5 Sep 2011

The black atache case revealed!

My husband's birthday gift for me was a very chic, heavy, black atache case which really made me feel like a real housewife! This is actually my long time wish to have! And I never expected it or even suspected it that my husband gave me this surprised!

Many wonders whats inside in it , why makes me a real housewife:) hehhe. They have many guesses like, a make up kit?, a jewelry box? ( wow, so big if it is) a keeper of important documents? Well, none of the above because its an utensils set and so chic and in good quality.

I think its a clever idea of a gift from the head of the family to his better half which he thinks the best housekeeper in their world:) I so love it personally. It's like I'm already in the next level of womanhood! Thank you darling!

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RicAdeMus said...

That's a very nice set.

Rachelle said...

unique, isn't it? we also have like that here. It was also given to my husband as a gift from the german and pinay couple who brought him here.
visiting for CiB! :)

Bestfriend said...

revealed!!! infairness ganda nga and next level na gift..pan long time gift talaga...

C5 @ Colors & Styles said...

Wow! I love it too! I'd love it more if the contents are different kinds of knives! :)

CIBM13 #13

Beng Gee said...

Wow! Your hubby knows exactly what could make a wife happy! That's really beautiful!

Here for a quick visit Jan! Have a great new week!

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