22 Jul 2011

Tears are a language!

Tears comes when I am angry, when I am sad and when I am happy! So, if it's a language how one can understand if its anger, sadness or happiness?

Every morning lately when I wake up , I can't control, tears just running out through my eyes. Then if my daughter see it, she'll ask; why are you sad mama? Hmm..does it mean that my tears read as sadness? Well, I believe that tears indeed are a language though it is read differently to different concerns.

One thing for sure, my tears are always heard by someone up there. And He always answered by the way it meant and He wipes away all my tears always at the right time. And I know that every tears that runs or fall down from eyes has a price and its a heavy price!Thays why I'm not afraid to cry:I

Have a great weekend everyone!

6 readers digest:

Diamond R said...

ang mga taong malambot ang puso normally they always cry.

teJan said...

I was a crying baby when i was little and i easily cried when i was a child...until life became so hard on me that my heart became callous. I can't cry anymore.

Until my heart fixed and i was healed. now its back and am so thankful!

RicAdeMus said...

Tears...the most convincing language--so, so hard to say no too.

teJan said...

exactly..the best language of my children I cannot say no to:)

Glenn Kun said...

tears can clean our eyes. :">

Dhemz said...

ayay! kalami kay shopping galore...ako wala pako katilaw ug shopping dire nga moabot ug 5 ka bags....not unless kung grocery shopping....lol!

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