24 Apr 2009


"Every little things
you have done today
has a great part on the things
you will do tomorrow"

Sometimes in our lives we took for granted those simple things we were doing everyday. We even tired of it and thinks that those are just one of those daily routine everyone can have. Worse we dont remember it, and it sometimes reach to the point that we hate ourselves on why we are just doing those boring and easy simple things. And we will compare ourselves on others, why they are doing those great and famous things while me??? remains like this as simple as it is! And we keep on saying to ourselves...' I deserve more..' We tend to look ourselves as useless and does inferiority comes in.

But if we really look at it... those little things that we've done today are the ones that will bring us to our bright future. Its just a preparation, a training on the great things that is ahead of us! When we are good on it, it tells that you will be doing great on those big things that is destined for you.

So let us do our best in everything... it is not how big or small that matters but its on how we do it! So, look forward remember, a journey to a thousand miles always starts in one step;)

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Jenny said...

Net, on blogging, there's plenty of awards and tags and im proud and happy to give you you're first award. just click this link... http://jenny-thewayiusetobe.blogspot.com/2009/04/best-blogger-and-friendship-award.html..

Toni who is now following your blog is my first friend here in blogging and shes very nice...

Ingat and kisses and hugs to Laikka...

teJan said...

Thanks jen..but i cant open the link you gave..hehe or I dont know yet how it works! thanks anyway i will learn sooner or later!


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