27 Jun 2009


Something useless to someone can be precious to others,
and something best to someone can be bad to others!

The whole week has been so bright and sunny! So hoooot under the sun! And Swedish people are enjoying and rejoicing every moment of it! They look so happy and alive! It seems they just woke up from a long sleep!Every one want to stay outside and they feel so sorry if they have to work inside! They longed to be free from work as to go out anywhere and have pleasure with Mr. sun! they want to have color! they want to have tan skin and the sun can give it!

But for me, its so much! Too much sun gave me pain on the skin and head ache:( Makes me uncomfortable and make me sick!. One day, while I was on the train station waiting for the train together with some others, I stayed on the shadow, and almost everyone looked at me with a strange expression on the face! Then, one speak up and said to me, " why you hide in the shadow? come out in the sun!" hahaha, so I realized,.. thats the reason why they looked strange at me, they wonder among all people there who want to be out, there I was hiding from the sun! So, I just smile and said; " I don't need more color anyway, I already have a nice and natural brown complexion.. hehhe! And then, she said.. oh yaah!!! Any--way!And left me alone! hmmmp!

But one most sad that happened this sunny week was that my dear little girl got fever! She vomited while playing under the sun at school yesterday! Her body was not able to take so much warm yet! And I was so worried cause she didn't want to eat the whole 24 hours! just water she drinks, which is good! But she still so weak and I was not able to sleep the whole night taking care of her! This morning she still so warm, weak and don't want to take her medicine so I did the same native first aid I knew in Philippines; I put a cold towel on her forehead then I rebuked the fever away from my daughters body! Then she went to sleep, praise God when she woke up, she ask for water and then food! I did a porridge while she slept and so I gave her when she asked for a food. She eats almost all that I gave then drink her medicine after eating! And thank God she is much better now! And hope it will get better and better!
Its not easy having your child get sick!
Its still sunny weekend today...
We are just here inside our home while others are there outside partying;)
I will try to take some sleep now while my princess is asleep!
Take care everyone! Have a nice day!

22 Jun 2009

Unexpected Blessings

"And the Lord will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory!"

Today is really a blessed day for me and my family! I'm so happy and I cannot thank so much to the great provider! Im so amazed and a little guilty because sometimes even if we already knew and had already experienced many times God supplied our needs but still when we are in a situation, still we worry so much.

These past few months, we encountered problems on our economy! Our budgets went so wrong and down. First because we just transfer into a bigger family apartment! So changes went so fast, everything had to cost much bigger than the usual! Plus, our car was in trouble (already old:) needs new..hehe) and much more to mention that cost money! That instead of saving we seemed spending much!

Im so much positive than my husband in this case but still inside of me Im so affected and worried:( But I dont want my husband to see it! And as I always do.. I went back to the Promises instead of thinking the Problems.

But this afternoon, while I was at work, my husband called with the information about how much it cost to fix his diver's watch and other stuff on diving! Finally, I pissed out and felt so weak! I was so disturbed and can't work good! So, right there I whisper a prayer and claiming God's promises.

Then... just after an hour from a problem call comes an answered prayer call. My husband called again informing me that there's a mail from tax government for me.. so I let him open it, and I thought he's just kidding me that I got tax return that much! I just expecting for a hundred from them but he said thousands, so I hurried home and found out he is telling the truth! See... its half more than we need! Isnt it great???

Like what I said; If the world has a lot of problems, God has a lot of promises!

21 Jun 2009

Promises that last!

"Be strong and have a good courage, be not afraid niether be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with you WHERE EVER YOU GO! " joshua 1:9

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to them who are the called according to His purpose!"romans 8:28

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future!" jeremiah 29:11

These are my life verses whatever, wherever, whoever! Thats why;)

Try it! Godspeed!

20 Jun 2009


"After the rain there is sunshine
Behind the clouds is a sun
After the dark night is a bright daylight!"

Today is Sweden's midsummer day!!! and last night they celebrated the "midsummerfest" infact it was holiday yesterday, free from work! hehe. Im really amaze how they put importance on summer time. As in its mr. sun Im talking about! Even the fact that it hides many times from them. Well beacause "sun" means happy:) alive, oppurtunities, luck and all positive things while "rain" means sadness, gloom, darkness, failures!only few situations it means blessings specially for the farmers! but personality wise it is!

But we can anyhow thanks for every weather we have in our lives. I mean both interpretation. By its word, yeah our physical body needs sun and rain, night and day. As well as our emotions and life situation we need all those.. even those negatives for it will makes us strong and wise enough to solve or face every kind of situations/season!

If we are in the darktimes of our lives.. be assured that it will not remain like that.. it is destined to pass and therefore a new day will surely come, the sun shines again!

And if we are of our daylight? be thankful and enjoy every minute of it cause the same thing it will pass also and therefore save it, use it for good and learn in preparation for the night!

Goodluck and Godbless!

19 Jun 2009

angel of mine

There's this girl...

She captured the eyes of everyone
Even captivate the heart of my loveone.
By her innocency she owns the world's pleasure
And even wins those lives under pressure

She has the beauty beyond description
She cries, she laugh, she smiles
She can sing and dance and play as well
And smart enough to follow direction

She's my little girl and my princess
The apple of my own eyes
She's my boss and yet my helper
The best gift ever

She is her papa's little darling
And her friends favorite playmate
She is an angel of mine
And this girl calls me "mama"

18 Jun 2009

play while you work

As I was in the train this morning sitting and reading the Daily Newspaper I found an exciting qoutations that says; (it was in swedish)

"När arbetet är ett nöje,
är livet fyllt av glädje,
När arbetet är en plikt
blir livet ett slaveri!"

Oh well, in English it means.., when you consider your work as pleasure, life becomes full of fun, but when you consider your work as duty, life becomes slavery!

Life here in abroad is so much pressure. The daily routine at home, school, and work.. and the time??? its like we always catching it everyday! Work at home, work at school and jobwork!!!work..work..work! And it tends to slave us already. And so this qoutations is a wake up call for me. It makes me ponder and realized that I already treated my daily routine as my daily duty the reason why it became so hard and tiring! Hmm..thanks for the reminder!

Its not too late, right mate???


"consider it done!"

"why worry while you can pray?"
I woke up this morning reminded of God answering all my prayers big and small. As I shared in my recent posts, everything that I dreamed of even those that were seems impossible happened and my secret along with 'doing' was pray! Lately, me and my husband talk about our plans for our family and he sounds like what we wants are so away from reality and Im thinking hmm why is that??? all my life been living in hoping and praying and now I got it even more than I wanted! So why not do the same thing???

Here are my prayers;

1. my husbands desire to have that brand new car he wants by october;)- God provides!

2. my plans next term about studies, work and family(to have another child;)a boy,heheh)- God's guidance and direction!

3. our plan to let my mother visit us here in sweden;)-God's will!

4. our long term plan to acquire a house enough to cater friends and family;)- God bless!
Hmm.. these are my new prayers and it feels like God said; " consider it done my child" aheheh Im excited!!! JENEFA;)

17 Jun 2009


"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

sundown near the beach

grasshopper on the leaf


our daily bread

...see what I mean???

I like to pose in the camera but I loooove taking pictures the most! Honestly? I always have my camera with me coz anytime wherever and when ever I feel like what I see is something on it and beautiful, right away...mmmm 'click'.

I took all these pictures in different time different places and in different situation... and all for me is beau.....tiful and wonderful! ;) Enjoy guys!

16 Jun 2009

wow nice awards!!!

Aren't they beautiful? Hmmmm so happy when I recieved these from my good friend David. He is my new friend but I like him from the start! He is so kind and helpful and not selfish! And his blog??? extra ordinaire:) He has thousands of friends but he always have time for each one! Thanks David, and may you keep it up! Hope we meet in person someday, somehow!
I want my new friends to have these also! It doesnt matter if you already got some of it.. it just means you really deserve it:) Here you are; chris, shelly, diane, georgi, freelova, kurdapya, ephie, jelai, anna, ,momshe, cutella, Toni, and to shy and jenny heheh.
Enjoy my friend! and keep up the good work!

14 Jun 2009

Exemplary Life

"...daddy, daddy look! Im following your twacks!"

My little girl is so witty! On her age now she's on the 'great imitator' stage! Everything she sees and hears she follows, trying to copy, to do the same thing herself! She dont understand yet what is good and bad as long as the adults is doing it, then she thinks its good and right and she wants to do it also, specially 'us' her parents! And we enjoy it so much because we find her so funny and cute! specially when she try to do what her father is doing! she wants to walk like exactly the way her papa walk! and when they play together, her dad try to form his face into different position, and yah it will be funny when she try to imitate. She also try to do what i do;) like if Im fixing my face and hair, she's there looking and so keen observing,and when Im gone or finish, she will take my place and fix herself the way I did..hehe! And look on the picture she also try to sit the way I sit even her legs can hardly reach the table.

A few years ago, I happen to read a story about a child found in a bar looking for his daddy. So upset the dad ask his 5year-old son how he got there!!! Then the child point her dad's footstep in the snow.. "look i'm just following your twacks!" hmm... the lesson? (you can share what you think about it)

Do our actions a good example to young ones??? They are looking us up! And they will be what we are! So we must behave right and live an exemplary life!

13 Jun 2009

The Woman called Janmah;)

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you! plans to give you hope and a future!"

says the Lord in Jer. 29:11

My friend jenny lately on her post put a meaning every letter on her name that fits her personality;) And I think she's fun of doing that cause she also tried putting meaning to my name:) which is so sweet of her. I said that because even to my 'friendster' she posted my name with a meaning on every letter..hehe! She's d gurl! Well, for me yah its nice and fun to play with our names:) And we have different story why we got our name as it is. My name according to almanac means "Gods gift". But do you want to know the meaning/story behind my name?
My mother was a christian ever since she was a kid. And she loves Jesus above all things. And so when she got pregnant on her first baby (which is me;) She named me JANETH because she loves
Jesus And Nothing Else more Than Him;) There goes the letters of my name! hmmm... what do you think?? but..
Who really is Janmah?

She' s a woman after God's own heart actually.
She can be your good friend but she could be your bad enemy too.
She live simply full of promises from her best friend.
She's a sweet daughter and a cool sister,
A loving mother and a faithful wife;)
She's a teacher in profession and love children so much!
Traveling and adventure are her passion.
She dont care so much and insensitive sometimes. (hmm bad side maybe:l but she is).
She talk so much but she know also how to listen.
She's straight forward but sweet;)
She was branded as the girl who owns the world's smile on her younger years!
She love to read and write!
And above all, she put her trust to only one..her best friend!

Note: this is dedicated to my new found friends here in the blogger world! Have a good time everyone;)

11 Jun 2009

Dream BIG dreams

"the poorest in the world,
is not those who have no money
but those who has no dreams;)"

And why is that??? because dreams are free and so no reason why you cant have it! Well, I might not rich with money but Im so rich with dreams! Im kind of -d' dreamer:)

I remember when I was young... together with my brother we dreamed big things out from our young minds! We just lived in a barn and we had to work hard for our food every meal even we were still too young for it! But we had to helped our parents so we can moved on!

One day, while we were pounding the grains to make it a fine rice, my brother was talking as many impossible things that comes out from his mind like "when I grow up I will build a biiiiig house for mama and papa" I will buy biiig colored TV:)" and then I second the motion, "yah.. and then I will be the one to buy nice sofa, component, refregerator..." and the like! and then we laughed after.. then he shouted! "give me the power to be superman" hahahah.. that was so funny in my memory! Even now when all flash back to my mind, I cry and smile:) double emotion!why???

Coz' then I thought it was just the result of our tiresome and hardships. I thought it was just a dreams and will remain a dream... but they're not! Because all of those dreams came into a reality! Amazing as it is but Im now proud to say that my brother, my poor cool brother had already done what he said before! he is now a civil engineer and a contractor and therefore to build big houses and even buildings is what he does. His first project was our house:) And I also did what I said before!heheh, to put things on our house and make my family live a life that is comfortable!
And one big dream I had before( my family also knows this) that is about to be realize is " to travel around the globe:) Before, it seems sooooo imposible! In our situation? hmmm but at least I had a dream. Traveling and adventures is really my thing, so even just anywhere nearby I wanted to explore! But then now??? look! my dream begins to come true! Ive been already in few different countries and next month we will be in Denmark for one week;) isn't it great???? And Im still excited what else will I experienced!

I realized, With God in your side??? really nothing is impossible! Thats our family secret actually! If the world has so much PROBLEM? God has so many PROMISES!

9 Jun 2009

Watch your W.A.T.C.H

Watch your...

W- word
*remember we are judge by the words that comes out from our mouth
A- action
*this will speak more than words as we knew
T- tongue
*this is a small thing that can make you or break you!
C- company
*whoever your friends are its what you are also
H- heart
*the so fragile part and the most luring;)

It was pretty long ago since I heard these shared by a youth leader in our church Ms Diane but since then I have it in my mind and heart! I was so blessed by these, and many times these things reminds me to watch out.

If it blessed me, hope it will bless you also! Godspeed!

Award fro shy;)

Hmm.. got this beautiful award from my cute friend sarah ;) Thanks sar for believing on me, heheh! Well, I love to pass this to my new friends Rad on daddysport, Toni of course, rafael and cutella. Happy blogging friends!

7 Jun 2009

Look Who's Talking!!!

"Intelligence counts a lot.
But personality speaks even before your mouth proves
the power of your brain."

Everytime I met new people, first thing that Im observing is the way she/he speaks;) Its usually by the way people speaks personality shown. Take note not by what she/he talks about but the way people talks. There are some who dont talk so much on first meeting but there are some also that are so loud and talkative, that as if you already knew each other for a long time;) I always heard before; that those who are not afraid to speak up are smart ones. I mostly heard it from my mother and teacher. As I grew older and loud.. I realized that they just told me so to make me not to become insecure and shy, to make my self-confident, strong and stable. For the fact that I am a small kind of creature..hehhe.

Now, I learned that there are two kinds of loud people, those who are smart and those who are blabber mouthed. Those who are smart speaks with knowledge! But those who are blabber mouthed speaks how knowledgeable they are!

Well, what do you think? Have you experienced something familiar? Do you know someone that thinks she is intelligent but now you realized she just have a blabbermouth? ("pamati" kung sa bisaya pa?)

Remember; "Small people talk about people, but smart people talk about oppurtunities and current events!" HAVE A NICE MONDAY!!!

6 Jun 2009

Free and Healthy it is!

"Smile is the best way to start a new day!"

wacky smile;)
Like mother, like daughter smile:)

cutest smile

simply professional smile

Fatherly loving smile:)

Hmmm... whatever kind of smile as long as you smile it makes a difference. It will make people happy, it get away wrenkles in the forehead;) it keeps out problems, pressures and stress, it makes us younger..heheh! And many more!

What else Smile can do??? comment!!! hurry;) so everyone is happy!!!

5 Jun 2009

Lovely Award from Jenny d gennie;)

I got this very lovely blog award from my very lovely blog friend Jenny. Thank you so much jen for giving me this wonderful and lovely award again. I do appreciate it very much.
The rules are:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
No objections to this one but it sounds funny that acceptance of the award is a must.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
I'm passing this award to my lovely new found friends namely: Toni , Kurdapya, Georgi, Tita Beng,Susan,Cutella,Rafael,Shelly,Mommy.

So there you go, hope you like it the way i did!
Happy blogging!

3 Jun 2009


"Love makes a Friendship"

We tried to give countless meaning for A FRIEND! Sometimes depends on what we feel, or what we see or what we experienced or even what kind of friend we have and what kind of a friend we are.

In my younger years, I had a friendship journal, there I wrote all about friends and friendship! Everytime I read or heard about it, I wrote on that journal, and even my diary with my bestfriend is there. One of my favorite there is this;

F- is for the Feelings when Im with you

R- is for how Radical you are

I- is for your Individuality

E- is for your Ever loving care

N- is for your Never ending thoughtfulness and

D- is coz I Die without a FRIEND

Hmm.. its so simple but complete! isnt it?? Oh how I miss my journal, but even its not with me now but those words there still in my mind! Probably, thats the reason why I have so many friends! hehe, but we only have one bestfriend!

Our best friend could be our mother or father, it could be our husband/wife, it could be our sister/brother, or it could be someone else! For me and my brothers, we call ourselves BBF, bestfriends forever! coz we grow, we laugh, we cried, we fight for life TOGETHER! and it will remain like that!

And there are so many sayings as well, like.."tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are" sounds familiar? And theres also that says; "A friend is closer than a brother."..and many more... But...?!

What really is FRIENDSHIP?
What does it mean???
What does it mean to you???