29 Apr 2009


'Grow where you are planted!'

My first year here in Sweden was so depressing. Everything was different from what I used to be:( You might think, it was just homesick or adjustments, which everyone who's away from home experienced! Well..it can be. But it was more than that. ' This is not what i should be or at least not that I expected! I began to feel so useless and dull! I cant forget my husbands tears because he was worried and didn't know what to do more for me. In fairness he did all what he could but I was acting like stupid. But no one knows about that struggles aside from him. All they knew and see in me was a woman who own the world's smile:) , an encourager to others and the life of every gatherings. But inside of me the battle was so strong.

Until one day I received a text message from a friend in Philippines, it was a greetings and ends with the following words; 'GROW WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED'. I just read it once but cant get rid away from my thoughts anymore. It echoes at the back of my mind with a challenge behind those words. then I started looking widely around me and realized that even plants here grows beautifully where they planted. For example.. the orchids, I used to know that they lived best in a certain special wood ( at least in Philippines it is) but here in Sweden they just put in a pot and still give flowers so beautifully. So I realized its not where its planted but on how it was taken care of. There was a big twist on my life that day!

Every chapter in our lives should be interesting and growing. It might sometimes don't seems good in some way or another but lets try to look at the positive view on it. In some situations everything might fall into failure but remember that behind it must be a great success! In everything try to find the positive side even how tiny it might be. It is not the thing or the situation that matters but it is how you look and react on that certain things or situation that counts most.

I would like to end this with a story my daughter love to watch over and over again, and it blesses me so much too. Its about the 5puppies that fall into a place which they don't suppose to be... the Iceland Alaska. They were so special dogs in their different owners way back home. But here their kind is not so strong they are just common dogs. There are special kind of dogs that is more important and useful here. But there's one boy who live here that own one ice dog and all he wants to do is to join the traditional race contest but it needs 6dogs so he is praying for an impossible prayer to have 5more dogs so he can be in the race. To make the story short, that 5puppies became the answer and they won the race!

Our lives sometimes have to be different for the sake of others! All we have to do is to believe that everything has its purpose. Until we found out where and what we really meant to be!


25 Apr 2009

surviving motherhood

"Train up a child on the way they should go,
So when she is old she will not depart from it!"

Motherhood is a wonderful thing! It makes you wise and mature.It keeps you alive and happy. It even gives your life a purpose! Its not easy though, coz along all these is a great responsibility!
When I was still single and teaching a nursery kids...ooh they were 'tabularasa', what you give/teach is what they take! they dont know what is right and wrong! I felt so responsible for what it takes them to. I told myself, how much more for the mothers. And I was thinking that when time comes that I'll become one, I should be strict loving mother;) Strict in a right way, I thought.I should be like this and that! But... now that I am already a mother for real, things goes so different. All I want is to love her no matter if its already spoiling her! It feels like I forget all my ideals of being a mother.
I understand that every mother are different but whatever kind we are, the important is we should enjoy being a mother because whatever kind we are its a beautiful thing. And whatever kind we are, we're considered blessed!
Just keep it in mind...train them now, what they should be when they grow up! and remember, they best learn by example;)


24 Apr 2009


"Every little things
you have done today
has a great part on the things
you will do tomorrow"

Sometimes in our lives we took for granted those simple things we were doing everyday. We even tired of it and thinks that those are just one of those daily routine everyone can have. Worse we dont remember it, and it sometimes reach to the point that we hate ourselves on why we are just doing those boring and easy simple things. And we will compare ourselves on others, why they are doing those great and famous things while me??? remains like this as simple as it is! And we keep on saying to ourselves...' I deserve more..' We tend to look ourselves as useless and does inferiority comes in.

But if we really look at it... those little things that we've done today are the ones that will bring us to our bright future. Its just a preparation, a training on the great things that is ahead of us! When we are good on it, it tells that you will be doing great on those big things that is destined for you.

So let us do our best in everything... it is not how big or small that matters but its on how we do it! So, look forward remember, a journey to a thousand miles always starts in one step;)

23 Apr 2009

A Glimpse of ME

I'm new here, hope i will have fun and can share daily wisdom everyday which i love to do!!! ;) I am married to a loving and supportive Swedish husband and we are blessed with a beautiful and adorable daughter named Lara Angelikka a.k.a Laikka.I am currently living in Gothenburg Sweden but I am a filipina though! I am a working mom and a student at the same time.
I'm fun to be with and love life so much!

I'm looking forward to what I can have here and what I can share!
Hope to have some friends!