4 Jul 2011

In making decisions!

Every day, every hour, every minute we are facing decision making. Whether or not to go this way or that way, or to do this or that. There are basic decisions in our daily lives that we already used to it but there are big decision in life that we have to do that makes our lives.

Decision making can be regarded as the mental processes that every normal individual have. But what are the things you will consider in making decisions? We have so many things to consider that make it hard to decide. Everyone has their own way that works for them on the particular situations.
For me, I always turn to God every decision I have to make. As what the bible said; "In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths." You can never be wrong if only we are sensitive in His leading! Have a great day!

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Ibyang said...

just this weekend, i had a conversation with my mother and i told her, the gift of faith and prayer is always best gift anyone can ever have. I told her that if one is faithful and prayerful, it will be easy to face challenges and it will be easier to make decisions. Everyday I practice to talk to God anytime, anywhere and it makes me feel more guided and at peace.

have a great week! let's keep the faith.

teJan said...

same here..I can always to Him anytime and anywhere even just in my mind! We really needs guidance in every step of the way and we can never be worong when in HIM:) thanks Ibyang

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