11 Jul 2010


This early in the morning we will start our journey:) Start to hit the road - our summer vacation to Paris:) So, we will have our europe tour within 3 weeks. Like 5-6 countries in europe we have to visit:) Isn't it wonderful??? My prayer is that the Lord will prepare all our ways... in the road and stops and will guide us and provide everything we need! Will keep us under His care all the way through and in all aspects!

Today also, 3members in my family in Philippines celebrated their birthday together. My brother Julius, today, July 10, my SIL- Leny, July 14 and my dear father, July 16. And I'm so happy knowing they had a great time again:)

To all the celebrators..you are so dear to my hearts and all my prayers of thanksgiving goes for you all! Wish you all the best and see you all very soon!