28 Feb 2011

The ROSE in you!

Since today is the last day of february, the month of love, I would like to share with you this story shared by Diane Aquino. I'm so blessed hope you will be too.

The Rose Within

A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, he examined it.
He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought, "How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns? Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and just before it was ready to bloom... it died.

So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God-like qualities planted in us at birth, grow amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects.
We despair, thinking that nothing good can possibly come from us. We neglect to water the good within us, and eventually it dies. We never realize our potential.

Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone else must show it to them. One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns of another, and find the rose within them.

This is one of the characteristic of love... to look at a person, know their true faults and accepting that person into your life... all the while recognizing the nobility in their soul. Help others to realize they can overcome their faults. If we show them the "rose" within themselves, they will conquer their thorns. Only then will they blossom many times over.

YOU have that gift in you.....

27 Feb 2011

Sunday Brunch!

Hows your sunday everyone! I hope you had a blessed one. I just want to share something usual. I'm talking about our colorful sunday brunch:) We woke up late every weekend so we usually eat breakfast and lunch the same time..hehe.In the morning while hubby still sleeping, I checked our foodware to look what to do for breakfast, I found out we were out of stocks. hehe. And many vegies in the refregerator that were almost old and rotten. So in order to patch up those which are lacking and use those that are about to be thrown, I MADE SOMETHING OUT OF RECIPE for our brunch. Luckily it turned out to be colorful and delicious paired with rice since we have no more bread!
Brunch solved, we all had a nice time in the table. Thats what we call; making something out of what is there! hehe Have a great week ahead!

26 Feb 2011

Health Inconvenience!

From childhood, my sinusitus has been my problem. I can hardly breath, my head aches and so disturbing. It will attack when it's so hot while I was still in Philippines and now that I'm already here in cold place, it will also become worse when its so cold and I have no enough warm on me.

Yesterday, we went to the city commuting and my jacket has nothing for the head then it happened to be so cold. Today, when I woke up in morning my head already so heavy and my nose as well. Thus, I knew my sinusitis problem attacks again. Oh I feel so sick and disturbed by this. Got to hold my nose to ease the pain.
Have a blessed sunday everyone!

Reality Check!

I really gain so much weight!!!

It has so much on sale in many stores nowadays since change weather already approaching. Spring is coming hopefully:) It's been so cold the whole week here and sometimes I ask if summer will still come..hehe. Anyway we, together with my aunts did window shopping the other day and happened to find a store which sales their products so much cheaper from the original price. Even their products which are famously expensive, has trade mark logos from the best logo designers we can say has been down like 80% lesser. We were so happy, my aunts were so happy because they(the store) have small sizes, I mean good for asians like us. But then when I tried those pants which I thought my size, I was so frustrated because it just get in until my knees, huhuhu.

I feel so sorry with myself. It was a reality check that maybe its time to watch out my diet. Many areas will be affected and its frustrating and sometimes it costs.

24 Feb 2011

CC: Hearts Everywhere

I don't understand directly what this topic means..hehe so I had to read other entries first and find it so sweet reading their posts.
Rodliz’s Nest
Well, I understand that we have to talk about our feelings towards our partner. When we're inlove it seems like hearts are flying everywhere. It's like the aroma of what we felt to someone went out and bubbles in a form of hearts. Well, from the time I was at the airport waiting the plane to land and waiting for him to comeout, it was butterflies in the stomach that were present that time. And it seems they were everywhere, and then when he came out and when our eyes met then those butterflies changed into hearts that flies around the two of us! Oh so in love:) Even our eyes as we look each other already became a heart form!! hhahahah!
Well, hopefully, even until now may our couple lives still full of hearts everywhere, at anytime, and at any situation! Happy CC everyone!

23 Feb 2011

Running Out of Time!

Wooots! time is up!

I'm just at home since I have a little baby to care for. But then aaahhhg! I'm always out of time by only works at home, household chores, dropping and picking up the older one at school, feeding and taking care of the little one and then..when I glance at my watch, the day is over! Yes and still many things still left undone. I even have many important things to do like calls and emails that are left behind.

So loaded and always run out of time! sigh*

21 Feb 2011

Prolonging the feeling!

Its been more than one month now since we arrive home from a six weeks vacation in Philippines. Its like it was just yesterday we were there with my family,chatting and laughing with nonsense jokes and childhood history, eating filipino foods, visiting beautiful places..in short just relaxing. And when we were about to come back home here in Sweden, it felt like heavy and tired to come back to reality:)

But then, to avoid the feeling of homesickness? What did I do to prolong the good feeling? or the feeling as if I'm still in Philippines is that I cooked and ate filipino dishes these past few weeks almost everyday and hanging out with filipina friends. So when I'm with them and with the filipino foods in the plate then it feels like I'm still in Philippines..hehhe its one good way to prolong the feeling. Try it!

Checking Emails!!!

Good morning everyone! Wishing you all a bright sunny day today and a wonderful start of the week! Many of you go to work again from a relaxing weekend and might find today as a hard day:) But let it be the other way around, start with a smile looking forward to the weekend again:)

As for me, because I'm on leave, just staying home taking care of my girls and today I decided to start my week working online. Checking emails was my first thing I did in the morning and thought of using direct email marketing to expand my sites since I've heard from my friends about this and its so effective in broadcasting. I also recieving emails from friends and advertisers to check their products and I think what they did are smart.

So, goodluck to all of us today! Have fun and let your smile shines to everyone you meet. They might need it in order to continue living! Good day and Godbless!

20 Feb 2011

What a week! What a day...

...What a blessing!
We really never know what a day may bring. Just last week, as I've said after coming to my senses to be practical on things I'll buy, I got my new laptop finally. It was really a plan for me to buy laptop but I waited because I suppose wanted an apple lappy. But just last thursday I decided to buy cheaper than the first but bigger which is more important and practical. So, I was so happy and no regret at all to have this black Acer laptop.

But yesterday, because my husband ordered through internet thursday also his iphone4 and he recieved a note that its already ready for pick up, we went to the store to pick it up. We went out earlier since t'was also Shy's birthday so he can drive us directly to Shy's place after picking up his phone.

But then without a plan, with a little negotiation from the store, I got also my iphone4 with me even to Shy's place. I still don't know how to use it but because the store already transferred my same number and programmed it to my iphone that made my old phone no longer can function:) Huh! I never realize I will attend and enjoy my sweet friend's party with a new blessing with me:)

Two great things, two great blessings in just one week! Uh love!

18 Feb 2011


When you are a stay home mom in a country that seems everyone in your neighbor have their own lives and almost all your time spent only on household chores and taking care of your kids, you will be sick socially and emotionally, well gradually..hehe! So, we are really advised to do something else aside from being home. Either we'll join a group of housewives or mommies that meet together for a healthy living or getting together with friends once in a while!

I am so lucky though that I have friends to hang out with, since I am on leave now taking care of my new born baby. Otherwise, I will be paranoid or depressed just staying home:) So rain or shine, snowing and freezing as long as there's an invitation of getting together, I will be there:) Whether in my place or in a friend's place or even meeting in the city and window shopping together or in some special place as long as we get together it's fine!
Here are some moments of our getting together;
at Lina's place
this is at my crib:)
at the mall just window shopping
neneng's house..so far from our place but we were there!!!

there's an event this time we attended

Yeah,there are familiar faces, they are my partners in crime!hehe!

17 Feb 2011

How to increase your website traffic!

Website traffic is very important to us bloggers who are doing paid posts.

Advertisers will not give us work if our site is silent and almost nobody checks or visits our site. More traffic equals more money earned, right? So every one who owns a website really wants to increase website traffic' in order that their site and their products will be known.
But the question is how? Many have already done their best by visiting and do bloghopping and it is still not enough. Here's some good news and brilliant information I found.

Have you heard of a search engine optimization company? They are a company that has lots of professionals who can help to optimize and design websites, perfectly defining what your website is all about. This is very important in order to attract readers, buyers and visitors. When it is easy to navigate on the website, it reflects the business that is trying to be promoted.

They are also excellent on organic search engine optimization, web mastering and some other kinds of web applications that can make our visitors come back again and again and even captivates more web surfers. And that's what we want right? Check them out!

CC: First Kiss!!

As I was visiting blogs on my friends here in couple's corner, their story made me smile and felt so sweet for them. They have romantic stories about their first kiss as our topic for this week's 'couple's corner'. It makes me ponder now, was our first kiss as romantic as theirs? no it isn't! But I think it was quite memorable. How can I forget that day!

It was in the NAIA's airport Philippines. It was our first met after almost a year of just talking in the phone and through emails . It was awkward but sweet. By no explanation I felt as if I already been with him for a long time that kissing him in that place is nothing but normal. It was more on I missed him so much that I must kiss him so much also...hahah! Anyway, he feels the same he said. Thats why when we met face to face we automatically throw ourselves into each other's arm and kissed.

Mind you, I can't count how many times we kissed that day. As in, for every little while we kiss until in the hotel where we stayed, to the restaurant where we first eat together as in that whole day was full of kisses! No wonder he's like that until these days.

Rodliz’s Nest

Happy CC everyone!

An urgent need of eyeglasses!

Lately I have a problem on my head aching but bearable. Its just disturbing and my eyes easily watered. So, I bet the head ache I have has something to do with my eyes. I really need to have an eye wear. I have actually an eye glasses but it seems it don't work already. When we were in Philippines we went to an optical for check up and they said my eyeglasses already need to be updated because the grade of my eyes is getting higher. But because the prices of their eyeglasses are quite expensive we were not able to but a new one.

I just bear the inconveniency of seeing specially blogging, its hard to stay in the computer for so long. My eyes can no longer hold. Good news I found this online optical where they sell affordable eyeglasses in many different kinds and color that fits you. As I look on their sortiments, many nice one that I like and which I know fits my profile. And the frameless one I like the most. It reminds me my first eyeglasses.

Maybe some of you out there also needs one? Check them out, they have the most affordable yet good quality and styles I ever know.

16 Feb 2011

Satisfied and Happy!

I'm so happy and satisfied with my new lappy. Though not the one I was wishing for few weeks ago but alas and did I made the right choice. This is much better for the price and no need to wait on my part plus my husband can sleep now so well, thinking I already have what I want. Oh, sometimes our eyes and heart is decietful, we really need to think first and pray in everything we do otherwise we regret at the end.

Wow! I really love this. I don't know what to write. I just want to write and write with this newbie of mine. Hahaha! This is my first post using this laptop and It feel so light. Well, I am really blessed to have a husband so kind and loving. I could not ask for more! I can say, I'm so lucky and maybe somehow, somewhere Iv'e done something good, something worthwhile to deserve all these.

"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths"

15 Feb 2011

How much is too much???

Lately, I've noticed that my princess syndrome attack again. And I blamed it to the hormones that is controlling sometimes on my feelings. People near me knows how spoiled I am to my husband. Almost everything I wanted and needed he really gave. But I don't ask if i know he can't..well thats what I thought. Then, I thought I'm a changed woman now. I thought I'm already maturing cause I now understand the seriousness of life. I'm an 'easy go lucky' girl originally but I can see a lot of changes on me now that I got married and have children.

But then lately I felt so guilty with my husband. I again asking him something impractical and so expensive. I asked an apple laptop. He wanted to buy me a new computer but I said no if its not 'apple' . He said we have no money for it this time and I even said 'I can wait'. But everyday I know I was bagging him about it that cause him pressured. I can feel his wanting of giving me what I want but he can't this time since we just visited Philippines and I also want my mother to come and visit here with me in Sweden which of course it needs a lot of money. Oh! what have I've done! Am I already being unreasonable? Am I already asking too much? Yes I think so.

I have no sleep last night thinking and feeling so guilty and so ashamed! I asked sorry to my husband, I told him I don't want that laptop anymore and I blamed it to the hormones the way I behaved lately..hehe. He just smile and I can see he is relieved. He just hug me and said he love me anyway the way I am!

14 Feb 2011


These 3 words means a lot but sometimes abused and misused:) I just hope that everyone out there were reminded today about this thing called LOVE on what and how it means to you. I hope everyone had a nice time together with your loveones and let your heart be glad this day no matter whats the situation.
Everyday I thank the Lord for you Mr. Lars Göran Björlin. You always makes my heart happy and satisfied! And I want to shout to the whole world that I love you so and I would never be tired of saying that:)

To all my friends here, I hope you had a happy valentines day ! Make your everyday full of love to fight the energy that is full of hate! And in everything, Let God's love ruled you! Godbless!

11 Feb 2011

Wishes or Prayers!

When you want good things for your loveones like friends and family you will give wishes for them or you will pray for them. They said wishes is a secular term and prayers is a christian/spiritual term:) Given the situation; there's a birthday celebrator and we as celebrant will give wishes for them. Mostly, we say "I wish you good health...and so on but christians says "My prayers for you that you will have good health..and more..

Hmm, whats the difference? Whats best? both words are positive. What word you usually used? As for me I have many wishes that I brought into prayers that somehow it will come true or be realized. How about you? What do you think about those two kind words?

Pray what you wish for!:) And its my prayer that your wishes today be come true!! Good day and Godbless!

9 Feb 2011

CC: I know I love you before I met you!!!

Just bump to a friend's site for a visit then noticed its CC time once again and today's topic is 'When he told me he loves me'
Rodliz’s Nest

Okay, Do I need to run down and review my emails from him so I know when and what letter he wrote the 3 magic words? heheh. Oh so bad I can't remember. Since we knew each other through mails and phonecalls I can't remember exactly when he told me he loves me. But in my part, I knew I love him before I met him:) Oh, wait! it was me I think who said it first. Oh men... I was so westernize, tsk,tsk! Swedes usually don't say that words until they mean it! And until they really knew the girl very well. So, I know he didn't say it right away even if my picture strucks him already from the very beginning:) And we filipinas won't either but I think I did because I was informed by my aunts that they also like it most if we are open to what we feel.

Hmm..I'll ask my husband..wait!

Me: Honey, do you remember when you said you love me?
My husband : Yup, when you said on one of your letter that you love me!

waaaaaa! I knew it! Ok, atleast I was so happy because even if I dared to say it first, he responded right away that he also do love me long before:) And he don't waste his time writing and sending me money for net cafe so I can reply if he didn't love me from the start!

Uh! Love...

7 Feb 2011

A photo that costs thousands!

Yesterday, me and couple of friends went to a photo studio and experienced being treated like a model. One of my friends won the typical ads for a model studio a make over and photo shoots and she was required to bring 4 friends with her and I was one of the chosen.

We were excited! It could be an experience of a lifetime:) There, we were maked up by make up atists then dressed up and did lots of photo shoots! different styles, different poses, background and at least 5 poses on every background or props. During the time I really enjoyed the feelings. It took couple of hours posing, changing place and changing clothes but really satisfying! we laugh as a group!

Everything was free except the photos. But its also not required that we should buy all our photos. I was thinking and my husband told me, its a good experience and it would be nice if we have a remembrance. We can buy one or two:) I was thinking if its only 40crowns per photo I will buy 5, like 200 crowns. Oh well, after all were done and we're excited to see our photos. We were brought to a room were the computer is and before they showed us our pictures they told us the prices. I almost fainted..hahaha! 550crowns (4000pesos) per photo if we get only one picture and 620 for 2. the more pictures you'll buy the cheaper per picture it will be..but hallo??? And if we buy all its gonna be 2,350crowns:I Oh we were desperate, we don't want to see our pictures anymore because surely we don't want to pay that price!

At the end, after looking our pictures, it was so nice just the price also very nice.. my other friends did not buy but my husband said we can buy 3 anyway just for a remembrance. My good feeling and the experience cannot be bought. So we went home with 3 pictures:)

How much your picture costs?

6 Feb 2011


Being thoughtful is not about riches or having lots to give, its about character. Thoughtfulness can be showed by giving something like special things, flowers, and cards during special occasions. It can be shown also by asking someone how is he/she's doing, if she feel good or what. And by showing symphaty even emphaty to the people you love and cared for.

I can say my husband is thoughtful. He always asks and check me and the children everyday even he's at work if we're doing fine. He always think about us more than himself. And even to his family he also did. Last friday, I was a little angry with him why he was late going home, but then when he arrive home I understood why..he dropped by the store to buy flower for me and couple of my favorite chocolates since it was my day five years ago arriving Sweden. Oh..I was so touched.

His thoughtfulness carried me through!!! Have a blessed sunday every one!!

3 Feb 2011

It's been FIVE years!!!

Time passed just like that! One day when you wake up, you will be amazed how far you've gone already. Typically, some of the words that comes out to our mouth are; " wow, time passes so fast" or " it just seemed like it was yesterday:).." And then when we recall all those years we have different responses! whether or not a wonderful years or a long losts years.

Five years ago today, I landed safely at Landveter Airport Gothenburg Sweden. And I hold my first snow also that day:)Emotions were there, and the hope of a new life, new beginning was present. And then, I am lucky! It was really a marvelous years I had together with my husband. And now after five wonderful years, I can say my life is complete! With my two wonderful daughters, I already have this family I can call my own:)!

Thank you Lord for all those years and the coming years ahead!

2 Feb 2011

CC: First Sweet/'kilig' Moments!

Hmm..let me refresh my mind! I can't remember the first 'kilig' moment. Because the first time we met the feeling was not sweet..yeah it was sweet but mixed with other feelings like, I was so conscious and shy and don't know what to act infront of him.

We knew each other first by letters and phonecalls..I just can say that everytime I recieved letter from him, it was heaven and everytime he calls it was like I'm floating in the third level of the earth called space..lol.

Anyway, I can consider my first sweet moment with him was during our wedding. Everyone noticed that from the start his eyes was on me alone. And when we changed our vows he has teary eyed. that was so sweet of him I think:) And all I can say now that even if I don't have a remarkable story of us on our first 'kilig' moment , I'm proud enough to say that I married SWEET man. Everyday his sweetness lingers!
Rodliz’s Nest