15 Nov 2011

Dream Big Dreams!

I have always this lines I've read once; " Hit to the moon so if you fall, you will land to the stars". Dreaming big dreams even the impossible has no cost at all. Only believe and go where your dreams leads you!
When I was still ayoung girl and even in my adolescence, Vatican City was so impossible for me to think that somehow my feet someday can walk there. Israel, Egypt, Paris and those places that has marked in history! But I believe, I was born a traveler, I knew even before that I could go as far as I want to go and that God had showed me through my night dreams about how great He is to let me see great and mighty things that I didn't know it can be possible.
And now the fulfillment! I already been in some of those places, and it keeps on amazes me everytime! And just last week, we visited the Vatican City! And it seems to me now that all my big dreams are just in my reach. With God that I believed in? nothing is impossible!

4 readers digest:

Janmah said...

soon this site will be on its new look..yaayyy, excited;)

roffe said...

My first visit to Paris was in 1968, never been Vatican city or Egypt.

Dhemz said...

so true...free ang mangarap kaya let's dream....dream big! hehehe...mau paka te da kay bisan asa lang jud ka napadpad...ehehehe!

lina@happy family said...

I've never been abroad :(

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