25 Apr 2009

surviving motherhood

"Train up a child on the way they should go,
So when she is old she will not depart from it!"

Motherhood is a wonderful thing! It makes you wise and mature.It keeps you alive and happy. It even gives your life a purpose! Its not easy though, coz along all these is a great responsibility!
When I was still single and teaching a nursery kids...ooh they were 'tabularasa', what you give/teach is what they take! they dont know what is right and wrong! I felt so responsible for what it takes them to. I told myself, how much more for the mothers. And I was thinking that when time comes that I'll become one, I should be strict loving mother;) Strict in a right way, I thought.I should be like this and that! But... now that I am already a mother for real, things goes so different. All I want is to love her no matter if its already spoiling her! It feels like I forget all my ideals of being a mother.
I understand that every mother are different but whatever kind we are, the important is we should enjoy being a mother because whatever kind we are its a beautiful thing. And whatever kind we are, we're considered blessed!
Just keep it in mind...train them now, what they should be when they grow up! and remember, they best learn by example;)


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