18 May 2010

Finally Freeee!!!

Hey guys, uh! its like a year that I've been gone! hahha! I miss it here but I need to do it for my own sake! And I know everybody understand:) So thank you all specially to all who still did visit! I'll pay double!lol.

This morning, we had a nice time getting together with classmates and our instructors as our closing party:) With coffe, cake and cookies, well its the typical swedish arrangement. But I like it today, we just sit and talk sharing our not-so-private lives just like normal conversation. I was amazed how our swedish just flow normally:) Our teachers with us looks so satisfied and happy for us! It is indeed our last step on swedish language journey in school so its time to make use of it outside,hehe!
with my teacher
with my classmates:)
Now that my school already ends, it feels so good and free. I would like to extend all my love and gratitude to my family and friends who's supports are extraordinary. For the prayers, special mention to Mel and my Mom whom I know been praying for me. If it was not of God intervening all this time, I could not make it! I was in the red line almost falling, but then am just so amazed how it turn out into more than what I just needed! Indeed all the glory and honor belongs to Him.
See you guys..its time for me to visit you:) Godbless!

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Praise the Lord that it's finally over. You were able to finish your Swedish language course and even had good grades. We praise the Lord for that. Thank you so much for including me in your thank list but as always, TO GOD BE THE GLORY. You and your family are included in my prayers every morning during my quiet time. Thanks for the happy post. God bless you all always.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...


Now another good chapter of your life had closed and it is successful.

Congratulations to you. God really blesses you. ^_^

Good morning direct from the city of Manila.

Lulu Post said...

good that you are finally free... see you around hehehe

RicAdeMus said...

Congratulations mastering the class! I admire that because I have soooo much trouble learning languages.

kat said...

Grattis Tejan hahaha!!!!

maayo ka pa naka human nah..ako inig balik na lang nako diri pag naa nako permanent visa hahaha.

naa diay ko award sa imo sa Mom's place hahaha.

teJan said...

hehhe... yap..finally free and tired! lol.

@kat..na gudluck jud sa imo kat! weeee.

Dhemz said...

congrats tejan! wohooo....:) color coded imo classmates...murag akong mga classmates pod...color coded pod me...hehehhe!

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