29 Jan 2010

For Today!

Weeee... thank God its friday!!!!..hmmp I suppose! But then it will be a busy days for me this weekend beginning today! On Sunday will be the birthday of "the Man" in the house, the love of my life...MY HUBBY! Tomorrow I will prepare a little party for him. His family, my inlaws will come and my aunties' family. So today after work... we have to go to the grocery and shop things that we need for tomorrow. I have to sneak out also to buy gift for Him..heheh.

So guys. I can't promise to visit here in blogland this weekend! huhuhu..but I hope you will still visit me..heheh! For today, I will share this something I want to give to my husband for a present..hhahaha!!!! Here is it!!!
What do you think??? Is this good or very very good!!! hahhah! Enjoy!!

28 Jan 2010

Upright Freezers!!!

Its very important to have freezers at home. But nowadays its already a pain on our budget when we need refrigerator and other needed appliances. But in every problem there's always a solution, here at Upright Freezer, you can find the cheapest, affordable and reasonable prices. They offer best deals on all the top brand and top models! You can check them out and feel free to compare prices and get buying advice!

27 Jan 2010

Couple's Corner# 14.. Have I told you lately...?

Weeee..."Have I told you lately that "I love You:)" is the topic for today's CC! well, well, well! As I roam around reading other's love stories... I love it..I mean I learned many things about this thing called LOVE:)

Rodliz’s Nest

This Three Letter Word are so heartwarming to hear and we are not "suppose" get tired hearing and saying this. But these words became so common that we tend to forget the importance of it. Like other couple here in "Couple's Corner" me and my husband are fond of saying these words to each other. It was not planned, we don't have a deal, we didn't talk about it, it just came naturally. Wherever, whatever and whenever. Like every phonecalls and text messages, always ends up with these magic words whatever the topic on your conversation:) hehe.

Before when we still have no child and had all the time at home and even until when I've got my baby and no other thing to do but attending my girl, I usually woke up early with him and prepare everything for him before he'll go to work, then at the door..as in he's outside and i'm inside, and I was like holding the door and kissing with words.. i love you, have a nice day, take care, ses snårt :) (see you soon). That was everyday.(We still do it now when I woke up with him). And when we are in bed and maybe do something else like talking and or playing with our girl or something lovely:)wink*.. we make sure or automatically we say good night , love you of course the kisses before we went to sleep.

But when I got already so much to do, like school and working late, I cannot wake up with him anymore. I rather prepare his lunch box the night before and sleeping until 8 or 9am. My husband get up 5am;) and go out to work at 6am. But one thing HE never forget and he cannot go without, is kissing and hugging me while am still at the bed just to say 'hej då så länge älskling' ", love you" mwaah! and of course, who can't wake up on that:) so even i'm in bed, i always hug back and say love you, drive safely and Godbless today!!! Thats for always!!!

LATELY, after that saturday meeting with the new couple.. (my cousin who just arrived here to live with her husband) When we get home, we had a talk with my hubby about what we noticed about them..we are always like that, we talk about the whole day's happenings. Anyway, we saw ourselves before on them when I also arrived here. We have the same feelings...we were reminiscing our selves how it was when we finally be together. THEN HE HUG ME TIGHT AND KISSED ME.., and said "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Mrs. Janeth Björlin" And that will be forever. Oh my, I tell you, it was not the usual love yous that we shared everyday. This is not the first time he said that kind of IloveYou, but LATELY he blurted it again:) Me??? whoa, I always did and I mean it everytime! I'm an extrovert so I always told him how thankful and lucky I am to be loved by Him. And that I so love loving him.

Everytime I'm angry and feel bad on him.., While crying I'll say; "I love You Älskling" to remind me and him that even if we fight and I have this kind of feelings, the love that I have for him never change:) huhu.. Have a lovely CC everyone! teary nako..got to end up here:)

How about Last Weekend???

Since, I'm on my day off monday and tuesday, I had no chance to share my weekend yet but today. Last saturday was the celebration of my aunt's husband's birthday:) He is the man who helped me and my husband met each other:) He is my husband's good friend and a kind husband to my aunt and a very helpful family member of our whole family in pinas!

Last January 20 marks his __ th birthday:) And last saturdy his wife prepared a very simple party for him just for all of us - family who are here in this foreign land. Specially our new couple already with us:) my cousin who just arrive was able to join with the celebration too. But her "welcome party" still under planning so lets just wait:)

HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS PICS:) (these are just from my camera and unfortunately i was out of battery.. there are more on their camera but well!)

Skååål!!! (cheers!) There we are... we became four here now:) heheh just so happy!

Still so much food prepared even we were just four families and plus one new couple:)

Eat all you can..heheh! chatting while eating:) Dessert time:) with carrot cake, fruit salad, ice cream cake, 'bibingka' and of course paired with coffe or tea:)
That was fun! Thanks for the party and GRATTIS!!!

25 Jan 2010

Day Off!!!

I decided to have day-off on mondays and tuesdays since these are the days when my schedules are so hectic! Thanks for dropping by my friends and promise to visit you all on wednesday!!!
Thanks and may the Lord keep an eye on us as always!!! Godspeed!!!

23 Jan 2010


Yeheeyyy...got many awards!!! heheh! Friendly maybe! waaah! For all you know, these are just put together..haha! Sorry my dear friends, just have time today to post your awards and tags for me!!! MMMMwaah! love it!

This tiger luck award are from my dear friend Khim, jenny tag me this too for Laikka's site and now Annalou's place to Remember. Thanks so much guys! this is cool!

This is from my friend here JennyH:) There's things to do to recieve this award, but I've done it already long time ago..here you can read! hahah!

And this cute little one is from sweet Liz of This is my Life. The Eminent Eight! heheh enteresting! Thanks dear liz. To recieve this awards have to do your Eight lists;

8 TV shows I love to watch;
1.Top Model
2. So you think you can Dance
3. Seventh Heaven
4. Rachel Ray
5.Tyra Banks
6. Friends
7. Bachelor/Bachelorette
8. Let's Dance

8 things I look forward to;
1. Summer
2. Trip around Europe (july)
3. 2012- visiting Philippines again
4. My 40th birthday:)
5. The coming of my second baby
6. My mother's visit here in Sweden
7. New opportunities
8. Unspoken (only me and Him knows:)

8 things I am passionate about;
1. Blogging (lately)
2. Reading novels (before specially by Sheldon, Steel and Ludlum)
3. Writing
4. Talking
5. Helping Churches
6. Singing and playing guitar
7. Riding or driving motorcycle
8. Playing with my little Girl!

8 words/phrases I often use;
1. Anyway
2. Consider it done!
3. Godbless!
4. How's your work honey!
5. Nothing!
6. Oh..please, not again!
7. Everything's alright?
8. Vad gör du/ni? (what are you doing?)

8 things I learned from the past;
1. God provides!
2. Think twice before doing or saying something!
3. My ways are ordered by the Lord.
4. Love yourself
5. Sleep right
6. Study your lessons
7. Try to understand people deeply
8. Do not assume!

8 blogger friends I want to tag-adag;

2. Mariz
3. Shy
5. Khim

Grab it guys..I'll do the linking tomorrow! so sleepy already:)

Happy weekend!

22 Jan 2010

For your Future!

I have known a friend who really love to invest. Her first plan when she started working here was to put her money into investment. Well, to invest is a good thing. But we must be sure that we are investing it in a right place or business or shall we say, in good hands! Specially when that money are from your hard labor! Investing something needs a wise planning, we must be well informed on a particular company or business you are in to. Otherwise, you lose.

I happen to land a site about InvestmentForge as I surf the net. I find it interesting because they are not just talking about the clients can earn that much and so on. But they are honest enough that they too as possible earn more! It's like partnership between the clients and the company. Sounds good, you can check them yourselves..there's no harm on informing analyzing until you can decide what is good!

I myself have plans to invest, who will not if its a good thing! But as I said, It takes time, good planning and acquiring knowledge about everything i sthe best to start with! Remember, this is for our future and the future of our children!

21 Jan 2010

Just Married!

While we were at my husband's co-worker's house for a visit and having our dinner there today, I recieved a text message from my aunt that my cousin from Philippines who just get married to a swedish man last June, now finally arrive here in Sweden. Weeee, another family here..hehe. It feels good indeed! We are so happy that she did it, I mean to fly alone and arrived safely is a little hard but its so heartwarming knowing she passed through it!

Well, I know she together with her husband will go through lots of adjustments and have to start building their own family now. And its not that easy though. But we her family who were ahead on this path she has to take are just here willing to support and help her go through. She's still young and I know it will be more harder for her but she's lucky because we are already here who can guide her and ready to be there for her when in need!

Since, we were not there in Philippines during their wedding, we have to give our gifts for them here. While waiting of her coming, me and my husband find it hard to decide what we can give them as wedding gift. As we were both thinking, I burted out; how about buying a convection toaster oven from the Internet. I found this site who has a different kind of oven toaster and we both agreed and thought it will be good. Almost every family here in Sweden has an oven toaster, because this is very helpful not only to bake, broil or cook, convection oven has rotisserie for cooking chicken, fowl and other meats. I think this is perfect for a new couple. It can make our work/food fast and easy!

My dear cousin, welcome to Sweden! And embrace the reality! hahahh! Congratulations! We are excited to see you this saturday! See yah!

20 Jan 2010

CC # 13...How WELL do we know each other:)

This wednesday, the topic at Couple's Corner is "How WELL do we know our partners:)" Hmmm... not so well! heheh. But before anything else, I would like to acknowledge the author of this meme, the sweet Liz of Rodliz' Nest!
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, on our almost 5years now of being married and 4 years next week of being together, I can say, I already know my husband pretty well:) There's nothing so special and mysterious about him anyway. Naah..he don't tell what he knows about me.., all he knows that he loves me period! (ering). Sorry guys can't share here about me yeheeeyyyy!!! Wait a minute... he said he knows that I own the world's SMILE:) weeee!

My husband is a jack of all trade master of none! Hehe. You can put him anywhere and can mingle himself to anyone. He can be with formal and executive type of people and act like one and he can be a cowboy sporty one together with the like! Thats why we can just hangout with anyone in all walks of life. He knows many things nad can do many things just no specialty.

He eats everything serve aside from fish and 'laman- loob'. He don't sing and dance... he was forced to dance on our wedding during "pago dance" where people hanging money on our dress:) hahaa! And maybe his next dance will be on our daughter's debut, he said! He loves driving motorcycle than car:) His greatest hobby when just at home is the never dying Ever Quest:)

He's a man who believe that "one word is enough for a wise man"hehe..his Yes is a YES, and his No is a NO! Thats why he don't decide fast he must think first, and a man of few words because every single word that comes out from his mouth, he mean it! Once he said it, he don't want to say it again and again! He's so smart but don't brag about it! Huh.., he loves Science books and magazine.

His weak part??? oh well, so easy to accept and love compared to mine!! hahah. If all women see HIM, Only him sees ME. (waaa, avatar) Anyway.. I'm already so sleepy, I will just edit or add more tomorrow! See yah!

When it comes to eyeglasses, ZENNI!

This is already around the world! You already heard it! True and tested! They have the cheapest yet the same quality eyeglasses we are looking for! Yes! I'm talking about ZENNI optical online. Nowadays when everything goes up, economic problems rises, there's a tendency for us to worry about our seeing value. When we need or feel bad with our sight and so when we do check ups, the doctor will advise or prescribe us an eyeglasses then we feel as if another ton of stones were put into our back thinking the costs of it. Well, worry no more, the http://www.zennioptical.com/ can help you out when it comes to eyesglasses. Why? because they offer as low as $8 . Yap its true..check them out yourself!

I know the feeling because few months ago, I was worrying about my eyes due to eye strain and more. In short, I needed a new eyeglasses already. And huh, eyeglasses here in our place are way too expensive! I don't want to pay a name.. you know what I'm saying? The major tendency why things we need become expensive is because of its name...we are paying the name more than the thing we need from them. Well, luckily Ive been reading reviews and announcements online and found this brand ZENNI, they are the opposite, their eyeglasses are way cheaper! So I checked their site, get their cart and problem solve.

From now on, worry no more because even you happen to break your glasses, your grandma needs it or mother...husband...as in whole family can enjoy the worry free. Zenni optical has it all when it comes to eyeglasses. From prescription eyeglasses to fashionable one, for adults and children, they have lots to choose for. The fact that they have direct selling from their laboratory to us! No business for agents, all for costumer's best! Godbless!

19 Jan 2010

Our dear Pets!

Have you experienced the terrible specie called fleas on your dear pets? Well, this could be hard when our house animals be attack on fleas because fleas will not only disturb or harm our pets but it also bites us that causes itchiness to our skin. Weee so irritating that could be!

My husband's family are lovers of pet. Dogs, cat and they treat them as if human and a member of the family. They even have expensive foods than us..haha. They put enough time for them like taking them to a walk and training them. And one thing I also discover is that they'll go crazy when their pet get fleas, as in there was one time they saw just one "living small creature" moving on their cat's hair, weee as if there's a fire burning that everyone want to witness. Like they right away wanted to put a flea bomb as to get rid of it in one time:)

My father in law said, it will be hard if fleas can already get in to a dog or a cat so as much as possible they should have already a protection like a kind of shampoo or spray to get rid of it! Its better to spend extra for protection than medication. It will be expensive and annoying not only to your pet but even to people! Flea bites are itchy and painful! Its good to hug and play with them with no worries.

This dog is amazing, she can play dead! hahah and the children love to play with her..so must be flea free!!! No,no,no!!!

Snow crystals!

Still we have a white sorrounding here:) The real winter still continue until the next two months they said:)The coldness went down though from minus 14degrees to minus 4 to 6..,hehe yap still cold! Then after all these, we already wake up one morning and its summer!!! hahah.

Anyway, as I was walking bound to my work place, The snow along the streets catched my attention! They looked amazing and wonderful! I know there are explanations about why the snow will form into like flower or a leaf..hehe they call it.. snow crystals! But I don't have time to research its nature...hahah! My skin hair stands though..but its so glorious!
Hmm..enjoy the day and have a wonderful time!!!

18 Jan 2010

Popularity??? or Performance!

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One common reason is the descision based on popularity of a certain web hosting company instead of the performance. Yes. popularity of the company is a good indicator of a good service but moreover, there should have the several main attributes in ecommerce hosting that comprise the performance of a particular plan. One important attributes of a certain company is RELIABILITY. There should be proper support otherwise it can result in loss of time and money! You yourself can do the work of finding out, make an inquiry, get information test them yourself! Another thing to consider is the FEATURES, do they have variety of features that are easier for you and your costumer? For example, shopping carts, this can make the shopping experience convenient. One more is the COST EFFECTIVENESS, be sure you are not overpaying. There's no harm in comparing prices and go for the reasonable one!

Looking for affordable web hosting yet comply the best program you need? Try the Web Hosting Fan! everything web made easy. Check here where web hosting industry news, latest trends, and reviews of the best web hosting providers are found.

17 Jan 2010

Wise Planning!!!

Oh..weekend is over..huhu! tomorrow starts my calvary..haha! What I mean is real classes will already starts tomorrow and my first subject will be so early like 8:30am, and this is abnormal to me. We used to wake up at 8am and put my girl to school at 9:00 coz my classes used to start at 10am, its one hour travel from our place to my school. So this time I have to wake up at 6am in order to make it on time!

This weekend seemed so short for me because of so many schedules we were into. I planned to sleep early today like 9pm as possible because I have to wake up early, as in change routine:) But then, we just arrived from a friend's dinner invitation. They are about to have a vacation to our homeland and they will be gone like 4months since they have not visited there for like 12years now! Uh,uh! The Swedish husband planned to rent a car under thier stay there because of the fact that they have 2 children and its not easy to travel and tours without a car specially when you are not used to it! I mean people here are used to drive their own car. They were checking car hire online and so I suggested to check at Car Rental Comparison because as I know, they have a wide top car hire regions. And not only that, they offer good car rental prices specially that they'll do it for couple of months.They have good package offers. I really admired this couple when it comes to wise planning. Everything they see to it that it will be convenient for them. Well, we are just happy for them atlast they can have their family vacation they longed forward to, and now its time:)

Well, well,well! I have to park here and try to sleep earlier as the usual, wink* . I am a night person so I usually sleep late and wake up late like I used to sleep 12pm or 1am..heheh. But this semester, its a challenge for me to change my sleeping routine and that is to sleep earlier because I have to wake up early! Hmmm..goodluck to me!!!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

16 Jan 2010


I miss this kind of candies... of course these are from philippines with love:) Macapuno Bar are my favorite..its homemade and love it!

A good friend of ours (family friend) went home to philippines last december to celebrate holidays with her family there and she just came home here in Sweden last week and brought us "pasalubong" ,the philippines made goodies. Hehe, am so happy with it!

Want some??? wink* Enjoy your weekend everyone!

15 Jan 2010

For Girls Only:)

It's the 35th birthday of our friend and my neighbor here today, and since her husband work in Norway, she choose having a party for girls only:) So, we had a nice time celebrating with her with lots of foods and chatting and though we were mostly filipinos there but we speak swedish because there are chinese and brazilian also with us! I can't imagine how my swedish flow good naturally:) hahah! We had fun:) It was just a cowboy party:)

Sometimes, we need to be freeeeeee! Hahaha...as in just girls and just having fun! Annabel,(the one on the picture with our glasses cheers for her) happy birthday and thanks for that fantastic time together with your friends. My wish will be for you to have good health and blessings to the whole family!!! GRATTIS!!!

14 Jan 2010


I was a little worried this past few weeks because as you know that I sent package to my family in Philippines that supposedly will arrive before christmas! But then christmas and new year pass by still no package recieved by my family. And I was helpless because the agent here in sweden had their vacation in Philippines on christmas holiday so I got no contact. Everyday, when I open my computer, I wish there's an offline message from my mother saying, they finally got the package but...nothing!

Today, I got a call from the agent, they finally back home here and so kind calling me regarding the package! There was miscommunication about the address and the contact number I gave. This is my first time addressing my package to our house in the province cause I usually address it to my brother's office in the city. I made a try if they really can do it door to door even to the baranggays but my agent didn't noticed it that I had it addressed changed. Then when they tried to call the contact number, it can't be reached..because my brother have numerous SIM and unfortunately I forgot to tell him to put on the number which I gave. Anyway, our package was just there waiting for pick up! I already contacted my family and hopefully they got it today.

Lately my husband and my aunt's hubby were thinking of shipping our old car here to Philippines. Well, sending things is a risk, we must have a trustful company like Dependable Auto Shippers that takes our valuable things there safely! They asked information about it and how many percent can it be possible. What we need is an agency who can transport cars safely and surely. A company that is committed into this kind of services. Same as our old soffa, its already so old like almost 20 years old but its a skin soffa but we already have to change it. But I feel not to throw it but to send it! I already asked about it, the cost, the possibilities and when. So, probably we will send it on the next shipment! Hope it will arrived at the right time:)

12 Jan 2010

Couple's Corner! Only one time!

Rodliz’s Nest
I only had one time that I felt sooo sad and angry maybe not with him but with the situation that time! I don't remember the details but I still can picture out what had happen and what made me feel so upset!

I am the silent type when I feel bad. I'm not the nagger type:) So, strange because I talk so much, almost everything and whatever. But when I keep silent, it means I don't feel good! They'll say I'm not in the mood! hahah. Good sign huh! So, it was what happen. I felt sad and depressed that time for all the adjustments I was trying to handle and I wanted my husband to see it and be sensitive enough but unfortunately he's so insensitive but I knew it already, that knowledge of him being insensitive adds my sadness that time.

He didn't knew that I was already in my lowest time because he was so focused on his computer game, I felt so sad and helpless, so I put my self into the thub full of warm water and cry...sobbing.., still he didn't notice! Until I shouted out loud, finally he noticed. But it got worse when he came up to me. He asked me what happened, I didn't say anything because I was on a hard cry. Still he kept asking, that I have to tell him if he had done something wrong or what I felt. So, even crying i told him what I felt and that he never noticed it because he was so busy playing. He told me something in a calm voice but hurt me more. He said; "and so you are trying to control me and change me into something I'm not? Is that what you want" My God! really I never expect my message will arrive on him that way! So, I never talk to him again. Better not to say at all than misunderstood, I thought! I went out from the bath thub and dressed up and went out on a cold winter night just walked and crying. But I text him not to worry, just want to be alone!

Thats the time I started not to tell him whatever sad or bad feeling I had or I will have. I chose to keep silent than to be right from then on! And this attitude of mine now makes him feel bad everytime! Its so seldom I get upset on him anyway because he's the good type of person and most of the time its just tolerable. So, better heal it in one hour than misunderstood.

When I asked him, if he get very angry with me on our almost 5years now..., he said, not at all. Just feel not good when he knew there's going on in me but I don't tell him what! But I assured him that if I'm like that, just let me be and it will just go away so fast! Hmm... that's all thank you! hahahah. Well, I'm not telling that this is right or good, my husband even told me, beg me, to tell him whenever I feel something! hmmm okey, I'm workin' on it! hehe! Happy CC every one!

11 Jan 2010

Major Subjects!

Now, on my last semester on the pre-requisite subjects before we can apply to the university on the course we want to study. And today our first day in school wherein we get our schedules and met our new teachers. Its tough..huhu, all my subjects are major subjects and therefore we have to meet 4hours per week per subjects. And because I have 3 major subjects, my schedules really are quite crazy! Hmmm... I don't know if I can still make it! I still have to negotiate one of my teacher if they can give me flex time, otherwise it willl cause a problem on my work schedule. And if they can't help me with it, I will be force to stretch my time every monday. As in, I'll be in school until 9pm and be home already 10pm. huhuhu!

But thats life here! One thing I know that the task ahead of us is never great than the POWER behind us! Wish me luck!

Home Fashion!

Our home should be a place where we can enjoy together with our love ones! A place to rest and a place where you always long after whenever you're away. Thats why we want to put things that makes the sorroundings cool and calm and nice to stay in. Since I got married to a Swedish man who already had his own domain:) Many things already there on his pad and I had no choice but to accept and adjust what he has. But then at the back of my mind, I wished that someday, we will have new things together. As we build our own home as family, we can acquire things that will make me feel that I'm already a part of it!

Well, that 'someday' already came. Now we already have a home that I can call it our own. From his small bachelor pad now a three room apartment with a beautiful murray feiss decoration lamp that we bought just for our new home. And little by little we put up more things for the home that we like! We already changed many things and bought some additional. One special thing that we like both are beautiful lightings! I'm lucky that I got a husband who has taste like me when it comes to lamps and lightings. Its important to have fashion in our own little world as to live life to the fullest!

There are still few things we need to change and it will soon be realize. Just one step at a time as the song goes:) Have a nice time everyone!

10 Jan 2010

Whew! Chilling!

Aaaahhhh!!! so cold! I did not went out yesterday because of the super cold winter weather this season. And today, I don't want to... but my wanting to go to church wins. My husband and my daughter has to visit my SIL so they just dropped me at the church, but in going home I had to travel by train and the fact that our apartment is 10minutes walk from the station. Ooohhh, I was chilling while walking home! My formal jacket is not that warm and as I said my boots also! huhuhu. Anyway I still arrive alive! lol.

I tried to make a pose last 3kings there at my aunts place for we celebrated the occassion there. They have more snow there like our boots will really get down and be covered with snow as you can see..hahhahah!
Have a great week ahead!!! Godbless and keep smilin' even we're chillin'...hahahha!

Garden Groomer


This Garden Groom has a fully concealed rotary cutting blade which cuts and shreds the hedge clippings using a scissor-like action. The shredded material is then deposited into the onboard container or alternatively into the volume collection bag.

Its good to have! Check it out!

9 Jan 2010

My Life Story!!!


Want to know me better? Then you can check my personal blog at "Chapters of my Life". This is my 3rd site written for personal posts only. Here I wrote my life story. It could sounds like a fairy tale but this is my story! Here I tried to recall those prominent instances of my life that somehow gives inspiration to my readers! Here where miracles, beliefs, trusts, family and love won over hardships, insecurities, hates, dissappointments, trials, desperation, poverty and even death!

Now on its fourth chapter where every pages are remarkable! You must not miss it! Welcome and be blessed!

Note: In order to understand it more, you are advise to read it from the first chapter:) Hope you will enjoy and be inspired! And will walk with me as this chapters continues! See yah!

8 Jan 2010

I met the real Santa Claus!

We had a nice time hanging out with my friend Jenny yesterday. She gave me her gift and prepared a delicious lunch for us. We went to stores after, to look for a winter boots for me because the cold here really is so much this season. But unfortunately we didn't found what I want.

After parting ways, I went to the city to meet my aunts and thought I will continue looking my warm boots there, with their help. But then they were already on a certain store and told me to come quickly. That store sells stuff with *name* like Levi's, Lee and known to be expensive store but they have small sizes there, so my aunts really are a fan there. So I went directly to them, Oh my! they were so busy fitting and gave some to me to fit, cause that store was giving away their clothing, hehe.. almost! but thousands of discounts. They've got 12 pcs. each and suppose to pay 3,600kr, but they only have to pay 220kr.., and mine were 8pcs. which I suppose to pay 2,400, but just paid 150kr. waaaah! Can you imagine that!

So we went happy and satisfied with our shopping. We ate some burger and fries first before going home as we always do, accross that fastfood is a Body Shop store, my aunts' favorite body cream offers 50% less. So they supposed to buy after we ate but then they were out of cash so decided to buy it the next day. As we walked down bound to our respective train, we met a middle aged filipina who recognizes one of my aunt and they hugs each other, "oh long time, no see" hehhe. They talk a while, then they said goodbye, but suddenly the woman said; oh by the way, I have a gift for you, and you (pointing us) She gave each one of us! Wow! thanks ok 'hej då' When we open it... unbelievable! its the body cream that they want to buy! Hah hah!

I believe, santa claus is not the mascot, they are the ones who gave away without thinking of returns and those who recieves really can feel the wondrous of its spirit! The joy and satisfaction is felt. They can be a friend, a passerby or even a store:)wink* Thats why I can say that I just met the real santa claus on a post christmas day!

Have a happy weekend guys!!!

7 Jan 2010

Happy Birthday Big Brother!

He is actually younger than me, but he's always mistaken as older than I am because he is big and dark...hahhah. But indeed he act like big brother to me ,thus I called him "Big Bro" . We were the one helping each other through thick and thin when we were still studying! And even until these days, we know very well that we are just there for each other when we need help inspite of the distance.

We just talked through the net today asking him what he wish for, for his birthday. He just simply said, he couldn't ask for more and he also not used to have celebrations. He will just be thankful for everything God has blessed them and thankful for the coming projects..hehe. As of now he is busy taking care his construction company. He needs to arrange everything and put it into formality. One important thing he's looking into is his company logo with the help of Realtor Logos specially now that he just bought another construction utility, a 'dumptruck'. All construction properties needs to have a logo as thier trademark! So he's quite busy!

January 8, 1977, he was born! He is simply double 3 now with a fulfilled life. I am proud of him, our youngest brother so proud of him, our parents are so proud of him and of course his own family, his wife and two little girls are proud of him. I can say, his success is so great because its the fruit of labor and hardship. He was a working student while studying his Civil Engineering, this is not an easy course but still he managed to work as helper on PUJ drivers collecting commuter's fare. (kondoktor, we call it in our vernacular) just to provide his foods daily. After his graduation, he was not able to take the lisensure exam due to lack of money for review and board exam payment. But then he was lucky to get a job right away as a 'timer' on a construction firm at our place. After one year, his boss was so kind to him that he send him to engineering board review so he can take his board exam and luckily passed! That was the happiest day of his life. And so he was promoted as junior engineer in that same company and recieved good pay. Thats the time I came back to school to finish mine by his help.

And can you imagine how far he became now at his age? He started his own construction company at the age of 28. He's so blessed given a CPA wife, and working in bank, so together they venture thier own business! And by God's grace, thier company is growing now and little by little they acquired construction utility one at a time.

So big bro, all I can wish for you is more knowledge and wisdom to handle the tasks you have now! Me and my family and our family are just here for you whenever you need us! Goodluck and more blessings!!!

6 Jan 2010

CC # 12 Annoying MOments!

Rodliz’s Nest
Now its Couple's Corner once again! heheh. And the topic can be hard for me which is "The most Annoying/Irritating habit for both".

When I asked my husband what irritates him of me, he can't find one, he said . So I gave him some situations coz he might just so kind not to say the truth..hhahah, or afraid I get upset, we never know! But then all I suggested, he really mark it 'never'. hahha! So this character of him irritates me. waaah!!!

Ok..one thing anyway that irritates him when I moved things from its usual place then when we look for it he can't find it nor can I. I tend to keep things in a good place which I myself can't find it! I'm also annoyed of me being like this.

WEll,well,well... I have few things about my husband that irritates me:)
1.) Maniana habit- he loves the word "la---ter" (maypagka..TyraBanks ni sya) hahah, until he forgot what he supposed to do and will just say..oj,ojoj! Time went fast! huh.

2.) Taking things out and never care to return it to its place!

3.) His direct "I don't know" answer.
I mean, when you ask him of something he don't know, he will directly say "I don't know". It annoys me in the sense that he don't show atleast a try. He is my husband and I believe in him and when I ask him, it don't matters if he knows or not, but by asking it means I need him to help me find the answer or solution. I need him even by just showing effort to try. I wish he will say; "Hmm.. I'm not sure but maybe we can look on internet, or wait a minute, I can check here see if it helps" ..see what I mean? Asking our partners doesn't mean because they are knowledgeable, and has all the capability to answer. It mostly the trust that in any way they can help us!

Hmmm... enjoy guys! happy CC! I'm excited to read yours..here I come! heheh.

5 Jan 2010

Picture Purfect!!!

Pictures and poses have something to do with our personality. Ah well, this is only my own opinion and insights. Coz, you see, its fun for others while boring for some. Others love to pose while others hate it! And those who love pictures usually have good self-confidence.

For me I love to take pictures and also love to pose. Seeing the result can sometimes makes me glad and somehow gave me self satisfaction. And most of the time my pictures helps me bring out the best in me. My "perdev" check. By looking at my pictures, I learned a lot of how I should bear my self right! Whats good on me and whats wacky! heheh. From head to toe- how should I stand tall, facial expression, attire and how it should be accordingly.
These poses were taken last christmas sunday! It was not planned, we just feel like posing heheh. And by these pose I realized green and brown is a good pair on me just not so sure with the black boots:l And that long jacket still good on me even if i'm short as long as it paired with high heeled boots to lift up the legs...hahahah!! the smile is good but the hair is minus!
Thats how I review myself through my pictures, and will try to do better next time!

Like me, my daughter love to pose too...I will post some of her poses at her site.

4 Jan 2010

Experienced it again!!!

As I posted few months ago about my experienced having a good body massage through massage chair , whew! I did it again:) Since we celebrated our christmas at my husband's uncle's house where I got my first experienced on that kind of massage, I was thinking, I have to try it again and see if there's a difference this time than the first! But yap there is, this time I wanted it again and again, it was like addictive while my first time I was a little hesitant, mixed feelings (shy and afraid ug tagaw)..hhahaah!
We went there earlier, because that house has many wonderful things to enjoy with. We supposed and even brought our swim suits because we planned to take a bath at thier bubble pool but ooohhhhh.. it was white with snow around the pool and weee... open air! My power can't handle situation like that..heheh. Even my inlaws and my hubby did not, only the children and they had fun! I was freezing by just watching them, because they just play the chilling! One by one they went out and roll over the snow then run to the warm bubble pool and jump! uschh!chill*
And so while the children took a bath there, we enjoyed the chair massage also while waiting the food to be ready:) Angelikka also want to experience..hehe. She enjoyed the shaking while her daddy having the massage! That was fun!