17 Nov 2012

Shopping for designer's clothing!

Designer's clothing are known to be expensive and sounds like we are also paying the name. But why we still love to shop designer's clothes? Why many chose to buy this kind instead of those masses and cheaper and practical? Specially clothes for children. It sounds impractical buying expensive while they'll out grow with it anyway.

In my opinion why I still prefer to buy designer's clothes for my children if I have the chance? Its because they usually are unique and there's something on them magical which I think my children deserves. Fred clothing for example, they have simple but unique designs for children wears. What I bought for my children is what I see about them. So why go for less when in my life they are the reasons of everything I do. And I think thats also what other mothers think. As long as your budget is good with it, and you love it, go for it!

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