30 Jan 2011


It has been said that the secret of recieving is giving. But maybe we wondered also why we recieve nothing but disappointments inspite of always giving. But what GIVING really mean? And what are the things one is doing that we call them generous.

There are many ways we can give like labor, goods, advices, care and of course money. When we said 'give' its a gift and therefore must not expect a payback. If one give service and recieves money anyway then its not giving, its a work done with compensation.

There are also many kinds of 'giver'.., there are some who gave because they did something for them and to those only who are helping them and even only to those which they think can give them back also or are always giving to them. There are also who give, who shares because they don't use the thing anymore or they give because its already extras. And there are also who gives only to their relatives and families. But there are giver who just give because they think its needed whether or not its their families or somebody who can gave back or because they have more. A giver who will never mind if they can recieve back more than what they give or if they have enough for their own. And this is the kind of giving which I think one really give.

In my own opinion, giving because you recieved favor from them called payment . And giving to families and relatives called responsibility. And when you give because you already have more than enough called showbiz:) When we give it must be in a good motive. Whatever and to whoever not because its wanted but because its needed. And its not how much but how its done:)
GIVE FREELY! Have a blessed sunday!

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