29 Jan 2012

New Year, New dressed up blogs!

I am so thankful that my blogs are earning so well last year and the past years. So I was thinking to treat them and make their looks more prettier for the readers to feel comfortable:) And so with the help of talented co-blogger, my daughter's blog Lara Angelikka has now the finest lay-out ever. Well, for me it is. I 'm so delighted on the outcome! Chie Wilks rocks! I mean from a little instruction on what I want, she got it so right!

And for the moment, she's now working for the lay-out of this blog 'Insights' and I'm in the same way so excited! I know she'll hit it as well:) So better watch out and enjoy my new dressed up blogs on this year 2012! It's good to be anew!

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