27 Sep 2011

Making Things Happen!

Everyone has many good plans and dreams in life. Many want to have change and fix messes in their lives. But to make it happen is so hard and scary! Sometimes it takes time and courage to take the risk. Many things would play in our minds like what if it will not turn out good? What if I lost everything instead of gaining? What if I fail!

But in the other hand; how about thinking, what if I succeed? what if it turns out good and what if I can make my life back to normal if I will make things happen! I might be never the same but a will become a new better person!

I like the tag line that says; Plan your work, work your plan! Life is full of mystery. We don't know what can happen next but we were given a choice; To stay where you are and continue to live in insanity and trouble? Or to make a step, going forward, little by little, making things happen! It might be scary and hard or takes time, but all we need to do is start doing. It doesn't make sense when you are just full of plans, want something you might become somehow but afraid and so coward to face the challenges of life that in some area we were the one making it! Time is running out, its already time to work out our plan and face the fact! Everthing starts with a step, a simple step to walk a mile!

We can surely make things happen! All we need to do is a courage to take the first step! Have a great day everyone! MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, BLOW NEGATIVITY AWAY!

2 readers digest:

lina@engagement rings said...

Good thought! Keeping optimism and positive thinking is really important, right?

teJan said...

indeed Lina.. courage to just do it!;)

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