30 Apr 2011

New Sprout! New life!

So happy to see that trees looks alive again and green. New sprout of leaves and flowers so light to see.It tells new life, new start and a brand new day! Everytime I walk around our place and see new leaves sprouting and trees becomes greener and greener everyday..it feels so amazing and I feel so happy within. Yes, when the fact that just a week ago all trees were just brown and the sorroundings were dark, and when you see the changes that is going on of all these living things around..it feels really,really good! And I praise God on all I see:)Have a great weekend everyone!

28 Apr 2011

Free Domain..wink*

I met Nita at PMC. She's one of the mommies that are so helpful and sharing. Specially to new ones in blogging. Actually, I'm still on the process of knowing her more but she don't care if she knows you well or not as long as you ask something from her , she will share what she can and what she knows. Am sorry if I read her wrong to those who knew her, but so far this is just what I think about her.

Lately, she shared free domains to her friends and to anyone who want it and am lucky to get one.It will ramp soon in blogland:) Thank you dear Nita, wish you more blessings and see you in bloggerworld every now and then.

27 Apr 2011

A loving Mama!

In connection to mother's day, I am doing this story as tribute for my dear mother. And for the hope that it might give blessing and encouragement to all that reads this article.

My mother is a tough woman even of the fact that she was sickly. It seemed all horrible sickness, name it and she HAD it. She's been through life but now remains strong and her secret is that she put her trust in God. She love her children so much and selflessly. She's a fruit of a broken family, the reason she already started working in an early age. Did not have the chance to go to college even of her being so smart and versatile, yes because of the inevitable circumstances in her life. But then made all her children graduated their degree.

She experienced death when she deliver our youngest brother. But God answered her plea and gave her the second chance. ( you can read the full story HERE and her story on what happened HERE).

For all that had happened, when she was given a gift of life it showered to the whole family because she did what he promised that she will bring her whole family in knowing HIM. HE who was and is a giver of life. And one thing that made me look up to her is the fact that during those times when she had a personal encounter with God and asked her what she want??? She answered; "PLEASE,BLESS MY CHILDREN". She had many sickness that was going on in her body, she's been in poverty and had a hard poor life almost all her life, yet she didn't asked about it, her situation, I mean if she's selfish she could have asked.."heal me from all this sickness physically and financially" right??

But she asked the right thing that made God happy and pleased about her hearts desires. God indeed blessed her children to the extent that even healed her sickness. And now live life abundantly. Because God let her children see also her great love to them (us).

Today she live her remaining life in just serving Him and doing things that can please Him. We're living a blessed life, all of us. We were given a perfect partner in life, we have our good education, the degree that we wanted and we all have given an abundant source of living. I am overwhelmed with what God has done to our family. And that because of the unselfish mother we have. A mother that fear God, a loving mama.

Thank You Mama!

Read more stories here started by Dindin's mama.

25 Apr 2011

Ladies in Black!

My aunt Sarie, ´Me, and my aunt Alicia in a celebration of something, and we're in Black:)
I am very proud and lucky that I have also families here in this strange land. We can always be there for each other and cling to one another when in need. We make sure that we meet each other every now and then, as often as possible. So life here would be easier and happier:)

I think we're chic in black there..hehe. Many loves black wear since it's owner/wearer friendly:) It refrains you from any messes you can have along the way, it makes you smaller than the real fit, it makes you elegant and chic..it loves all colors to fit your attire and situation:)

Have a great week ahead!

23 Apr 2011

Who is that MAN?

Who is that man...

- who gave His only one life for me,
-who's love is endless and faithful
-who care for me and my family
- and never leaves us in times of needs

Who is that man...

- who can forgive my sins away
- who's power is everlasting
- and who's mercies endureth forever
- yet, counting me as His child?

Who is that man...

- that can live inside once heart
- that can hear us anytime we call
- that can turn our sadness into joy
- but many turn away their faces from him

I want to know Him more, deep inside my heart!
I want to thank him more, for the great love He extended to us
I want to serve Him more all the days of my life
That Man is JESUS, the king of kings

My only bestfriend
My heavenly father
My all in all
HE's my GOD!!!

21 Apr 2011

CC: How do I annoy him?

Oh I'm late this week on "Couple's Corner" this suppose to be every wednesday but I think better late than never. " How do I annoy Him?" is this week's topic. It seems a hard topic for me, because I don't know really if he's been annoyed with me..heheh or he's already used about me being annoying? Because I talk so much? I don't know. He's more on understanding than being annoyed easily.
Anyway, I think the only thing he's annoyed with me is when I am thinking too far away from the truth about him doing something. Like if I accuse him of something he is not and absolutely not his action speaks. I mean if I misinterpret his action. Given the situation like; if I want him to hold the baby and do something for the baby like taking a bath and he seems not listening and not interested, then I would talk to the baby loudly..." oh poor little one, your Papa don't like you". He will be upset on that:) hehe.

Rodliz’s Nest


18 Apr 2011

Black Chic# 1 - Black pearl Earings

Hello everyone:) I am joining this 'black chic' meme. I think its cool and lots to say:)I mean black is mysterious and lyx, well, it has many interpretations positive and negative, depending on one's perspective, therefore, it fits here in my 'Insights' where own views and opinions are always respected and welcome. Here is my first entry. It's been quite a time Iv'e been longing to have a black pearl earings, and now finally I found one that I want. Not so big and not so small. I like to see when someone wear one and so I was thinking it will be nice to have one for my own:) hehe. Love it!

17 Apr 2011

State of the mind!

A blessed sunday everyone. Been a little while since my last post here. I was in my self again:) Anyway, there are many things in life, simple but we didn't do it because of advanced negative thinking. And there are also many hard and challenging things that we made it done because we thought we can. It all depends on state of the mind, some says!

Last year, they put up this giant roller coaster here in our city proper in Gothenburg. Many of my friends were so excited to ride but many also were afraid. Me in the other hand was undecided. If I look on how big it is and how high we could be in,then my nerve react:) But if I control my mind that its gonna be interesting and challenging to try, then the eagerness to try it is strong. So I said time and situation will tell.

So, yesterday, we spent our family time at the restaurant in the city where that giant wheel so captivating in my daughter's eyes. She ask her dad if we could ride because she's been bagging about it few times already. And since we were already there..so we did. While my daughter was so excited when the father was buying tickets, me in the other was looking on that huge wheel and fixed my mind, that its gonna be alright!

And it was! It was really great and not that scary after all! A beautiful view of the city is all it gave:) Hmm..it's just state of the mind after all..what you think?

13 Apr 2011

CC: Lost in Paris!

Wednesday and it's time for "Couple's Corner". This week's topic is "Honey are we lost?" Oh, well, I used this question many times:)I really admire my husband being good in finding destinations by reading maps and looking in the internet, but still we had couple of times when we were late on parties or special event because we were lost! But I want to share the time when we were lost in Paris but became a blessing in disguise:) First day in Paris we stayed in disney hotels where the prices really beyond our budget. We got the cheapest which was 350 euro per night. If we continue to stay there we can just be two days at most otherwise, we will be out of budget. So, in the next morning, we checked out and hit the road again and we asked help from our road navigator (GPS) where we can find cheaper hotels or even a penthouse just for us to have some place to sleep at night, anyway we 're out during day time to explore different places there. So it shows us one place but we still didn't know if it's cheap or most likely the same.

Rodliz’s Nest

My husband drive where the navigator pointed out. It was seemed so far and still we can't find the place, when GPS said one meter away there was a man stopping us and speaks no english. My husband tried to explain that we were looking for this hotel, the man sounds angry and said..no,no,no..private,private, I guard..pointing out his name plate, I guard! hehe, I was laughing inside but was terrified by the gesture. But he continue by his hands waving telling us to follow him. He went to his car and drive and my husband just follow:) we have no idea about that place. Then maybe just 10meters away, we were in a hotel and then he left us. Wow! when we get in and inquire I praised the Lord because the price was amazing..lol! 35euro per night with breakfast! Hhahah! So I said, thank you Lord we were lost, hahaha. So we were able to stay in Paris for 5days. It was more than enough!

Note: its not the hotel that we were looking for?:)

11 Apr 2011

Turning the red sea into a red carpet!

Yesterday's sermon was really amazing! I became filled again. It was about Moses in Exodus 14 when he lead the Israelites away from Egypt bound to Promise land. One of the highlights of their journey where miracle happened was the situation in crossing the red sea!

Red sea personify hardships, big problems that are impossible to solve or seems have no solutions. Everyone of us has different 'red seas' that we are facing everyday or we're bearing it for quite a long time now. And like the israelites in Exodus, the crossing of that red sea was beyond their imagination how they can cross it. And if we know the story..it was God's power who intervened and made the sea part and gave a way for the israelites to pass.

In the same way on our problems how small or big they can be, if we let God's perspective in solving and seeing it, those things, those hardships, those red seas can turn into a red carpet, I mean as we know life is special and bright when we're walking on red carpet thus what God wants us to be. All we have to do is put our trust on Him, the maker and the finisher of our faith!

9 Apr 2011

When it rains, it falls!

My heart was just so overflowing not to share you this. I can say that the words that says; "... all things work together for good..." still remain true. Why? because I experienced it again!

It's been 3months now I came back into blogging from an 8months rest. Yes I was addicted into blogging, because not only I can pour out everything I feel but also when I started to earn money from it. I start with $1 as my first earning, yep you laugh but as the days passed by, it became more and more until I recieved $10 per paidpost. And I was already happy about it. For me, it was just a bonus! But last year when I became pregnant, the urge of blogging just stopped. It was hard to compose one so I better stopped.

But stopping that long made my sponsor companies put me into suspension. When I get back middle of January this year, I get nothing! No offer but emails that says, I should have atleast 20 personal posts before I can reapply my webblogs. So, I did and as much as I can to reach 20 ASAP. But even if it is, still I didn't heard from them anymore. I am already so far from the line. I felt discouraged.
But then, just a few weeks ago.. a blogger friend of mine shared or reffered me to her Direct Advertisers, and guess what? they love,love me and entrusted me to work for them. Advertising their products through my sites and offer me not $1s not 10s but hundreds:) How great is that! And the reason they offer me that much is because I have no much paidposts on my blog. Its clean! See..sometimes, we don't realize that there are bright reasons why unlucky days and situations comes. The maximum payment I recieved before in my paypal is $10. Thats why I want to brag this one time fee I just recieved and from just one advert.

God is good all the time! He knows what is ahead! Thanks to my advertisers that trust my capabilities to blog their products! GtG!

7 Apr 2011

CC:" In getting ready"

It's Couple's Corner time and I'm late again as usual:) "When we are getting ready" is the topic this week.

Rodliz’s Nest

Everytime we go out, I'm always be the last to get ready. And sometimes I'm the one causing us to be late, not because I'm so meticulous on how do I look or what's on me but because I am the one thinking and doing and preparing everything we need and that's includes the children.

My husband spend in preparing himself more time than me. He's not choosy on clothes that he wears. He just put on what I want for him to wear on the particular situation or occassion. But he's more on himself like an hour more or less, on shower plus shaving and cutting extra hair... he is hairy so not so fun for him. He is so calm (slow) but atleast he starts preparing.

Me in the other hand has 'maniana habit' plus 'eleventh hour' attitude. I always have this 'later' and 'I have enough time' as my favorite line in my head. I'm a kind of person who uses mind preparation. As long as everything's in my mind, the clothes to wear, the things to bring and the things to do before going, then I can just sit and relax while waiting the time. But I always over estimate the speed of my doing and the speed of my thinking because they are absolutely different. But I don't know why I don't get it even if it happens all the time. So, I always end up late and panicking.

ME: faster!!! we are already late... honeyyyy, let's go!!! panic mode*

HUBBY: oohh we are ready! we're just waiting for you! so calm mode*

ME: (irritated:I) thinking that its because he just prepared himself while me preparing everything:) hehe.

Thats all I can share this time! Have a wonderful day to all!

Just a thought:

"Many come to Jesus at eleventh hour, what if he will come at 10:59?"

6 Apr 2011

Get Contacts!

There are lots of ways we can have contacts to different people around us. For example chatting through internet if its our family and friends. How about if you have a business and you need more contacts to people and to possible costumers? Yes of course we need business cards where we can have our contacts details from our names, contact numbers, addresses and even the product or name of office you are dealing with.

I think business cards are very important that every business men or business associations must have. Here in Sweden, almost everyone has business card. Almost everything can be negotiate in phone so it is important to have especially on emergencies and informations and needs. Through this small thing great things can be done. Private and public offices have this as one of the important qualifications on every business operation. Everyone has their own business I believe.Everyone has needs and wants and therefore we need somebody else and to have contacts with them, business card is a good option.

If you need some or want to have it for your own or you have business going on, try this site I just found wherein they do and specialized this kind of stuff. From business cards, postcards and more other costumize items. Check them out! its just amazing how many things they can do in terms of printing and designs. Goodluck and get contact always!


It's been a week that I don't have a good sleep due to my little one's situation. She can't sleep because of what she felt inside. There was something going on to her body and many red spots on her skin and itchy! More on this about her on what had happened on monday you can find here.

Anyway, during those nights and days, I became so tired and my eyes can hardly open. Because even if she's sleeping, I still can't sleep even if I was lying down. It was beacuse of worries, thinking what's going on ,on my baby.Yesteday, we finally got a medicine for her and she was checked up and we get informed what was it. I become calm and comforted. So last night I finally had a good sleep to the extent that I over slept that made Laikka late in school.hehe. But it's not a problem if she's late, she can stay late also..hehe. Well, sleeplessness is not always because you are sick or because you have many things to do. It's also a result of worries and thinking so much! I hope everyone has always have enough rest!Good day!

5 Apr 2011

Shoes Change!

Summer hits on again, Goodbye heavy jackets, goodbye winter boots and all those couple of underpants. Since, during winter it is necessary to have warm wears on us, we will always longing for summer wherein we can already wear sandals, pump shoes , girls and even a comfortable school shoes for us and for our children.

Yes, we do change our clothes and shoes depending on the season. So every change of weather we also change shoes. Since I have a school girl and is very meticulous on the things she's wearing and to wear, or shall I say she already demands what she like, so as a mother I must ask or show her if she likes the shoes everytime we are buying her a new one. It could sometimes irritating when they are nagging you what they want specially if their classmates has a new one, they also want to have. I'm glad I found this site where I found many different styles of girl's canvas shoes and they are so pretty, perfect for summer foot wear. My girl can see and select what she wants just at home, really easier for a working mom.

I'm a kind of mother who tend to spoil my children when it comes to buying things for them. I want them to look pretty as can be on new things they can have. It's maybe the result of my childhood frustrations on things I wanted but had no chance having it. What are you waitinmg for? Check it yourselves!

Try to look this informative video. I never knew there's a right way of fitting shoes until I saw this. I commented as tejan35, check it out!

3 Apr 2011

Massage for YOU!

Are you familiar with this stubs or coupon? Do you have it and looking for a health clinic that you can use it with? Maybe you want a real massage using this coupon as payment? Why not check Maria Lindström's Massage and Muskelteraput Clinic. She can give you a good deal with it and can help you the best massage your body needs!

Everybody loves massage, I mean if you haven't tried it yet, you should and you'll love it after:) Last friday me and my husband got a real massage. So relaxing and it takes away the pains we are feeling on our body. Not only physical pains but also it'll take away negative bibes,stress and pressures and clear our minds out from the heavy days we've been through.

So what are you waiting for? Your body deserves pampering after a long weeks hard work. For Volvo employees who has 'friskvårdskuponger' , it's acceptable there.

For more information contact Maria Lindström to this following numbers; 0708788869 and 031920287. She works on her clinic and even at your workplace together with your co-workers for more fun.

Goodluck! Relax, Be healthy and have massage:) Then you will have a great day!

1 Apr 2011

A birthday woman called LULU!


She is a beautiful woman inside out. A mother of the cutest girl Andrea. A wife of a lucky gentleman David. A wonderful friend and I call her Lulu. And most of all she is celebrating her birthday today!! A blessed day for you dear friend. More blessings and I wish you all the best with your whole family. May you'll get every desires of your heart and that you had enjoyed your party:) Godbless!