27 Jan 2011


It's a little awkward to be back in couple's corner again. I missed many good topics here and I am so sad about it. But anyway..today's topic is about our promises to each other. Each couple have promises, which unfortunately some were broken but in many couples, those promises keeps their relationship strong and healthy. Its what that hold them.

Well, like some other couple we also have some. In the altar of marriage we promised to love and to be there with each other till life after death. And to preserved ourselves for each other and to our coming family as God preserved ourselves to each other. Well, these promises did not ends there at the altar and must not be. We supppose to remind ourselves about it from time to time so it will become a promise that lasts:)

As our relationship goes on, there are promises also that were built like 'keeping promises', every situation we promise something like ... "we will eat in the restaurant every salary time" . we should do it to keep the promise we do. And for example we promise to our child to buy something as a reward of something she has done, then we should do it! Keeping promises is hard to do sometimes..,shall I say, just being neglected, but we promised to do it anyway!

Promises must be taken care of every now and then. Not just on the time we made it, to prevent the tendency of broken promises- its forgotten and being neglected! Me myself will always say these words in sweet way.."..aha..but you promise:)" specially when alibis get in.

Well, all I say is goodluck to our promises, both long term and short term promises! Wish everyone to keep it:)
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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

what a very sweet photo! it reminds me I have to post my cc as well! :D

Lina Gustina said...

Love reading your share here. I also agree with your thought, Tejan :)

Thanks for dropping by....

Rossel said...

i will try my best to keep my promises. good luck on yours, sis! welcome back to CC!

mine is here...

Mommy Liz said...

Yup! Most of the time we promise to do something and yet we can't keep it. It's really hard to do what we said we will do, but if we know that it's for the best, we will do the best we can to make it happen. :)

thanks for joining our Couple's corner this week, I will see you next week.

teJan said...

yup sweet liz... I will surely join again next week. I really love CC:)

teJan said...

Thanks Willa:)
@rossell and Lina.. visit you soon later! thanks for dropping by as well!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...


Many people, who are in a relationship, have many promises to their partner. Some promises are kept and some promises are broken.

Some were even thrown away right after the promise was broken.

A relationship that is full of love has caouples that are faithful and never break their promises to one another.

Seiko said...

Sabi nga promises are made to be broken but then here we are trying to keep those promises 'till the last breath we have since we did made tgis promises during the vows.Love reading your post Tejan & welcome back to CC.Like you matagal din akong nawala sa CC & I'M back too :))

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