28 Jul 2011

TOP 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2001 Writing Projects!

I consider myself lucky have been made it into blogging. I never thought I can survive or I can make it! I have no idea about many things that involves to become successful in this line of work or expressing self! All I know is I love to write even before when I only use my pen and notebooks. I love diaries and journals but I never thought there's this so called blogging!

I can say, destiny brings me home. So even if how hard it might seems, I learned so fast and acquire informations and friends from different bloggers and blogs. This blog Insights was my first blog and as the title tells ; its purely my humble thoughts and my honest insights on everything were all I had in mind the time I started year 2008. I never thought there are more to think about and I can do.

Blogging is my way out of stress and pressures, unspoken words, and a great help on my writing ability or shall I say it fills my love in writing. And so I am joining the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 Writing Project to express my gratitude to those blogs and bloggers that helped me consciously and unconsciously in becoming a good blogger. I appreciate this idea of Ms. Janette Toral, who started this project so fantastic!

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My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs are the following:

1. http://www.momwrites.com/

This mommy writer of this blog influenced me a lot and to many bloggers I know. This blog expresses wonderful thoughts and positive outlook in life on things and situation even how blurd it seems.

2. http://www.notepadcorner.com/

I love the ideas and simple thoughts this blog gave me. The blogger is versatile enough in expressing interesting things in our day to day living!

3. http://mommysurvival.info

A touching and an encouraging blogs of a mother surviving the great tests in life! The daily simple tips of motherhood direct from her experiences are so helpful for a mother like me.

4. http://thebloggersjournal.com/

This site helps me the hows and whys in blogging. Tutorial are simple and easy to follow. I really appreciates bloggers who shares their knowledge and am one of the lucky partakers.

5. http://www.levyousa.com/

Oh I love how great ideas the bloggers shares here. When you are down and feels bad?, visit here where your spirit be lifted up!

6. http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/

I simply loves food and I love how the author deliverate and shares their talent in terms of cooking and sharing different kinds of foodies!

7. http://www.mygreenlivingideas.com

I love nature the most. I salute the author of this blog for looking and taking importance on green living which is about our mother nature!

8. http://www.totteringmama.com

She/It speaks about families, parenting, married life how can one snab all informative and useful ideas about light and life!

9. http://pepperrific.com

So exciting reading its blog about single parenting. We can learn and be encouraged by a life seems incomplete but it works well!

10. http://www.mypaintedlips.com/

I live with lipsticks in my pocket because I have a pale lips. I like this idea here about things that helps beautify our lips! I was actually thinking about this title before but I found out its here already!The blogger or writer has a fantastic ideas.

You too can join this project by giving your 10 nominees and even win $100. Check more!

22 Jul 2011

Tears are a language!

Tears comes when I am angry, when I am sad and when I am happy! So, if it's a language how one can understand if its anger, sadness or happiness?

Every morning lately when I wake up , I can't control, tears just running out through my eyes. Then if my daughter see it, she'll ask; why are you sad mama? Hmm..does it mean that my tears read as sadness? Well, I believe that tears indeed are a language though it is read differently to different concerns.

One thing for sure, my tears are always heard by someone up there. And He always answered by the way it meant and He wipes away all my tears always at the right time. And I know that every tears that runs or fall down from eyes has a price and its a heavy price!Thays why I'm not afraid to cry:I

Have a great weekend everyone!

12 Jul 2011

Childhood Frustrations!

Do you have frustations to become or to have when you were still a kid? And by any circumstances it wasn't become possible? And now that you became parents or old enough you want it to be applied to your kids or someone else in particular?

Then I am not alone:) I have so many childhood frustrations that I am now filling in through my children. I want them to have what I haven't before. From the simple stufftoys to the places I wanted to be and now I want them to experience those.

I have no regrets about it because I understand it so well. Instead those frustrations became one of my encourager or guide why I become what I am now! Now the question is; is it unfair to our kids applying to them what we want instead of letting them have the things they personally wants? Any disadvantagse and advantages? I just came to ponder upon about this because my kids are already growing and already shows what they wants. They already have decisions which woke me up that I want them to like what I like..hahah which is not good:( But in the other hand, the fact that they can have now and can be what they want it to be! That's a blessing!

6 Jul 2011

Freedom, Stillness, and Innocence!

Pictures says many things. And when you are the one taking those, it means something to you depending sometimes on how you feel in the moment! I got these beautiful pictures last weekend and I feel good on them! Just Beautiful!

Looking at the bird flying with open wings portrayed freedom and something to ponder upon that we can fly high even if alone!

The stillness of water and the soroundings makes me feel calm and peaceful, make me feel He is there! I want my soul to rejoice His goodness!

Like a child in His eyes, no grievances, innocent and dependent! God make me one, keep me always in your care and let peace and freedom works with in me!

4 Jul 2011

In making decisions!

Every day, every hour, every minute we are facing decision making. Whether or not to go this way or that way, or to do this or that. There are basic decisions in our daily lives that we already used to it but there are big decision in life that we have to do that makes our lives.

Decision making can be regarded as the mental processes that every normal individual have. But what are the things you will consider in making decisions? We have so many things to consider that make it hard to decide. Everyone has their own way that works for them on the particular situations.
For me, I always turn to God every decision I have to make. As what the bible said; "In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." You can never be wrong if only we are sensitive in His leading! Have a great day!