21 Sep 2011

White Statues!

It's wednesday once again and time for 'Whites' to ramp. During our vacation in Philipppines last december, we had time to visit 'Palawan', one of the tourist area in Philippines and we stayed in a children friendly place since we have children. The sorounding have lots of decorations for children to hang-out! One one or two of those are these white statues.
Thats the woman from the well, hehe pitching water I think.. Very nice white statue that the little girls love posing there!
The white horse with the guard in white? ahehhe. Thats my girl Laikka and my brothers daughter Angel Faith..they were on the mode of posing that time!

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Vernz@ Woman Elan Vital said...

awww.. this is a nice place.. never been to Palawan din :) sana one of these days ... was here for WW.

Jona said...

fashion models in the making ha :D thanks for the visit to my ww this week

teJan said...

haahha..indeed! parang mga frustrated models..lol! thanks verns and Jo:)

Mom's Place said...

ang duhang gagmay baya.. kanya-kanyang posing hehehe

January said...

pagkacute sa mga chikiting hehe.. posingera na kaau.. hehe :)

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Rcel said...

Nice shots man ni oi! Ang first pic ba, abi ko tinuod nang babae nga statue, si White Lady man diay. Lol. Wa pa jud ko kaanha anang Palawan ba. :D

Late visit naku for WW, sis. Salamat sa drop sa akong entries!
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Xoxo Bargain
See you next time! :)

raya said...

wow!your girl sure knows how to pose!!haha! thanks for sharing this at WW!

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