29 Jun 2011

In Times...

"My child, my precious child
I love you
and I would never leave you...
During the times
When you see
only one sets of footprints,
it was then
that I carried you!"

Sounds familiar??? you got it! yes! these are taken from the famous "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND" piece. Im so amaze on this simple story. Infact, there was once... along my life's journey, time when I got burdens so heavy, when my life was in the dark and miserable, when I experienced as if the world falls down on me, when it felt no one cares at all, everything was doomed and senseless! I was so down and all I saw was darkness!

Then out from nowhere.., came the song 'footprints in the sand'. Narration said; " My child.. my precious child..." as the narration continues, my closed mind opened up! my disturbed mind went arranged suddenly! It seemed my heart crumpled and I forgot where I was, I cried like a baby.., like a child sobbing on her father's shoulder, word for word from the song continued hitting me. Then I realized, I was on the public jeepney:) people/commuters looked at me, different reactions; some pitiful, some sarcastic, but I didnt cared anyway as far as I remember, I continued crying my burdens out! It was really great!That moment lightened up everything in me!

Yes! its true! we believe that theres always someone with us, besides us, and if its shown in a footprints, there should be two sets of footprints, one belongs to you and the other to that someone and it feels great!And we believe he'll walk with us all the way. But In times of troubles, when we needed them the most, and we'll see only one set of footprints, what will you feel??? Of course fears and disappointments because we will think we are alone, we'll think only our footprints remains... but then when we go back to the story... it actually states that its not our footprints that we saw...

"The Lord said... during your times of trials and sufferings... and you see only one sets of footprints, it was then... that I CARRIED YOU!"

26 Jun 2011

Chic Black Lampshade!

Last week we visited at home with my sister-in law and I found this so chic black lampshade they have in the corner! So elegant and romantic!
With all those crystal balls way down to the foot stand, really chic and so wonderful!
And when its light up?? the more it became so nice and romantic! Hmm..wish to have like this but this seems costs a lot:) Well, linking this to " Chic n Black".
mytotsexactly CIB Monday

23 Jun 2011

Big Brother he is!

Couple's Corner
Well, my husband as a big brother and the only brother of 5sisters is no doubt the best and the world's kindest brother so to speak! Well, those words are from their sisters.
And I agree! as this week's topic, my husband as a brother, I cannot brag for more! He's the coolest and great! He always think of them and help them in his simple way. He love his sisters so much I can feel that. And I think his sisters knows that too and respect him to the max. They love him as well. As to my brothers which become his brother in law?..waah, they are so proud and lucky having him. He also shows and feel them as his brother! I cannot ask for more!
So proud wife I am:)

Health help for families!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we were in Philippines with my family last year, I got an eye irritation right after two days from arrival which I thought or many said it was sore eyes because of the red effect on my eyes. But in some friend's perspective, it was just an eye irritation because of the travel and the dusty road we have been through. I became worried when in the next day my daughter got the same too. I was not aware about it but luckily my friend from US who also went home for Christmas lend us her secret. She handed me Walgreens original Eye Drops which she had it all the way from US. She said she used to bring medicines when traveling in cases like this.

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21 Jun 2011

White hair:)

I thought white hair are just for adults as a sign of old age..hehe! But not this cutie one:) He has really a nice white hair and adorable:)
He is my childrens' cousin and his hair are just amazingly pretty and white:) With my little one here on white sweeter and the white ball. I think this is perfect for my entry on " Wednesday White". Good day!

17 Jun 2011

CC; hubby as a FATHER!

Hehe, my late entry..but I was making a wrong topic;) It was hubby as a brother which is next week's topic! Well, this week's topic is 'my husband as a father' . Oh, well, I can say how lucky my children to have him as their father .
If as Laikka describes us as..I am like a 'sun' that always shines over them, her Papa is the 'world' to her:) She's a Papa's girl because I know that she feel how her father love her. My husband is a loving father but also disciplining them in a right way. I once asked before why he bought such thing to Laikka so expensive and then I was shut by his answer; " I can use all my salary for my children;I " Uh, I can't forget that! hehe.

He's a happy one being a father. He has no regrets but so proud father! He is so cool in handling them. Even if he's tired from work but taking care of them is not a problem. I really have a luck having him as the father of my children! I can't ask for more!
Couple's Corner

14 Jun 2011

Inevitable situations!

Have you experienced that you are in the situation you don't like but you cannot help but face? It just came without expecting it and worst you cannot get rid of it, well ..no longer.

It's quite depressing and discouraging but its not good to cry over spilled milk. All we have to do is face it and learned from it. So next time we will be far more better to watch out as to not land in situations that are inevitable. Regrets are not good to let them stay within us. We may have it but it can be released and move on:) Good day and Godbless!

8 Jun 2011

CC: Hubby as a SON!

I am so proud about my husband being who he is to everyone! He's just amazing when it comes to relationship to people. Being a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, a citizen... I like how he dealt with anyone. This months topic in Couple's Corner is all about hubby. And this week will be "as a SON".

Oh, well, he's great! and I say his mother is so lucky and so proud to have him. And of course his father as well. Though his parent's live separate lives but both are in good relationship as well as him towards them. I can't call them broken family, instead they become one big family.

Couple's Corner
Being a son he so helpful and really kept the relationship close to his both parents as much as possible. What else could I say than being so proud about him. Inspite of circumstances HE chose to be a good son! And because he's a good son, he's a best father as well:) Happy CC!

6 Jun 2011

Giant Black Parasol!

Since we already have a summer hot,hot,hot here in Sweden, my husband bought a giant parasol for the housewagon of my MIL. Since we almost spent our weekends there with the whole family, its cool to have big one!
Chic right? we have the biggest sol umbrella in the nieghborhood..hehe! This will be my entry for Chic in Black! Good day!

mytotsexactly CIB Monday

4 Jun 2011

Series of getaways!

I can hardly update my blogs these days since we're always out! It's holiday here in Sweden from thursday and good summer weather! Oh, so warm. So, we have been into outings, visiting places and enjoying the time we have. We usually be home at night and of course tired:)

This made me think and worried about for the next couple of months to come. We will have our vacation time, will I be able to still blog specially when we will be busy going out of the country vacationing? Wish me luck! Have a great weekend everyone!