30 Aug 2011


Many got problems on relationship because of lack of communication. Many also get connected and even living together now as family because of good communication inspite of distance and all. But many also get separated because of miscommunication.

There are many ways of communicating someone or anyone nowadays. Besides from talking as the most basic one either upfront or through telephones, or broadband, we also can communicate each other through writing and these special social networks like facebook, twitter are the most popular as way of communicating the world today:) but then sad but true, the tendency of miscommunication is so there.

One important rule of talking to someone that I like is " I talk you listen, you talk I listen", by this there should be a good communication that can happen. We were given one mouth and two ears so we will listen more and talk less. How important communication is? Very much that it rule the world, even our world today. So, be a good communicator- it doesn't mean for you to be good talker, instead a good listener and analyzing what the message tells would be appropriate.

Have a great day!

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kimmy said...

so true.. talking a lot does not make one a good communicator, it's listening a lot more.. left you a KI$$, girl! hope i get one back..

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Anonymous said...

"We were given one mouth and two ears so we will listen more and talk less"

I really like that idea. Thanks for saying it!

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