31 Mar 2010

Much Help!

The time I got miscarriage, I was so down and at first can't accept it. I was hoping against hope that its still there. Self-denial came in. I can't cry and still believing that I was still pregnant. But that stupidity only lasts one week. I cried so hard and poured out everything I felt to my God. After that I felt good and back in shape again..hehe.

But I am really so blessed because just after two months from that miscarriage, the Lord bless me this pregnancy again. What had happen I knew had a purpose and not yet for me. Now I'm in my 3months and still praying that this time, this is it! Hope you do also with me.
My first trimester is not easy. Many strange feelings I got and the morning sickness is so much. I got also travel sickness..Oh, not easy. But thanks to my doctor who gave me this 'sea band' which really helps a lot. Since I travel a lot this time so t'was hard for me. But since I started wearing this..I really got much help!

Have a great day everyone!!!


Whew! summer time is coming up. Time when we can do lots of things. Many activities that we already miss doing during other season. Like outdoor activities and outdoor games. It was but already boring having so long winter and extra ordinary cold we had this season. That's why we here always wishing the summer to come, the sun to show up and to get rid of these lots and heavy clothes on us:)

But this week, bright day every morning welcomes us already. And just last sunday we already change our time into summer time and cars already changing into summer wheels. Oh well, its so good to feel. And of course sports news announcing different games here and there like baseball, softball and basketball! Popular teams and players are already on the go. Then sports betting again will be the talk of the town.

I was fond about it before, when I was still in philippines with my friends, we bet who will be the champion on the season's basketball famous team. And who among players will rise. But then when I get here..things became the opposite of everything I was used to. hehe. But I'm so happy to find this Sports betting online where they shared the hows and what. Techniques and styles and lots of information about it. My interests came back and the want of doing it again is revived! Wanna join?

30 Mar 2010

Something New!

Iv'e been waiting for my mother to be online this morning because I suppose to ask her about the recipe I know she's good at. But she didn't until tonight. We just finish talking and she told me why she was not able to reply my text message and therefore didn't open the computer.

They have been in the motorcycle store and just purchased the new motorcycle that my brother wanted. Since our old motorclycle already over used and shall I say became a public utility..hehe because almost everyone on our village borrows and use it. And the fact that its already quite so old..almost 8years old. So, he thought its time to buy his personal and new one. Eveything they fixed before they went home. Like the liscense, temporary insurance, and some important papers. And they came home with the new motorcycle.

It was my husband who suggests the color when we were still talking about it and planning:) I like it too! So, am happy knowing that this is the one they took. Well, dear brother, congrats and take care. Always take safety measures:) In everything you do, do it for the glory of God! Praise Him in everything you've got!

28 Mar 2010

Became the Favorite!

I just wonder why I love arroscaldo now:) All I knew was that I don't like it before-I thought it has complicated taste and smell. I was just used to eat the plain rice porridge with a little salt on it then paired with fried fish. Or if dried fish, we don't need to put salt. And thats it! I always ended up my meal sweating..hahaha!

But then when I got here and became pregnant with Laikka which as I recall I had a problem on my eating habit. I don't want to eat anything other than the plain porridge at night. So one of my filipina friend upon knowing it did an arroscaldo when I visited her and tried to convinced me to eat, I may like it she said. Cause its good for me, its already complete, there's a chicken and some native spices on it. Wow it was really so good and I found it so addictive. I don't know if I'll say she's the best arroscaldo maker or its just because its my kind of food for the season..hehe because from that time, its only arroscaldo I ate to survive until 4months on my pregnancy period. I learned doing it in my own special way:)

Even if my husband don't eat it, I still longed for it every now and then. And find my way to do some and shared it to Laikka and she love it too. Yap, this time again, I do it almost every day:) Now it became our favorite! Happy Sunday:)

26 Mar 2010

Morning today!

I still have no mood of blogging. My mind don't work:) I started my Couple's Corner entry but can hardly finish it. hmm hope this afternoon. Just enjoy this scene for now my friends:)

Have a great weekend eveyone! The sun woke up already in our place, praise the Lord!!!

22 Mar 2010

Now they're officially engaged!

Our youngest brother finally asked the hands of his 4years girlfriend and our parents together with other important people in the family went to the lady's house to meet the parents and the two families did some decission making and planning about the two love birds. One important agenda was the wedding:) When, where and how:) Whew! Exciting!

Since, the 'guy' is ours, it only means we have to take mostly the responsibilities on the wedding. I still like the classic way of getting married. Hehe. Since he will be the last sibling to get married, we want it to be great! May not be a grand wedding but atleast we will give our best support they can get! We're happy to know also that everything went fine about the plans! The wedding will be suppose to be on june but we asked for December, so in case we can attend. hehe fingers crossed! I love to and my husband wants too..just the $$$$$ might not available! hhaha.

Hmm..Congratulations dear brother and the coming wifey:) Welcome to the club!

20 Mar 2010

Fulfilling Brunch!

I've been wishing Filipino foods lately and luckily I found some at Asian store. But unfortunately not all that I wanted are available. Like the dried fish and the banana escalante, I want it green and cooked then paired with 'ginamos'..wee just thinking about it is already yummy! But I found nothing here like exactly what we have in our place:(

But then I got dried fish and philippine cornedbeef from my friend Jenny. As we know her husband has been in Philippines a week ago and brought stuff from philippines for his beloved wifey but the wifey Jenny shared some of her blessings to me..which I appreciate so much and am so thankful about it. I know her husband did not brought that much, only enough for his wife but still she shared some to me knowing that I was longing for it lately. Mmmm..so fulfilling! Thanks so much mah friend! I'll count it as a great act of kindness:)
I had a great brunch every morning for 3days..lol! A blessed sunday to all!

19 Mar 2010

Bedtime Habits:) on CC!

Oh..sorry just post my Couple's Corner today..Been so lazy this past few days and my mind was just packed up with so many things that results into becoming a sleepy head:) hahah.
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, this weeks topic is about bedtime habits. We are fond of playing with our little girl when the three of us are on the bed since she's still love to sleep with us from time to time! Me and my husband are both night person. We sleep so late and before going to bed if not watching a movie together we are on our particular computer and in to our particular thinge. But then the daughter must sleep early so she'll grow longer than me at least..lol. Anyhow, when she's on the bed she always want us to be with her until she sleeps. We can get up anyway when she already fall asleep if we want to.
She usually let me read 1 or 2 books but when she still not sleepy after the 2 books, she want to play, cuddle, and tickling each other until she feel tired and fall asleep. But when she's sleeping at our sofa or to her own bed, and when me and my hubby alone at our bed we usually just hugging while chatting about everything that happens during the day and about latest news:) Like about my family in Philippines, about plans, or about something special that happened. One habit he always want me to do during bed time is to scratch his back..heheh. And me, not always just most of the time during winter, I want him to put effecacient oil on my back down to my legs. I can sleep well with its warm.

Well, thats all maybe for this topic! Until next time! Happy CC!

16 Mar 2010

Yankee Stadium Tickets!!!

I heard always from my friend's mouth how he loves the new Yankee Stadium. And its always his pride telling us when there's a big event coming or going on, on this said stadium. As we know this stadium is the second most expensive stadium ever built so it means, this place really is something to be in and enjoy!

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Love hockey guys? in the same way, you can get your Calgary Flames Tickets here before all the games is over! Almost everything and anything at Yankees Stadium tickets, this online tickets broker will help you get there in a more cheaper and simplest way. What are you waiting for? Check the different interesting events and don't hesitate to get help from acheapseat.com.

15 Mar 2010

My Perfect Meal!

Finally, exams is over, well, just for this month..heheh lots more to go before this term ends. But I don't want to think about it! My mind already have enough:)Now, all I want is to eat what I'm craving for! My appetite is back! hahah but so choosy though. I miss filipino foods and thanks to this asian store here. I was imagining of eating fried fish dip in soy sauce and with rice of course and eating with my hands. And when it happened right that same day, Oohhh that was my perfect meal for this month:)

14 Mar 2010

Still fighting:0

Hahhaha... still studying like a serious student! (hilasa ah!). Anyway guys, one more to go tomorrow and I will be back on track:) Have a great days ahead! Godbless!

11 Mar 2010


Have a break! It's exam time!!! hhahah. Ussch..sorry am on study mode..lol! I have exam this friday:) See you all on saturday:)
Just enjoy these fruits! varsegod! Thanks to all who drop by! I'll visit you soon! godbless!

9 Mar 2010

" I can see clearly now"

My mother had this big old styled eyeglasses for many years. She find it hard to replace it to a new one because as what we know unfortunately when we go to eyeglasses stores, huh the price really are beyond reach. So, even if she could no longer see clearly by it she just bear with it at least! I knew that she suppose deserves an updated graded eyeglasses because her kind of work that kept us through really need a good one that makes her see clearly. But the cost really was a big hindrance for her to get a new one!

So, when we visited Philippines two years ago, that was really one of my aim to take her to the optical to check her eyes and to have a new eyeglasses that fits her and fits the situation:) Though we paid much but she deserves it! " I can see clearly now" thats the happy words that comes out from her mouth after. And I was glad to see her with a radiant face with her new eyeglasses but with this feelings on why its hard and expensive to get that happiness on her. How I wish she can just get what she want and can change her eyeglasses every time she needs to.

But amazing as it is! That wish really 100% came true! With ZENNI optical online they brings their product direct to us buyer so there's no middlemen who put extra price and therefore so affordable beyond your expectation that its really possible. With their eyeglasses with personal fashion and styles and with a low cost yet high quality, you will be thankful that they still exists nowadays! Now I'm confident enough that anytime we want or need a new eyeglasses.., no more worries and saving just log-in at zennioptical.com and choose tha best that fits!

6 Mar 2010

Let's Eat!!!

Halu everyone! I just want to share with you this nutritious and well-decorated steamed fish served by the happy and lucky mother for her wonderful son's birthday party who became one year old last weekend! She prepared many foods but I like this the most! hahaha!

A blessed Sunday to all! Godbless!

By the way I would like to thank Jenny for the wonderful lunch today we had with Shy and the two helping me wrapping my springrolls:) We forgot to get some pictures because we talk so much! Haahahaha! Till next time guys! See you at school!

4 Mar 2010

Be safe, Have Car Insurance!

Way back 2005, in Philippines we had this jeepney:) The only service we had before thats why when my husband and my aunt's family visited philippines for our wedding, this jeepney was so busy taking the group to anywhere in our local place! They like it even if no aircon just the natural aircon in and out..hhehe..its open so it works anyway! They are not so particular on comfortabilty and the looks as long as it has car insurance then they'll feel safe. Safety and insurance are very important to them so that will be their first question everytime and the rest is negotiable:) They can adopt it.

One funny and exciting experienced we had with this car was when we got flattire in the middle of nowhere. hahha! One of the tourist spot in my place Ormoc is the LAKE DANAO. Its a beautiful and cool place but its located in the middle of the forest..hahha! The road is rugged and only few houses on the way. We were even warned before to watch out and just take an extra care specially we have foreigners with us! There's a tendency of ambush and the like! But even so, the swedish people were not afraid about it, they really want to go there because as they saw in the internet its quite calm and nature-view so fine! So the day after our wedding before they left ormoc, we brought them to that place! It was fun in going there, they were happy and satisfied on what we got and witnessed. But then on our way home ( good that we were already going home:) the car tire surrender..lol! Waaaa... it was so hot and no houses or people around who can help our guys. So, our husbands helped. My brothers really appreciate how cowboy they are! We arrived home safely anyway:)

Hmmm..its fun to look back:) Those memories helps my spirit revive again! Have a great day everyone!

HONESTY... the best policy??? on CC!

Weee... I'm back to business! I felt strange this past few days... as in I don't want to visit my computer..hahhah! yap, its strange! Anyway, I already started this CC last wednesday but I was not able to finish it due to nothingness!!! hahah!

Rodliz’s Nest

Well, this weeks topic is "Honesty the best Policy:)" Are we honest enough? Is our husband really honest with us? For me, honesty is a good thing. But this is not our best policy as a couple:) or as a family as a whole! Honesty for me is negotiable. Like what others said that "when we or our partner don't tell everything doesn't mean we or they are not being honest, its just...it's not that important! (and many more reasons...hehe)" My own view is, when we apply this to husband and wife relationship, it will just lead to doubt and prejudice!

I rather say that ACCEPTANCE is our best policy as a couple. And this will surely leads to honesty! Once we know that our partner accepts us whatever we were in our past and we can be in the future and in return we show that we accept their past, present and future then.., honesty will be automatic, why? because we know that acceptance is being built and well-nurtured! So, why not tell everything??? (eller hur)? Acceptance leads to open-mindedness and understanding!

On HONESTY in the other hand, there's a tendency that each one will just be honest on the things that is acceptable. And when something untold and hidden burst out... imagine what what can happen:) Frustration.." all these years we promise ourselves to be honest but why???" heheh, this drama will appear! heartaches and the trust will be broken.

Psychologically speaking, one cannot tell something and consider it to not important therefore better to keep it themselves is because he or she himself cannot or did not accept the idea that its something to put into the open because it might affect their relationship. OR he,she himself cannot accept himself that he is like that or had done that. How can he be honest on something he knows his partner cannot accept (this he don't know) but because he himself cannot accept him he will think how much more his partner. But if acceptance is develop and on the relationship every secrets and mistakes we do will be easy to tell. Because we know, another level of acceptance will be develop.

Ussch! I'm almost leading you to complication..I hope not! This is just my own INSIGHTS...heheh! I want to discuss more about this with a situational illustration but it will be long! Maybe I will take this topic again someday..hahah! Happy CC everyone!

1 Mar 2010


Friday night my husband had a party. One of his co-worker turned pensioner now so it was his last day of work and therefore they together with other worker in their department celebrates with him.

He can't drive when he drink so his mother was suppose to drive him to the place but then, because of this lots of snow, her mother's car was stuck and it took time trying to get it out and still they didn't made it! So my husband was forced to take a taxi that cost him so much! Uh,uh! Well..this is just one case how situation is sometimes:) Actually, this is the least that can happen everyday! There are worse happening nowadays! Are we aware of it?

"Be vigilant always, let God be God, for the days are evil" GODSPEED!