25 Nov 2011

Distance Between

When we talk to someone, the distance between you and the one you talk to is one factor on how much understanding you get from each other. When you are so far from the one talking, you will never understand at all though as you can see, he/she have said something but you can't get what it is. When you are a little bit nearer yet not so near , we can hear it but there's a tendency we heared it wrong or understood wrong. But when you are near to each other while talking , surely you will understand it right!

The same with our relationship with the Lord. We know he is saying something important, but when it's hard for us to understand, it means we are far from him. I've been experiencing it many times and now seems I did it again! Many confusions and questions that might have an answer already yet I didn't get it since I'm already far from Him. I am thankful though cause he keeps on reminding me and giving me awareness that says, "hey my child, watch your distance between you an me". So, you will be guided as much as possible! The secret is keep your distance right!

Have a great weekend!

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