30 Nov 2009

ME and my BLOG:)

While the three muskeeters were painting the town red, we had lots of fun and shopping! Jenny and Shy bought things that they want! When Jenny left for she has an English class, me and Shy went to a store where I have some coupons and 50kr. discount. This store have quite big sizes so we went directly to children's department where our sizes fits. But we found nothing that good for us and because my time was up and need to go to my work already, we decided to go. But then while walking out Shy saw some T-shirts display hanging up above the stairs..., so because we were girls, so curious we stayed a while and looked! Waaaaaaaaaaaa... we found the tee shirt so perfect and love it! hahah, not so expensive plus we had a discount coupons! weeee!!!! I never thought we can find a T-shirt like this here:) so perfect for the two of us!

We kept it in silent first because we knew Jenny want to have one too..hheeh (uniform )but she's a Swedish size hahahah... what I have is the biggest so we waited until today at Shy's 'dispedida' party so we can explain;) And as we thought heheh Jenny really asked where we bought it with a sigh..and emote:*hehe We told her it has only small sizes and we really would buy for her too if only there's a little bigger that can fit her! Well, she understand anyway...
Isn't it cute and cool, specially nowadays when blogging is our thing? Hmm.. ME and my BLOG indeed!
Happy trip Shy and 'tack för senast'!

29 Nov 2009

Stomach full weekend!!!

Waah! parties started already and I'm sure this will be until or the whole December are gonna be parties and celebrations here and there:) My weekend really full of feasting! Last Saturday we were invited by a friend, Khim to celebrate the birthday of her son! She prepared plenty of nutritious and delicious foods for us! Like her blog (Maten och Mannen) full of foods, well she really good on it! As you can see on the pics, that fish with eggs and tomatoes as decoration, really looks great! Hmm..thanks Khimalini! We had fun and we were so full! Thanks also for the 'bring home':)weee!

It was not just a good time with foods but also having a nice hangout with friends and family! Really a great day!

Today Sunday, we were at my mother-laws-place for a get together family dinner! She prepared a unique (well, for me..heheh) and cozy style of dinner! As in, 'cooking while eating' hhehe. It was like the raw meat chops into small pieces served but you have to cook it by the use of some kind of a metal stick and we have to dip it into the boiling 'kettlelike' placed there in the table also (like a tiny fury furnace,hehe). While its cooking we are also eating..cook and eat!

We had a good time and again, I was so full. I never been full when its Swedish style dinner than today! Hehe, because my mom-in-law already knows my weakness, 'rice', so she also prepared some for me:) Well, my weekend just perfect! I hope you too guys! i know some just spending their holidays too:) Godbless althrough this week!!!

28 Nov 2009

Christmas Tree!

While we were talking today through the net with my family way home, we happen to talk about christmas tree! I asked my mother if they already put up one:) Hehe my mother laugh because it was already there from October.. and she showed me as usual so I was reminded about it! Two days more and its December!

Christmas tree is a typical christmas decoration around the globe! At home, at stores, at schools, even on special places like in the middle of the city..heheh, recreation places and the like!

I love decorating and designing our christmas tree at home when I was still in Philippines! Like sometimes made of soap:) (perla)..hahah and sometimes cotton, or even a CT made of strings! And many more styles!Its fun and enoyable!

Also, there are even different contests of the brightest, unique, or biggest christmas tree in town:) In Philippines, we usually put it up earlier, like end of October or early November. But since the time I lived here in Sweden, we never had a christmas tree at home:( Because we just had a small place and no space for it! I always begged my husband to have one even a small one but he just promised that we can have it when we can transfer to a bigger place. And now that we have atleast little bigger than before, I started bagging him about it;) hmm.. he didn't answer a 'yes' yet but his smile speaks a lot! One of these days, I hope we can have one:)


27 Nov 2009


When we were visiting our place in Philippines, my husband really was so amazed seeing this mini bus in line waiting their turn at gasoline station as we did also. So, he cannot help getting his camera and took picture! As you can see, some poses there at the top, some smiling and looking not only because of the picture but maybe also because its a foriegner who's holding the camera!

This scenario is absolutely förbidden here in Sweden:) You can never see like this here, but this is so common in Philippines specially in the provinces! Those people there are just mere workers, students, children, houswives! Do you think they have life insurances or even self protections or any safety device??? 98% nothing! But as you can see, there's no worry and fear on thier faces. All I can see is just contentment and a happy individuals.

Hmmm...miss Philippines!!!

26 Nov 2009

Signs and Wonders:)

I have a secret prayer that only God knows what it is. Then last Sunday during the service, the message was about women how God uses them. Then before the closing prayer someone stood up and spoke infront and blessed all women and even said ' even the fruit of thy womb'. Waa, while at that moment I was praying that secret prayer of mine! Its not for myself only but for someone so dear to me. I took that message as a good sign for what I've prayed!

On monday morning, I woke up early to cook fried rice for my husband's lunchbox. When I sliced the red pepper, I was amazed what I saw inside!

Wow! What all these signs means? Oh..I felt it won't be long God will grant my prayers! Maybe many of you already find it common but for me, just experienced to see it personally.


25 Nov 2009

Couple's Corner #7- Misunderstanding???

Its Wednesday and it means Couple's Corner by sweet liz of RodlizNest:) And the topic for today is MISUNDERSTANDING which I don't really sure if I have something to write about this!

Rodliz’s Nest

During our first two years together I really did asked ourselves if our relationship was normal! My husband laugh out loud about that question because we both knew that every relationship have misunderstanding once in a while to spice it up! But we haven't! My husband just answered, "if we love each other and know our differences, its not how we should try to change it for each other but its how we accept each other's weaknesses!" Hmmm.. he had a point, but it was kind of boring:I

I don't really know if why it was like that, maybe because we always had new things came up that so exciting:) So our minds were cope up of all those! As in no time for fighting:) Hehe, anyway misunderstanding is not fighting but I mean those sweet moments of feeling bad then after that the 'sorry with hugs and kisses' followed! hahahah! But, I knew it because we were just experiencing it lately. When everything already in tact. Each has already directions in life and already facing each one's responsibility,at work, at home, on children and to each other. There clashes comes out! (We even had last night therefore I was not able to finish this:) wink*) But then, it was always a promised that if we have misunderstanding, we should not sleep without fixing it! Because, OA as it is,but I cannot sleep without holding his hands, wink,wink* Like I can find myself many times.. my hands looking his hands..hahah, do you understand that!lol..(automatic).

So there, I think our normal life just begun presently! hhahaahh! HAPPY CC EVERYONE!

A friend is someone who knows your weaknesses but still loves you anyway! Let our mate, our best friend:)!!

24 Nov 2009

Holiday Parties!

Thanksgiving is here, My little gurl's birthday is coming up! Christmas is fast approaching! huh! Parties, activities and services! I hope these things will not ruin our holiday gladness and the real meaning on it! Sometimes these things gives pressures and stress that we miss the idea:)

Time went so fast! I can't imagine my princess will be 3 years old already in 10days. Looking back her 2years old celebration, it was a great party:) But this time though we are so much thankful about her additional year..No big parties, only celebrate it with families and those friends we call family;) Happy Thanksgiving anyway:)

23 Nov 2009

So much to be thankful for!!!

As I always said, if there is other word more than the word 'thanks', then that will be the word I will use for God's greatness!

As we know that November is a thanksgiving month, of course we have to give thanks every now and then, but we usually have a great celebration for thanksgiving every November! And so, many houses, churches, places everyday or weekends celebrating a thanksgiving day! In different way of celebrating:) Some with turkeys..hehe and some a thanks offering to the Lord! And that's includes my family and couple of our churches in Philippines! Yesterday, I know my family way back home were celebrating thanksgiving together with the whole church in our local place that's why they have no time to get online;) Buszzzyyy! But then I know one of these days I will recieve a news how great time they had!
But then, I got still a great news and a report of what the Lord has done on one of our churches which is in Cebu City (one of the largest city in the Philippines). They already had their thanksgiving celebration first week of November! Wow! really amazing! I'm amazed because the church building that long time ago was just a dreamed and a prayer but now a REALITY! It's already there standing tall, finished and the fact that its the fruit of prayers and faith! No one can believe that it will be possible until its there! Day by day, the Lord provided the needs financially and physically using blessed people to be a part of that great works!

I can say; this church is one of the manifestation of God's amazing grace and providence! God uses people who were so willing to be used and thats why their lives were also been blessed hundredfolds! It's actually feels great to be a part of God's amazing plan! So, to all of you there! I am encouraging you to always get yourself connected in every opportunity there is, when it comes to God's work! In our simple way, we can!
So much to be thankful for indeed! To God be the Glory!

22 Nov 2009

Soup Again;)

I'm not feeling so well due to my eye problem:) huh! So, I just stayed home the whole day yesterday! Cleaning up our simple crib, blogging- doing reviews and eating! hahaha! Since its Saturday and we were just at home, I cooked my favorite meat soup again! My husband wanted it too:) He even went out to the store (just a walk away) to buy what I want for the soap and it went so good and delicious:)

My husband like it so much paired not with rice but with crunchy bread.. (discocho) lol:) We had a good time with meat bones soup then:) Have a blessed Sunday to all!

21 Nov 2009

A nice present from EGYPT!

Last week, my sister- in -law had her good time having a week visit to Egypt:) Hmm, when can I go there too:) This is one of my dreamed place to go. So, yesterday when I came home from work, I saw a small plastic bag with the egyptian logo on it! So, I became excited because it means my sister-in-law already arrived and visited us to give her present for us! And I was right, because before I took off my winter jacket, my girl came to me as she usually do but this time shouting and showing me her blinge given by Mia. Hmm, I wonder if I have also one..aheheh! but surely haaas...! here it is!
It's a nice scarf perfect for winter! I'm loving it:) My husband got a nice black t-shirt too and of course the little princess for her dancing bling,bling which I will post it on her site:)

Thanks so much dear Mia:) So happy about it! Mmwaaah!

20 Nov 2009

Yummy moments on Mommy Moments!

Thanks God Its friday! And it Mommy Moments time! Today's theme is ”yummy”. Hehe:)

mommy moments

Angelikka loves icecream, and yogourt! Here in Sweden, they have what they call 'lordags godis' which means ; saturday sweets, they can only eat candies, icecream, chocolates and the like every saturday:) This is on children, and even if you'll buy for example tuesday, they know that it can wait til saturday! But I have a story to tell about my darling little girl.

One monday night, I brought a bag of candies home. I got it from a friend for Angelikka. So when I came home I showed her that candies and chocolates explaining, she can eat it on saturday. She understand and even told her pappa about it that she will eat it not until friday! But then thursday, she was so silent on her room, while we were busy on our computer. Then after a couple of hours she went out crying and asking forgiveness, so I wonder what happened then she told me that she ate some of those chocolates:)hehe!

Anyway, here are some 'yummy pics of her:)
Ice cream girl!!!

Happy Mommy Moments everyone!

19 Nov 2009

ADs?... in Filipino???

As I was in the train yesterday going to school, I happened to fall asleep. And when I open my eyes because I was leaning on the seats, my head's up, so when I woke up my eyes pointing directly up on train's roof sides where Ads, are placed! And I saw this right from a short nap

Ha,ha,ha! I was still dizzy, closed my eyes again, then kind of cleaning it so I can see clearly! And when I open my eyes again..its really there! So I get my camera and took a shot on it! So I will know that I was not dreaming:)

It's quite unusual to see ads written in filipino here in Sweden, as far as I can remember, this is my first time for my almost 4years here to see one! Hmmp, I thought I was in Philippines! Huh, Are these things a sign that I already miss Philippines badly??? Oh well..!

17 Nov 2009

First Year of Marriage... CC # 6 of Tejan

Huh! Wednesday again??? or Yeheeey! Wednesday again!!! heheh, see the difference? Anyway, its CC time! It was so interesting the last topic we had! I read many unique stories of their wedding day..heheh! And today??? Its gonna be the "First year of Marriage!"
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, our first 2o days were lots of fun, passion, travels on places I dreamed of, just enjoying our time together as couples! The night of our wedding was so great! Since, we had the reception at our residence so the whole village can eat somehow free good food. It was like amazing though not so comfortable as in the hotel but my concern was I wanted to share my blessings to people around our small ville through that day! My husband was so amazed when he saw all the foods how plenty it was but after a few hours...all gone! hahahah. but then when I explained to him that those who were here also brought foods for thier family way home! (eat and bring) hehe. So, its just the same as we shared foods to many families! He was so proud and told about it to his family back home here in Sweden where nothing is free:( and they were so proud about it too!

Sooo.., (where am I) Yap, so after that tiring but so enjoyable wedding banquet we went directly to the hotel we reserved for our first night as husband and wife! So funny because we both were hungry..hahha, we felt it when we were alone there and relaxed! But that hotel prepared good foods for us and since, there was a live band... we got also our serenade dedicated to the newly weds and waah! love the song.." FROM THIS MOMENT" hmm! yah I know!

The following days and weeks were full of love and honeymoon! The 20 days left before he flew home here while me remains there were spent by showing him our WOW Philippines:) We visited Lake Danao in my place, Maribago Blue Water in Cebu and the last stop before going to Manila was the dreamed Boracay Island! I treasured those moments! But then, the time and the place which I hated was at the Airport when he was about to fly back home! Oh it was so sad!

I was alone again but soooo much different this time..the loneliness and emptiness were killing me! But then I had to be strong knowing it was not forever. I kept myself busy working my papers in order for me to follow him. Everything went so smooth but the waiting on my visa went so long! For 6 months we just communicate by phone and emails. Until he could no longer bear the loneliness and missing me:) So, by January we applied a tourist visa, still there were many hardships in getting one but finally by Feruary 4 to be exact, I landed in Landveter Airport, Gothenburg Sweden with my husband there waiting! Where tears flowing once again!

Since it was february the month of love, he prepared already a trip to Norway for us to spent our valentine there! He thought there were no more snow in Sweden that time and because I've been dreaming of snow, my first snow should be in that year so we went to Norway where there are lots! I got my first experience with ski and that was horrible! If there was someone who got a video of me that time, it could win in AFV. Why??? because we were at the snow mountain or what you call that when you can ski (slalom) from the top down? I was holding my husband but he happened to let me go accidentally.... waaaahhh! I just slide down from the top down shouting 'help' many were there also skiing looked at me maybe laughing..I didn't care! my husband was so afraid, trying to catch me before I fall down but he did'nt make it! I was so fast with no control! (na-icha jud ko sa su-ok sa koral ato nga skiing place- lagpot ako spiritu) :(
Hmmm, my application on tourist visa was just for 3months, I should get pregnant within those months so the swedish immigration will not let me go back home. We just heard about it that swedish children are very important for them. They can give residence visa if you are pregnant to a swedish baby:) ( This could not be true, not always) Anyway, pressure, isn't it? We don't want to get separated again! But luckily, an answered prayer after one month of trying, I did get pregnant, and that was the weapon of my husband to the immigration office.., He strongly said that he don't want me to travel again with his baby at risk..hahahah! To be short, I was given my residence visa and even a permanent Visa after the baby was born!

July 18, 2006, Our first wedding anniversary! I was 4 months pregnant! We travel Stockholm, the capital of Sweden to spent our First year anniversay:) Hmm.., There were so many happenings in one year but I could not write everything! These are just the highlights, hope you will still read even if its pretty long:) Have a great CC everyone!

Happy Time, Good Time!

We talks every weekends with my family down home in pinas! And because last week was my mother's birthday in a very good age for someone who had been fighting for life:) My husband and me gave her the wish that she wanted, that is to have a party on the best beach in our place! About 30kilometers from home! It was in this beach I held my birthday when we were in phils. So together with the whole family, I'm so happy that they had fun on that day specially my mother!

So, today, because I was so busy last weekend,( not at home), we got a chance to talk and she shared some of their pictures there:) It really seems that they had lots of fun:) And of course, as happy as can be:) My brother's family were there and our younger brother and his fiancee, my mother's only sister's family and children! Huh! I miss the time but I'm so happy for them!

My cousin Aileen, my sister-in law Leny, and my brother's fiancee Nene, just having a good time at the pool! In the other side, my cutie cousin's with our Angel Faith, the cutest:) hehe!

(they don't wear bathing suits:) against their beliefs! hahaha, conservative, kind of!)

15 Nov 2009

One Night in Philippines:)

I'm not the kind of person who likes to go out with friends at night! I am friendly though but in my own way! But then, I'm not saying that those who are fun of going out like going to disco ..are bad or wrong! Nope, its just its not my way of socializing:)

But then, we need to do it sometime:) For ourselves, for our friends and for the situations! As i believe, everything depends upon something! Last night, as I said on my last post that from that heavy shopping have to hurry home before 5pm because we will go out and attend a Filipino live band here in Sweden! I don't wanna miss it because it was not only an entertainment but it was a concert for a cause!
All financial gathered are for the benefits of our "kababayan" who were victims of different calamities in Philippines! We believe that helps must not end after a month after the tragedy. The survival everyday are the worst one! So..our prayers and financial support must be continuous! It was actually so little compared to what we have here, but then, something is something!

So, me and Shy were so glad that we've been a part of it! Waaah! I can't imagine how big filipino family we are here in Gothenburg! As in, the place really were full and lots of friends, new friends, neigbors (in phil..the same place) and the heritage..heheh (those who lived here for so long already, the pioneers, old in age but still look young:) Oh! it felt so good meeting them!

I feel like I was in Philippines in one night!heheh! The fun, the songs, the foods, the attitudes! We just can act what we want! Oh, really worth it! I really enjoy that night!
MABUHAY!!! Bravo to the Organizers and Performers! Good job!!! Well done!

The longest queue I never seen before!!!

I did'nt make it last night here!!! My body really fall off and really so exhausted that made me fall asleep directly from the time my back touched the bed!

We woke up early yesterday to visit the biggest store here in Sweden (i think), Everything you need from toothpick to computers you can find it there and in cheaper prices. Everyday have a lots of shoppers there from different places buying volume of goods. We usually go there twice a year.., during summer and like this time when winter and christmas is approaching. So economic wise buying things for christmas gifts, decors and foods there. We've been like this for almost 4years now but I never seen that long queue before as looong as yesterday! I knew its been always lining up everytime..thats why we should be there 1hour before it opens but not like yesterday! Even my husband said, it was the longest queue he ever experienced! It took us 2hours in line and funny there's also like a booth between where you can buy coffee and bread or hotdogs! Like 3 or 4 coffe stations...imagine that!!

(My husband on the green jacket and angelikka on pink and me on red:)
Well, finally we got there!(sa hinabahaba man nang procession, nakarating rin) . heheh! Waaa, inside the store were worst! We can hardly move our shopping cart! traffic! And I was a little worried about my time because we have to be home before 5pm because of the Filipino concert that night! I made a list anyway and went directly to where it'll be! We bought all we need and even more that I wanted! My daughter got more toys.., she always reminded us that we went there to buy her toys! (asa ka ana!) hehe.

She loves her hello kitty things:) We already bought her wish for her birthday two weeks from now! Hmmm what a day! A blessed Sunday everyone!

13 Nov 2009

Mommy Moments- Sporty days

Today's on Mommy Moments is Sporty Day! My Angelikka have lots of different sport day and mommy too!!hehe.
mommy moments

Well, I love sports:) I do play when I was in my "good days"..hehe but now that many things
changed, watching sports can already fills in my hunger;
This time was funny;) Together with my partner in crime shy, we watched an olympic game held here in Gothenburg. Players from different countries were there. And because we heard that there are filipino players, we went there to watch.But while we were still outside there were players practising so I told shy to take picture of me and those players be the background. After taking picture, I zoom in the camera to look on the uniform to know what country they were, waaaa! they're from Philippines!!! haha..what a luck!

She loves to bike around our apartment down to the football'splan at the back of our place:) And she loves to just play, run and hop around the plaza! And even kick that ball, hehe- i can't find her pics on it:) Happy MM!