31 Dec 2009


Another year had passed but its not the end! But in someway, there might be things and doings that we'd like to end for our own good! But most of it, NEW YEAR is a new day! New challenges in life, new blessings, new responsibilities and new life ahead!


Me and my family wishing you all a bountiful year this 2010! Leaving the bad things behind and developing a bright new start ahead! God bless everyone!

30 Dec 2009

Couple's Corner # 11... Read my Mind:)

Rodliz’s Nest
Today's topic is " Can you read my mind? " I just came from the author of this Meme, no other than sweet liz of Rodliz' Nest and read her entry. I enjoyed it very much, aside from being into it I mean relating what she said, I learn also something:) Thanks dear liz for sharing!
Well, there are many times and situations that me and my hubby thinks the same and know what we are thinking or needing! I even many times amazed why he knows what I want and how I badly needing him to do something! And liz was right. When we are already so close to each other and honest in everything, as in our mind and soul already shared and open for each other then I think thats why we already can read each other's mind as fast as Rapidshare Search Engine heheh I mean, sometimes, we don't need to ask, just do what is suppose to do!

I will be sharing today about that one special time that I would say, 'our minds really connect'. This happened already a year ago but it was amazing. We had a talk with my aunts to see each other after work because we are going to some special place here in sweden just getting together as family together of course with our families. And because I was the one who ends at work last, I tried my best to be finished working as soon as possible. And to my carelessness and maybe I was so inhurry, I left my phone at my uniform's pocket (we just leave our uniforms at work), and the fact I was already in the train and about to call my husband where I want him to pick me up but then when I looked my bag to suppose get my phone, Oh no! How could I instruct him where we meet? My husband's personality or maybe mostly men hehe has no initiative! He always need me to him what to do but that time, all I did was talk to him through my mind;) I used the power of 'Mental telepathy' see if it works. When the train arrived, and when I went out, he was there standing waiting for me and with my daughter eating ice cream shouted "mamma". Wow! I really hug them with tears on my eyes because I can't believe they were there!
When I asked him why he was there?

Hubby: I kept calling your phone but it just keep ringing no answer.
Me: Yah so, if its like that, it means I'm still working right?
Hubby: Yap, but it seems this time you need me to come here.
Waaa... exactly what I said in my mind! " Please älskling, come meet me at central station" now na! He don't usually come until I say so! He don't usually like to standby there on the station for so long! It was just that time! I only spoke to him through my mind!

Well, guys, there still many situations that he did before I say it and vice versa! But I think this is one of the special gifts God has given to couples! Happy CC everyone!

29 Dec 2009

Easy and wise shopping for our girls!

My little girl already love and appreciates nice dresses. She already decide what dress or clothes she wants to wear everyday! Well, its so fulfilling and we feel proud if our daughter has a nice dress on her that makes them good and cuter! And we mommies, are fun of shopping for them that even if its not in our plan, when we get home all we bought are for them. Aside from being good to look at, its also a must for them to have lots because at thier age whether we like it or not, they get dirty every now and then. So, as wise mommy, we should look for a good price yet nice and fitted to what our children need!

Since its winter time here in Sweden, though my little girl have lots of nice and pretty dresses already but what I really need for her are clothes that fits this kind of weather we have. That even if she wears jacket or any winter gear , she will still look good on it safe and warm.

Europe's record match!!- "I was there"

May not be the world's record but it was Europe's record match at Ullevi.., there were 31,144 audience in that ice hockey game, Frolunda vs. Farjestad! The two big teams in Sweden in ice hockey! I can't imagine how lucky we are to be one who were there of that great event, and somehow historical!!!

So, much people that I can't imagine I was there! hehe, and during pause only we had a chance to take picture, otherwise it will be hard to do so!

Weee... the heads of everyone are just like ants thats moving so fine;) You really cannot move as much as you like.., even if its a huge stadium!

And we went home safely and happy and satisfied because our team, the FROLUNDA INDIANS won at 4-1. yeheey! Heja Frulonda!!!

28 Dec 2009

How about at Myrtle Beach?

Dreaming of a perfect honeymoon? or a 5years or 10years wedding anniversary treat? And you are fantasizing of something romantic place like a seaside resort, a fantastic calm and elegant place to enjoy your special day? How about Myrtle beach? It's all you want! And its located on the ocean, its a sea side and has the best and elegant accomodation you are expecting for.

At Myrtle Beach Hotel, aside from the spacious accomodations and awesome services they provide, the white sandy beach is just a walk away!!! Isn't this great? I can't imagine we will be celebrating our 5 years wedding anniversary so soon! Time really went so fast. We always celebrates our anniversary by having a nice and memorable vacation, how much more this "5years", I think this is already something to celebrate and give each other the best treat we deserve! And so I started looking at the net or asking from friends the possible places that is best for us and is fit to the occassion! Then, I found this Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels. Oh, I was amazed by its elegance and so perfect for what I have in mind. On how it should be! So as I became captivated by its idea and pictures I read more to get more information about the place! I tell you, its really awesome!

I did found out that that the place has it all.., a boutique, different attractions, golf, entertainment and the best for womens??? yeah, shoppppingg!!! We can be one of the first guests who can enjoy the Oceanfront Myrtle Beach, which by it, we can enjoy their luxury rooms and services! Staying here is like enjoying the comforts and conveniences of home while experiencing the charm of staying at a first-class resort! Perfect isn't it?

Well, why not? we deserve to have the best and therefore we must experience the unsurpassed charm of Myrtle Beach!

27 Dec 2009

My Christmas gift to my husband;)

As I was saying on my previous post that my husband is a big fan of Frolunda Indians, a hockey team here in gothenburg ,Sweden. Before I came into his life, watching them in a big arena and buying Frolunda stuff was his hobby aside from motorcycle and computer games! See these three are just his biggest vices he have. Which I think not bad. He don't smoke, he don't drink so much alcohol (just drink special occassion and one round is enough) he's not a gambler and never a womanizer.

But since we got married, he already minimizes all the love of his life. The last time he watch hockey was 4years ago with me..heheh. That was his treat for me since there is no ice hockey in Philippines and he wanted me to experience watching it for real, not just in television. And from that time he never had a chance to watch again. The ticket is a little expensive and like it costs our 1week food for the two tickets so we just watched on television instead.
And this season, he always talking again about the Frolunda will be playing again at Ullevi. Though he don't say that he wants to watch but I felt it. So, I was thinking this would be a great gift for him for christmas since he don't need anything material. So I told him 2weeks ago if he can still find and buy tickets for Dec.28 game so we can watch. Weee, he was happy and one day from work he called me that he just bought a tickey for hockey!

And tomorrow night will be the time!!! I miss it too..heheh! This is the gift that I can also enjoy..hahahh!!! Our Christmas date as couple! His sister is kind enough to take care of our daughter! Weee!!!

26 Dec 2009

Exchanging Gifts!!!

One of the traditional program in our gathering with the family every christmas is the exchanging gifts! We don't be recieving and giving gifts for adults, all we need to prepare are for children. But each one of us has to prepare gift for our exchanging gift! In this case, this would be the only gift we can recieve during the time! The style of changing the gift is fun, because we have to put all the gifts in the center and we throw dice, those who can get number 1 or 6 can choose the gift he/she want. After everyone got a gift, we have to open it so we'll know what's inside. Then the dice will be thrown again within 10minutes and in the same way if one can get number 1 or 6, he can grab a gift he want from others and change it to what he first picked. The dice run within 10 minutes and the gifts can be pass and grabbed back and forth until the time stops then what you have at the end of 10minutes will be your gift. My husband got first a girly make up kit hehe and I got an imported cooking oil!!! waaaaa!
But then at the end, we got the best thing perfect which is a wine opener for me and a solar radio with flashlight for my husband! Huh! the grabbing and throwing was fun and exciting!

25 Dec 2009

Christmas moments on MOmmy Moments!

Its Mommy Moments once again and its Christmas Moment! I have so many christmas moment as a mommy so I'm thinking what will I share to you as my entry;)
mommy moments

Well, I decided to share our family picture instead! We made it a point to have a family picture pose at the Christmas Tree every Christmas ever since I became a mommy and got a family of my my own!

Well, this was taken obviously during my first chhristmas as a mommy;)

And this was when Angelikka was still one year old;) I remember she just woke up that time!

And this was last year, so nice family pics I think:) Angelikka have grown pretty well;)

And of course this is our present family picture! So good to have! I wish next christmas we will already be four..hehe!!! God bless every one and Happy Christmas Moment!

24 Dec 2009

Season Greetings!!!

I suppose to have some day off today because its christmas;) But I don't want this very special season to pass by without me greeting all of you a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! My whole family is wishing you all joy and blessings as we celebrate this holiday season!!!

Happy Holiday and May God's blessings will continue to flow in all aspects of our lives!!! Love from Us!

23 Dec 2009

My Christmas Tree;)

I wondered why my husband did not bought me a christmas tree when the time I was bagging him. But last Monday he finally did! then I found out from friends and family here in Sweden that they usually put on their Christmas Tree on the day before Christmas! Waaaahhh! In Philippines September pa, you already can! heheh. Anyway, I was so happy that I finally have it and as I was saying, I was so excited so yesterday I bought some christmas tree decoration and we did decorate it last night! It looks cute because its not that big, just exactly what I want and with the gifts on its foot makes the tree looks so fruitful! heheh.

Its a nice feelings indeed having this christmas tree now in our simple home. As if the spirit of christmas is present!!! ahheeh! Happy holiday everyone.Godbless Us all!!!

My Unforgettable Christmas!!!CC# 10?

Weeee...Wendesday! and its Couples Corner! And its Christmas! hehe almost anyway! An Unforgettable Christmas is the topic for today!!!

Mine is easy:) How can I forget my first Christmas here in Sweden, away from my family but celebrating it with the family of my own! I got my little darling on Christmas time so it was the happiest though lots of things I had to adjust that time but it was fulfilling! Thats why it was unforgettable! Lots,lots,lots and mixed! First time also to meet my husbands whole family. Its a family tradition to celebrate together every christmas !

This picture was our first family picture at Christmas time with our 2weeks old little Laikka;) Happy holidays every one and Happy CC!!!

Rodliz’s Nest

22 Dec 2009

Elegant Mailboxes!

Is your house has mailbox? Here in Sweden, I think all houses have its own residential mailboxes and even commercial mailboxes. Its important because everything here done by post or e-post! Everyday we really recieves posts, its either bills, personal letters, newspapers and even commercial papers! And postman just have to put all those on mailboxes, some has single unit with pole mail box and some wall mount mailbox! Because of the fact that everyone is working everyday and seldom there's someone at home! House owners just check their mailboxes when they come home!

One of best house accessory that can give an elegant accent are mailboxes in my own point of view. As you can see those houses, big or small, if has elegant mailboxes you will know what kind of people they are! When a house or institutions and companies have mail boxes it will be easier also for the address sending, the fact that you can just write the mailbox number as the adress, specially nowadays that everything must be done in the more simplest way!

Mailboxes should not be just a box. It should be more safe, strong, like it can hold rain or shine, winds and snow, and must be fit in on what you do in life and presentable. Because this kind of box will hold important matters, can be treasures and even holds things that can mean your life! This is why we just mentioned about these mailbox thing with my aunt since her house just finished and she is thinking about having a mailbox. So, as I was surfing the net, I found this site which are distributor of different kinds or shall I say all kinds of mail boxes! Wow! as I look on their different designs, I can give couple of thumbs up! They have high quality mailboxes and the widest selections of all kinds of mailboxes! They even offer now a good prices of all kinds and of all their designs. They can give the best service we might need.
Check them out! I'm sure you will be pleased!

Heaven painted the town WHITE!!!

It's been snowing the whole night and the whole day today! I felt so lazy to go out but then I had to. First, I need to bring my daughter to school and then I have to go to work! Well, its nice to feel and walk under the snow anyway when you are already there. Like today, Angelikka did not sit on her stroller, she just walked and enjoy kicking the snow;)

I don't know but I'm happy about it, I mean that the snow came at the right time! I've been wishing for a white christmas because, strange as it was, snow came late like on March or April already the last years since I came here. And now, I wish these white sorroundings like today will be the same until christmas and end of the year:) then I will have my White Christmas!!! Here are some scenario on how heaven painted our town white;)

Happy Holidays and May we all have a Merry merry Christmas!!! Godbless!

20 Dec 2009

Wonderful Place to be;)

Yesterday we attended a christmas party at the church. And after we went directly to Liseberg, the biggest amuzement park here in Gothenburg. We used to come here every christmas to visit Santa Claus place and enjoy the different kinds of wonderful lightings. The place is just like a wonderland and so amusing!!! Even if it was so cold last night still we catch up the time before the christmas season here will be close.

Here are some pictures to share;)
At Santa's place, My husband had a problem on his jacket because of its reflector and it will really react on camera so I tried to cover him..heheh.
The tree of light..toink! as our background! Just amazed how they put all the lights on every branches from the smallest to the biggest;)
At the whole way, whole place somewhere out there!
While we pose at different places the reinder passby..hehe I hurried out to have some glance..weee! More on Angelikka's page..laterrrr!!! hohoho! Merry Christmas!

18 Dec 2009

My Old Phone!!!

I love, love this phone;) I got this 3 years ago when this series of Nokia just came here in Gothenburg. This was my husband's christmas gift for me just two weeks after I gave birth to Laikka. When we went home to Philippines last year, my mother told me that if I don't want it anymore, she will be happy to have it!!! waaaah..heheh, my mother dear.

Many new model came every now and then but I still love, love my N95:) Maybe this is one of those few that I kept it long! As I said I get used on things easily, I can't hold so long! But then, 3years already a good time and I'm proud on it! But because I recieved a new one now, maybe its time to give away or share this to others who wants it! And thats my dear mother:) She was so happy when I told her about my mother-in-law giving me a new phone, one of the reason is that she now can have my old phone:) As you can see on the picture, the color or paint already starts fading and the sign of old age or 'used' already obvious! But its still works good and I am also happy to share it with my mother;) Godbless!
The secret of blessings is simply 'to give'!!!

Got stiffed neck!

Oh..I woke up this morning with stiffed neck! I got no good sleep this past few days since Laikka took all the space on our bed! She already has her own room and own bed but then, she seldom slept over there. Mostly at our sofa but in the middle of the night when she woke up she always silently go to our bed and lie down between her dad and me. Well, I got no problem with it before because its so good feeling also with her beside me. She is so sweet and will always hug me while sleeping! As a mother, it feels great!

But lately, the fact that she already fast growing and already so active, I mean, she moves so much at night on different positions, sometimes her feet on my face;( And sometimes, her head on her dad's body while the feet on my body..lying accross! Huh! its hard for me, sometimes got to transfer to the sofa instead so I can sleep. Our bed is not that big, like its just good for two to relax and have a good rest but we love that our daughter sleep besides us also so I think we need a new bigger bed! Even my husband already start looking for bed so incase we can find a good price and the exact size for all of us then it will be good. It's not good not to have good rest at night specially us who always in run errands every single day! But its good also to be together as a family sleeping together;)

Yah I know, and we both know that children must learn to sleep alone in thier bed but we just want to be her to decide as in to flow normally and authomatically. That time comes she will no longer want to sleep with us but to have privacy:) Her room and just there waiting and ready on that time! But now, we as parents must take our time with her while still want it! Hmm.. hope everything will be just fine! Have a good day everyone!

Repaired and Free!

Weeee! my camera is back. As I mentioned last week that my camera went bad and so lucky that we still catch the last day on its guarantee, but then I was not so sure when we handed it back to the store because the agent said, he cannot decide yet if we have to pay for repair or we can still avail for free! but at the right time, atleast before christmas, the store called me yesterday and told me the camera is ready for pick up! When my husband picked it up, its free!!! hehe. haaay thanks cause incase? its gonna be a bit expensive for us! I mean, repair here is expensive:)
But then my other problem as of now is my husband misplaced the mini-card! Hmmm. Must look for it..we will visit later tonight to Santa's land and I should have the camera, you know picture!picture!!! hehe. Okey, up here must look for it first;)

My Mommy Moment's favorite entry!!!

Its FRIDAY and its Mommy Moment time;) I'm so much thankful to Chris who host this meme and to all mommys I met here. When I look back, I just started the last week of July and my first entry was " My little Miss Messy". I also have many absenses as the months went by.And so I have just few entries. But then I am so thankful and happy for this meme, here I found kind and amazing mommys working online;) I've learned a lots from them and I enjoy it everytime. The topics were just so interesting and lovely!

mommy moments
Today's topic is to share our MM's favorite entry. I love all the topics but few of my favorites were Treasured Photos, oh I love this, because I cannot help but cry looking at my reflection. I cannot believe that "this girl is now a mommy" reffering to myself, and was the title of my entry:) It was so touchy and heartwarming entry! Seeing those photos when I was still a girl and young and body still so tiny..heheh, compared to now, uh,uh, body already needs tummy tuck hehe. I mean, when we get babies, our body will never be the same again except those who are gifted. aheheh!

I also like the "music and me" topic which shows my little one and myself having fun with it because we both like music! I like this topic because it was not hard for me to find pictures because I have lots..heheh! I mean its our thing! And last but not the least was the last week's meme, the "My Mommy Moment" our time together, our bonding with our little ones! So good to recall and through looking those pictures, I realize what a wonderful and sweet daughter I have..hehe!
Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas to all Mommys out there!!!

16 Dec 2009

CC# 10..Shopping Before and After;)

Topic on today's Couple's Corner is about shopping before and after! heheh. I don't understand at first what we have to write about this shopping thing! So I hop around reading thier different stories first!
Rodliz’s Nest

Well, I was not into shopping when I was still single.I rather saved my money for travel and adventure than for shopping things;) I just buy things if I really need it to. Dresses was not even my problem since because my mother is a dressmaker and on jeans and shoes, I don't buy until my two pairs still do. On shirts, I always bought 2 or 3 every time but those that costs 3 for 100 in my time. Those thin and cool shirts, I like it not only it feels comfortable but also cheap.heheh!I don't care if its branded or not, as long as I'm comfortable with it there I go. I don't know why I was like that maybe because I had no enough money for it or because I have an attitude on things, (pul-anon sa bisaya pa) I cannot stay,or hold on things so long! I always want new things and always want 'change'.

And the same with my husband, he just buy once but the good one and will not buy until what he has still okey to use! He was into other things like computers and motorcyle and its gadgets... there all his money went when he was single! Touring around with friends riding motorcycles! We have lots in common heheh.

But when we got married things changed a lot! well, he still not into shopping clothes or shoes but me? Hmmm... I do love shopping now, and I shop for him heheh but I think the same style of shopping. I'm a club member of almost all shopping stores here..heheh and therefore I recieves discount coupons every now and then. Shopping many at one time not shopping one piece every now and then is my style of shopping. I don't know if there's a difference on it. Like I will buy for example blouses/shirts 4-5 pieces that one time and my girl's clothes like 2 or more, for my husband also 2 or more, then the whole month or two, you cannot see me shopping again. While there are some who in a way just buying one that day but you can see her again the next day or 2 days after..thats another style..heheh! I think! And still I'm not so particular on branded things, as long as I feel good on it and it looks better on me then I'll go for it! If I have branded things, its not because of its name therefore I bought it but because it fits me good and I'm comfortable on it!

Hmm..happy shopping everyone este happy CC!!!wink*


Sorry guys, I was not able to visit you last night. My computer or our internet went bad again. I just started working maybe visited 2 or 3 then weee, downloading was sooooo slow and annoying! Even my husband was irritated because he was in the middle of his online game and really so slow! So we decided to sleep early. Hehe! Anyway..I will visit you today instead;) its a little better now!
Anyway what I will be sharing today which I will suppose to write this last night is about what had happen yesterday when I was on my way to work. Since I just commute everyday by train or bus I always encounter different situations;) Yesterday, I really felt affected about a father (not Swedish) carrying a barnvagn with his son in it. He was caught by the traffic ticket control, and when its like that, its not so good scenario because ticket control team are 5 to 6 persons and huge..hehe for me. Anyway, here we have to buy a monthly ridecard costs 500kr and you can already ride bus or train all the time within the whole month and within the whole city with it with you. Just show it to the machine everytime we ride. Now, if in case you dont travel much as commuters you can just buy a single ticket in the machine inside the train cost 20kr. for 90minutes. But this year they provided one way of buying single ticket which is through mobile phone, just type the code then send to the number they provide. This way is just easy because its just a click away. Many cheats this way, because the ticket control are not always presents. They just pop-up from nowhere to catch the cheater..hehe those who don't pay their ride! They are sometimes just look like a passengers.

So this man yesterday tried to cheat, I mean he already type everything needed in his phone but did not send it yet anyway, its just a click incase there's a police control, and if nothing, he can ride free.. I knew this because we experienced it me and Shy. Thats why I was so affected because one more station and we will arrive in the city the police just came and inspected if we have tickets, so the man right away click his phone so when the police asked him he simply show his phone but the police shouted and still catch him and said "just 30 seconds ago take him" Oh that was horrible. The fines is 1200kr. everytime you were catch plus the shame! So, I realize that way will not work either trying to cheat them.., I became so afraid remembering the time we did it! That was just once and now that I knew, I will never do it again! as my husband said, better pay the 20kr than 1200. hehe.

Sometimes we think something stupid! We think we can outsmart them by doing it! we don't realize they already had it all handed down the lots of possibilities that might happen along the way, on that help they provide! GOTCHA!!!

15 Dec 2009

My husband's secrets!!!

Here in Sweden, Christmas is different! I mean, I always miss christmas in Philippines everytime! It's more like just a normal days here! hehe..peace! But then they also have different celebrations and one of those are the so called "julbord" which they have a christmas party at with all co-workers and bosses. Mostly, eating and disco afterwards. Usually, its the company will take all the expenses but there are some that they have to decide how its gonna be!

Last friday was my husband's Christmas party at work within their department! The company took all the expenses the past years but this year is quite different! They are on big economic adjustments and so what they did in my husband's department were; each one had to do one recipe or buy what was assigned to them. Hmm.. my husband was assigned to bring cooked eggs at least one for each one but then he did something greater! I even was so impressed by what he did on those eggs! It became so good and it called here "halva ägg":) As you can see in the picture! And his co-workers were so happy too!

14 Dec 2009

Alicia and her Dream House!

Each one of us has a great plan a dream life as we call it!!! What we want to be or to have in the future! Some, a dream haouse, a dream job, dream car, good family of your own and many more! To dream is free so whatever status in life we have...we always can dream big dreams!!!

Alicia is my aunt here in Sweden that I always mentioned. She is my father's youngest sister and only two years gap between our age! She even looks younger than me..heheh! She's been through ups and downs in life as I mentioned in my blog at "CHAPTERS of my LIFE". And she and her husband are the reason I met my loving husband and why I am now living a life of my dream too! She was brought to this world in abundance and born in a big spanish style house! But because of the changing situations and of inevitable circumstances that striked our family , she suffered a hard life on her early age. But still my grand parents tried to put her into a good school until college but their way of life weren't the same. She finishes her school in hardships but bringing a lifetime dream within her. That dream became her inspiration.

And who could have think that her dream house already realized on her early age. I mean 37 is not that old isn't it? But because she is also blessed with a kind hearted husband that helped her and helped our family as whole and is continually helping us thus her dream house came into realization. Its already there standing tall! And lately they did the last touch, the eco furnishings and I was so amazed how beautiful it is. They used parket flooring on their family living room. A not common flooring in our place because the kind of woods are hard to find and therefore so expensive! But if there's a will, there's always a way!

I'm proud also and happy for her. The fact that it was my brother who enginneered it meaning he became a part and at the same time, a fullfilment of his own dream job! right???
Now, the only thing that my aunt is thinking of are the furnitures to be put in it to make it official..lol! There are already some but still lacking! How about you guys? Just keep on dreaming with hopes that it will really come true!!!

13 Dec 2009

Finally gave up!!!

Since our vacuum cleaner is already so old as in 22years old my husband said because he got it from his uncle 16 years ago and it had been 6 years used by his uncle before he gave it to my husband! hahah, already antique. And so its existence ended last tuesday. The head hose broke so it cannot be fixed anymore. Vacuum cleaner is one of the basic need of everyhome here in Sweden, I think! It's like you cannot live without it! I don't know but everyhome here must have one!

We, ourselves cannot live without it. We even use it twice to thrice a week specially now that Angelikka do so many things that produces dirt and dust..hehe. Anyway, dust comes everyday and its not fun with dusty sorroundings.It triggers tiny animals like bedbugs and to treat bed bug bites is not fun at all. It can also cause uneasiness like feeling of allergies, and even triggers ashma. Its been 5days yesterday from the time it was broken so we really gave time to buy a new one yesterday. Its a little pain on the wallet but better than the uncomfort may it brings without it! For example, experiencing the worse caused by it. And its better to stay at home when its clean and fresh!!! The cleaner the healthier!!! lol.

It took us so long to find one that we like but I think we got a good one! Easy to use and good quality:) Well!!! lets vacuum! hahah!