24 Jan 2011

A need of top hosting help!

Since I was out blogging for few months, it was like I was on leave from work. And like any other job, its not easy to get back to work:) Everything seems new again and its like you will begin to study the 'what and hows' of your respective kind of work...again! Moreover in my part, I forgot my sign in account on all of my site. I mean, since I have few blogs, I forgot which is which email on a certain blog. Oh I really had to work extra to retrieve my accounts. I was hopeless! So, I was thinking of starting a new one and leave those old ones.

But then many friends here in blog land encourages me to continue these sites because its not so practical to just leave it in vain! Its been there already and there are many possibilities and ways to reset my accounts. There are many top host company that can help they said! So I decided to take their advice. One mentioned about bluehost review would be a great help for stuff like these if I need it to. She had a good experienced with them. They offer a lot.

So, here I am again trying to fix things and I can see its going well. Just a few time to work on it and a help from friends and from somebody who has more knowledge about these area, then I'm positive that I will be back in track again:)
Looking forward for a brighter future here. I just hope that this will be for good this time! Hope to see you guys here, more than ever! I miss a lot but I will try my best to cope up! With all your support I know I can make it! God bless!

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Lulu Post said...

Visiting... mao ni akong mga balays...

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teJan said...

ok..salamat lulu..kadaghan ba ani oi! k, laag ko unya inig katulog akong musi!

S-H-Y said...

ah naka review nmn dayon ang pr 4 hehe..

teJan said...

hahhahha..lageh shy...heheh!

@gagy..ok no problem i'll check you out!

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