10 Aug 2011

To blog or not to blog!

This whole august is my husband's vacation this year so it means it willl be our family vacation,family time. And looking the obvious we rarely stays home when its like this. We always go out of the country or out of town or do some outside activities.

I was thinking then to have a vacation in blogging too since I will have no time and I should give my full time to my family specially to my hubby. He don't want me to blog these days but also during these days will have many things to blog since there are many activities. Hmm..I am now undecided, to blog or not to blog? What do you think guys?

5 readers digest:

RicAdeMus said...

If you don't blog, remember to write down ideas when you think of them. Then you will have lots to write when you come back. I'm spending less time on-line this month due to work, so I probably won't be posting.

Whatever you decide, have a great vacation!

teJan said...

Thanks Ric..and thanks for the idea;)see you around then

Jona said...

blog definitely! if you have the time and energy, why not. esp. when there's lots of bloggable things happening in your life right now. blog it while it's hot. time management is key.
few minutes won't hurt, i think. i'm excited for what you will have to share.

teJan said...

wow..jo, thanks for this great encouragement:)

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