridge. The king in frustration gave him the porridge and kick him out after.

We sometimes miss the most valuable thing in life by our wrong choices. And it is when we only think on how pitty we are in the moment, forgetting the reason why we are here in such situation. "DO NOT TRADE YOUR PRINCESS FROM A PORRIDGE!"

(picture from google)