4 Feb 2012

His sustaining grace!!!

Wow! its been a month on this kind of routine I have now. I can't imagine how I made it everyday, every week and now I survived for a month. But how long will I survive? Is it everyday survival or better to call it "getting used to it"! To be out from the house at 7am and be home at 10pm sounds so hard and it is! I must wake up at 6am to get my self and children ready. Everyday must drop them at their school at 7:30 then to my school at 8:30, about one hour travel from my children's school to my school, by this I am expected to be late pretty often! When my school ends at 2pm, must run to the train to be at my work on time at 3pm. I'll beon my way home usually at 8pm and lucky if I get home at 9pm. Eat then sleep will be the next thing to happen. I have almost no time to study and to do my assignments. But here I am, happy and fulfilled!

Well, I owe all of these to Him who gave me strength everyday and to Him who's sustaining grace is everlasting! I rather count His providence than my weaknesses. I gave it all to Him, and I will just enjoy how amazing His strenght everyday on me! I thank you my Lord!

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